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Topic: Off-topic / Role Playing Survey

Well….this is your basic GMing doosher fagbag. I sincerely hate these kids, who make up these rules for these foolish ’tourney’s and then make a char that is godlike with powers to rival. This guy or girl who made this char and….event….is a fool, honestly. For one, there would be a need for explanation on why this guy aint FRIED to the inside of his armor. Just being that close to this inferno light-blaster would melt a human. Lest of course, the human had some sort of Fire resistence DNA strain in his genetic makeup…… But of course….This n00b didn’t really think this far did he? I say we need to clean the RP gene pool of these uncreative GMers……Make for some funner RPs and chat spars, whathaveyou….. Anyway, just my opinion.