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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den 3: Chronicles (MD3 or MDC)

I LOVED monsters den I+II. And i REALLY love the new one! GREAT work! For Kon doesnt offer it up to now, i gotta play it elsewhere – and it’s worth it! :D

Little mistake: Weaps and Armors, which say “for mages” are for the bowman in fact. Ok, i know this mistake from the older versions :D

I wonder if my tactic is right – Im just on my way to finish the 2nd “campaign” (there are 5 or six in MDC). Afterwards, I maybe will play these first too “levels” with the other 4 characters, so I push ALL characters. On the 2nd level i already have some problems, so maybe more charcters will help – I can then chose the best party for every level…

Anyway: YOU RULE! BEST GAME EVER! And I am serious!

Thank you so much.

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Topic: General Gaming / New card challenge?

Goddamn, im new to this and cand find the card challenge games… where do they list them?