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Topic: Wartune / [Sticky] Wartune Christmas Week Events

Originally posted by alt0066:

I wonder if they can do events without the word “Price” _

Free is not an option!

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Topic: Wartune / New hot events

Yeah, it’s unfair for new players or half-active players(like me)
how about make the split events for such as: Below Lv.80, below BR 100k or Lv.80 above 250k

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Topic: Wartune / Underground Palace

Originally posted by KS23:

There seems to be another glitch too…assuming its a glitch and not deliberate deception anyways:
Black Market “deals” are really charging you the normal price for items. They just offer smaller quantities, which makes it look cheaper. I’ll have to screeenshot the sales over the next month and screenshot these alleged “deals”. Its nice that people can use bound balen for these items, but don’t misrepresent it as a discount when it’s normal price!

Nope, u cannot buy with bound balens in black market

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Topic: Wartune / Wilds Complaint

instead of just making out not-so-smart Divine Light, why not just make a (magic?)pointer like the one in solo campaign, to point out whereabout the bosses

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Topic: Wartune / Blacklist of events/systems

agree with
1)Wilds, such a stupid trolling the entire map just to find out whereabout the bosses, and the limit rewards per day and sometimes the poor rewards: happenly just got some kiyanite, daru and gold, very wasting time and I always wish not gonna repeat this job everyday

4)Lack of inventory, messed up with same items

7)Cloud City crowded, I wish for automatic people hide option always ON and other starting places

8)Circuit Quests, tired for hunting the sylphs but I don’t mind to deliver letters

9) Expired Mounts, boooo…. who want to be proud with rental car, that’s not cool man><

10)Bound/Unbound items, not sure what purpose the dev do these junks, just wasting slots

11)System spams, did I need to know someone achieve something? Well, maybe if I want to plunder someone who’s popular in this system spams

14)Long taking time in Spins, not sure sure why this happen longer(especially the blessing wheel and friend-asked jewel spin), the only one that is the fastest spin is fatestone spin

15)Where’s the “Collect All” button dude? Not really hate it for the hot events, but most frustated with astral clicks, not sure need how much click for 7 mils gold

20+)Checking farms, yes- I want the “One click for all” button please

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestion - additional titles

Sylph Nanny – already meld friend’s sylph more than 5000 times
Sylph Raider – already killed more than 3000 sylphs in sylph atoll
Botanic Doctor – already revived friend’s plants more than 10000 times
Pest Terminator – already got rid the friend farm’s plants from pest for 10000 times
Sucker Mugger – already stole friend farms more than 10000 times
Potion Addict – already comsumed more than 500 potions
Twinkle Wish – collect 1000000 star points

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Topic: Wartune / [Event] Kingly Soul - Love Thy Mount

well, if there’s no Kingly Soul reward
why it’s called Kingly Soul Event?

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1

@Maldrete, yeah…. I want to see that item too
must be cool if can save it for later use, especially when have good formation jewels
btw, League of Angels not made by 7road – only published by R2

and I want another special ability for fishing
how about lightspeed spear?

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Topic: Wartune / Does everyone mounts stats you own add up?

no, mount strength is just like ‘indicator’ of how much you have mounts in your stable
(usually mounts with stronger stats will score higher mount strength)
only those 4 stats provided by every mount you have will be sum totally for your char’s stats

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Topic: Wartune / What is needed for a Mage to finish Catacombs?

between early of Lv.50s or late of lv.45+
BR 35K+
MAtk 10K+ (recommended)
MDef near 10K but higher is better
Hp around 20K is okay
level 50 troops will be better
do combination spell of Restoration and Suntoria, always pay attention of your rage
no need RoF, Delphic or Meteoric
if you have abundant rage cast Thunderer will work greatly
if you already had sylph, Iris is good company

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Topic: Wartune / Thoughts on Jewel Hunt and Fishing

Jewel Hunt
the plus+:
> nice both good and various rewards especially hit combo match
> chance to get special rare rewards
> easiest to play without worry of lag
> get help from friends and wish for hi-quality lucky chest
> the shortest time-waste to be played

the minus-:
> hardly reach over 500 without spend balens or friend help
> no balens bonus
> wrong click and you lose one attempt
> only can call single help
> friend helper only get common gold coin(via chest)

the plus+:
> sometimes you may get usable items such as torpedos and special hooks
> you can stock these items for later use and no weekly reset
> proper use of the special powerful hook and you may do the combo catch
> you may stack exp and level up your ability for higher quality fish
> give (little)balens for both wild fish catcher and helpers
> no cost attempt if catch no fish

the minus-:
> not recommended if heavy lag
> not recommended for impatient players
> hard to master
> sometimes error of fish visibilty
> sometimes error of wild fish helping (usually by lag)
> wild fish reward cancelled if not get complete 3 helpers
> the cooldown time annoying
> very slow levelling especially just catch lower quality fishes
> no various rewards at low level

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1

and please make the cooldown time shorter for fishing
and give no cooldown time if gain no fish
and please make available jewel hunt and fishing during blitz and cultivating
sometimes just boring waiting to finish them
(and I usually switched to other website for minigames as well)

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Topic: Wartune / Doubleattacker

this usually happen if you’re a mage, you cast Thunderer or healing spell and during the wait the archer hit you twice – actually more than twice if using first skill then double, or lunatic attack
don’t know why the first skill archer shoot very quick

and another possibly, you got bad lag connection (THIS the main problem)
I ever being hit 3x by archer before my first move

don’t fight archer :D

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Topic: Wartune / anyone know anything about fishing and jewel hunt event

reminds me of the old, classic mining game and regular 3-match game
yea, at least it’s better than just stomping mouse heads

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Topic: Wartune / Slyph exp from ToK

you guys ever recognized?
what’s the limit for sylph to gain exp in sylph arena fight?
is that by attempt or point?

why my sylph not gain exp in arena, even winning or losing, just got the point gain/lose info
note: I already did 10+ attempts

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Topic: Wartune / Sign In Failure

firefox still not work out
but chrome doing well

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Topic: Wartune / Sign In Failure

got same problem here, too
already 8-9 hours

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune 2.1 Preview!

Originally posted by Nazbrat:
Originally posted by knl504:

if 20:1 is how much we get than 10000 V will equal 500 BB….Not bad really

Yes which means that we Non-cashers will be able to Purchase Gem Transposers from the shop. THat will help the NC players a lot with Br.

and the wings, don’t forget them

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs #2

was that using VPN tunnel same as proxy server configuration?

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Topic: Wartune / Show your support for multi times reguarding Tank Battles

3 times each day will be good
so, everyone can be happy

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 06/12 @ 10:00 PM EDT

feel sorry for the bracket bg lv.45-54
the stun will frustate them

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Topic: Wartune / Just an image I thought you guys might like to C

it must be ninetail mystical fox
yea, agree with igotnousername…. that flame animation will cause alot of lag
somehow the mage’s ice queen costume very tempting

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Topic: Wartune / Gryphons verse Priests

if you’re Knight or Archer better take gryphon – will help alot in BG
but if you’re Mage, skip gryphon – better save daru for lv40s troops

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Topic: Wartune / wartune login issue 4-13-2013

hmmm strangely i try the wartune from facebook apps, just works well
it’s S71.wartune if I’m not wrong
I see many of them also the refugee from down official R2 site

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Events for April!

so why not just make the ancient seeds auto anti-theft crops
problem solved – everybody happy, no?