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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] How to Be a Moderator

How can I become a mod /Do mods and admins give credits?

Those are the 3 most common questions I received on the chat lobby, by pm or in my inbox everydays!

For the first one…How to become a moderator for Uberstrike?
There’s no magical tricks and even if you say Pleasssse! it won’t help!
The administrators choose the moderators. They choose them by looking on how they are helping the other players on the forum, their knowledges of the game and how they can help the others to solve issues with the other players or technical problems. The administrators are looking for mature and experienced players.

So, participate activly on the forum, be polite with the other players, avoid warnings and bad attitudes and maybe, I said maybe, the administrators will notice you!

For the second question… Do moderators and administrators give credits, guns or anything else?
The answer is pretty simple NO!
The only way to receive free stuff is to win them by participating in the contests, tourneys or any other promotions Uberstrike will do.