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Topic: Tap Adventure / Overview of Artifacts

ogr’s mug is friend’s magic bonus, and global damage bonus +40% increasing by 20% per level, at least for level 2.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Attention new players #stew

it seems like all of your members have just added some kind of vegetable to the word “stew”.

That’s really not very creative, is it? I mean where are the:

StewdaBaker (double pun)

Stewpid (or Stewpeed for a thriple pun)






I could never join such an unimaginative guild.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Suggestions Thread: September

Originally posted by lolnoog:
Originally posted by chillerspoon:

I’d like to see the treasure chests drop cooler stuff – be awesome for them to have a small chance to drop diamonds, ap, soulstones etc etc – change what they can drop every week, make it part of the server wide bonus rotations etc

+1 but maybe not treasure chests. Could be a good idea if applied to claims.

Agreed on all fronts. Claims should definitely give better rewards (at least more gold, the amount it gives is laughable), and chests dropping rares is an excellent idea.

Something else that could be interesting, and I can’t imagine you haven’t thought of this already, as it’s quite common , I’m just going to vote yes for it now, is to have some sort of crafting section where you collect crafting materials and build pieces of gear with them that would boost your other stats. Perhaps this could be the special items that chests drop, or claims give, or a daily wheel spin (another suggestion I saw) could give out in prizes.

It could be that boss levels drop cards and special rare (t3 or t4) crafting materials, while normal levels drops cards and normal (t1 or t2) crafting materials, which would justify farming boss levels. I could expand on this idea all day with different ideas, but that’s it in a nutshell, and like I said, not a revolutionary idea, by any means, but a fun one, I think.

My only concern about this kind of system is that it could be an aspect of the game that widens the gap between paying and non paying players tremendously, and could become nothing more than a huge money grab. Though of course that’s a nice benefit for you, it could chase off a lot of players and ruin the game if not done properly.

I think having an interesting array of gear items could add a great amount of further complexity to the game, as well, giving rise to different strategies and builds, whereas right now, things are rather linear (not completely, but mostly).

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Guild Recruitment / Hypernova [16/13/14/15/16] seeking active players [3 SPOTS OPEN]

Ok. I’m trying to contact you in Kong chat just to ask a few questions before we invite you.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Zone Optimization For Dummies, no spreadsheets

You can increase the sample size to however many kills you like, and like I said in the guide, the longer you make it, the more accurate you will be. I have done it, like you suggested, where I just let the stop watch go and recorded the xp at the start and finish, but you would still need to stop the watch at the same place in the respawn cycle that you started it to see the exact amount of time it took you to accumulate that much xp.

Unfortunately. the longer you make the sample size, the greater the chance of your hitting a treasure chest will be, and thus needing to start over. This is why I prefer to increase the number of samples I take, rather than the length of each sample size. Sometimes I get an anomalous trial time that I know from past experience doesn’t fit with what I’ve observed, so I will run another test, but of ALL of them, not just that one, as that’s called cherry picking and is not accurate.

I just think this way is simpler for me, using number of kills, and I thought it would be for others as well, but if you’re more comfortable basing it on xp, go for it. It’s definitely not wrong. We’re really just looking for two things we can compare, and since the kills/second are being converted into xp afterwards, just calculating the xp is obviously fine.

I don’t think I would go with a certain amount of xp, like you were saying 1m, or 2m or whatever, since you’ll never get the same number with different tiers, but just record your experience, like I was saying, at the beginning, and then at the end and when you divide by the amount of time, it doesn’t matter that you started with different amounts, you’re getting your xp/s that you need to compare to the other tiers.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Zone Optimization For Dummies, no spreadsheets

Vanderbuzzard just made a spreadsheet using the same formulas in this guide for those interested. It’s the same process, but then you just put the numbers in the spreadsheet, et voila. C’est fini.

It could be nice to link this to your personal spreadsheet, maybe. I’m not good making spreadsheets (I’m going to teach myself soon I think though), so it’s not something I’m too sure about.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Zone Optimization For Dummies, no spreadsheets

Please read all the way to the end for some important notes on a few things and a concrete example from my own playing.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are confused (or if not confused, then wrong) about which zone is the best to farm for xp, gold or cards, whichever one you’re interested in.

Some people are using spreadsheet optimizers for this, which is fine if you want to go that way, but I prefer a more hands on approach and to know for sure that my figures are as accurate as they can be, plus the math is so easy, you don’t really need an optimizer, at least not for this.

The hardest and most lengthy part of this process (and the part that many people are missing) is gathering the data for how long each enemy takes to kill to get your Average Kill Time, AKT. (The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized, since the random nature of the attack system dictates that the time to kill monsters will vary greatly). To do this, you’ll need a timer or stopwatch of some sort. Basically you just want to time how long it takes to kill 10 or 20 non-treasure monsters. The more monsters you kill (larger sample size) the more accurate your figures will be. I usually do a sample size of 20 at two different times, spread out maybe by a half hour, to get the most accurate results.

If you hit a treasure chest during your trial, then start over. It’s a pain, but that’s how it is, and it’s only happened to me twice, so it’s not too common.

  • I’m sorry if this next part insults the intelligence of certain readers who understand where to go from here, but I’m going to spell it out for those who might not (there’s nothing wrong with you, don’t worry), or just to help people troubleshoot if you forget a step accidentally

So now you just want to divide the final time from the trial (in seconds of course) by however many monsters you killed to get your Average Kill Time (AKT). You then divide the amount of xp you get per kill, by the AKT to get your average xp per second

  • Example: I recently did this test on Gamma for inferno tiers 5, 6, 7 and 8 for my party, which has a combined DPS of about 145k.

To kill 20 monsters at:

Inf5: 118.7 seconds
Inf6: 159.5 seconds
Inf7: 203.0 seconds
Inf8: 257.0 seconds

so then we divide these figures by 20 to get the Average Kill Time, AKT.

Inf5:5.935 seconds
Inf6: 7.975 seconds
inf7: 10.15 seconds
inf8: 12.85 seconds

Divide the xp per kill by the AKT to get your xp per second

Inf5: 3345xp = 563.6 xp/s
Inf6: 4400xp = 551.72 xp/s
Inf7: 5595xp = 551.23 xp/s
Inf8: 6931xp = 539.38 xp/s

This meant that for my group, doing inf 5 gave:

2.2% more xp than Inf6
2.2% more xp than Inf7
4.5% more xp than Inf8

Following the same method for gold shows Inf5 is giving :

6.45% more gold than inf6
10.79% more gold than Inf7
17.50% more gold than inf8.

For Cards:

You need to figure the Average Card Drop, ACD, per tier, whose formula is tier/2+1. So for Inf5: 5/2+1=3.5, and it goes up a half card per level.

WITH DOUBLER Inf5 gives (86400/500)/5.935*ACD*2 = 203.8 cards per day

Inf5: 203.8
Inf6: 173.3
Inf7: 153.2
Inf8: 134.5

Many people, I’ve done this myself which is how I know, will not bother with the stop watch, and try to estimate the AKT by just watching a few kills and doing some quick math in their heads. DO NOT DO THIS. You will be wrong. Very wrong. And your preconceived ideas of which zone is better will cloud your judgement and affect your estimates. The differences we’re talking about are small, so we need accurate measurements if we want to try to control them.

When doing your time trial

Make sure you start and stop the watch at the same time in the cycle so that you don’t skip the last respawn, as this will throw your figures off.

Make sure that no one in your party is using abilities and has their normal ascension settings, as this will obviously throw things off as well.

The amount of treasure chests you spawn will affect the results as well. Currently, I’m using Brouwer’s spreadsheet to show my predicted treasure spawn amount per day, but for this example, I’m going to leave treasure chests out of the equations, as they complicate things and won’t change tooo much the results, since all we’re concerned with is a ratio between tiers, not an exact final figure.

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Topic: Holyday City / Vortex Missions Give ONLY 2 Hour Boosts now. WHY????

So it’s been quite a few days now that I have received only the 2 hour production boosts (and I’ve seen others make the same comments). I can’t remember exactly when this shift happened, but I assume it was with the last patch that took away the Holybars from the possibilities menu.

We were supposed to have Holybars throughout the entire month of September, but maybe I misunderstood the timeframe, and now this?

I don’t mean to complain for nothing. it just seems strange to me.

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Where to find?

I think that items are randomly placed for each server, meaning that if you find something in server 20, it won’t be in the same place in server 25. It’s my own findings (though limited) and it’s been remarked upon by others with much more experience than I.

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Where to find?

For lvl 2 skill tomes, Sad Path 2 is best I think (I’m getting one or two per 100 stam approx.). I’ve run it there before and just finished farming some there now.

Fog Marsh 4, which I posted before, doesn’t seem very good; must have been a fluke, or just very low percentage.

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Where to find?

Some newb drops (since I’m a newb) :

forest guard 1 – lvl 2 keys and lvl 3 skill tomes (not sure about the drop rate, seems low)

escape from darkness 4 – LOTS of lvl 1 keys (I got 6 from 10 runs)

fog marsh 4 – skill tome 2

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Topic: Rise of Champions / First and second gear

This is an obvious improvement that we need.
In the last game I played, DotD, they have 6 slots for different gear sets. I would suggest a gold unlock cost rather than a diamond cost, or maybe a diamond cost for further unlocks (a third or even fourth slot), though of course most games would just provide this as a free feature.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / days repeating over and over

And I’m not sending anyone on city quests, so that has NOTHING to do with it, for those who think this is the cause.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / days repeating over and over

It doesn’t save my production, so all is lost when this happens. Happened all day yesterday, but today maybe it’s ok, just started playing and first day is ok, but just upgraded my shop and BOOM error. Dunno wtf is up, but for sure it won’t be possible to play like this. Only thing that isn’t reset is resources renew regularly and people on quests time out as normal, but everything else is screwed.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Revamping PVP

EDD: Armor games has stopped hosting king’s bounty. I went over there to urge people to stop playing, only to find that it isn’t there any more.

Check it out guys. We keep talking amongst ourselves, brainstorming about how to make this game better, but Nival doesn’t seem to care, right? We’re all wasting our breath, our time and our genius on a bunch of money grubbing maggots.

I suggest we stop it right now. Stop playing. Just stop. Stop feeding a bottomless hole.

Don’t throw pearls at the feet of swine. They won’t know what to do with them, and they’ll probably end up eating them and crapping them out.

Save your pearls my friends. Save them for someone that cares.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / You ask - we reply!

why are the amounts stolen from me in raids ungodly high? Everyone else I have spoken with has higher ranking than me, more gold in their bank, and they’re losing many, many times less gold than I do.

It seems to average about 20% of my total that’s stolen each time.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Important announcement!

I keep losing about 20% gold per raid, when my legion is iron, which is supposed to be 3%.


Others don’t seem to be having this problem.

I have a screen shot, btw.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / frustrations and feedback about new patch.

Here is the direct quote from Nival:

The amount of gold that the winner of the battle takes in Raids in its turn depends on amount of gold determined by the amount of creatures killed and the amount of gold that is calculated based on the gold that the defender has. The higher your Legion, the more gold can be taken from you.

This is the percentage of gold that the winner takes depending on the Legion of the defender:

Copper – 2,00%
Iron – 2,50%
Brass – 3,00%
Silver – 3,50%
Gold – 4,00%
Platinum – 5,00%
Mythril – 6,00%
Diamond – 7,00%
Ethereral – 10,00%

So, the amount of gold taken from units killed comes not from the defending player, but is generated by the game (like in winning a daily quest battle), it’s the yellow number at the end that’s the amount stolen.

So I return today (yesterday as well), and find that I have been successfully raided twice.

I lost approximately 8k total, leaving me with 24k. That means I started with 32k, which means that I lost an average of 12.5% for each raid.

I am currently in the iron legion, so that’s 5 times the loss that it should be (actually it’s more, because between the two raids I won a raid and made 13k, so that means that I started out with 19k, not 32k, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll leave it at this).

I took a screenshot, as well, but can’t figure out how to use Windows 8 to get it on here.

I have tried really hard to give it a fair go with this new patch, but my frustrations are mounting.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / frustrations and feedback about new patch.

Ok, here’s an EASY one.

Your PVP rating goes up or down based on RAIDS (that’s an ai, right).

PVP = Player vs. Player.

That means a human mind vs. another human mind. That’s what gives the rating meaning. It loses it’s meaning (even more than with this running away to lower your rating madness) if an ai battle can affect it.

And maybe you should check the amount-stolen-in-raids percentages. I’m in either brass or iron (depending) and people have been stealing 10% of my total.

That’s not what you’ve been advertising.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / PvP Runaway timeout [vote]

I think the issue is a broader restructuring of the pvp, and not just this small issue of the time out.

The new system is supposed to, if we believe the developers, more evenly match opponents, but as anyone who has done the pvp has seen, this is clearly not the case, as people are deliberately tanking their ranks by running away.

I have many suggestions about how to fix the problem(s), but I wonder if they don’t want it to be the way it is.

We have noticed that the gold rewards for friendly pvp have gone down in the past 24 hours, which means they are already fine tuning things, which means they are satisfied with the current version.

Anyway, just a couple of ideas:

-limit the level difference between opponents to a maximum of 5, irregardless (yes that is a word) of the ranking

-do not allow one side to attack before asking both players if they agree to the fight (if the fleeing option is kept)
as people are getting smacked by lvl 15 demonologists from lvl 30 plus players (and these are players with levels in the teens). This is an obvious tactic by some people to farm gold easily by tanking their rank to face people with low
initiative units. And anyone with units below 5 initiative will be hit.

-we could make a subnote here that this ability in demonologists should be disabled in the first round, as this
ability is the only one of it’s kind allowed to be used in the first round, and is obviously unbalanced.

-Do away with fleeing altogether, as using runes in pvp at the moment is basically a waste, and it allows players to
deliberately tank their ranks (or the rating change for a win by first round fleeing should be turned to zero or 1)

But all of these suggestions seem so obvious, one wonders why they don’t already exist, or one suspects that they are already working on these things.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / All unit Spreadsheet

But we all organize and understand this info in different ways, and the sharpness of one’s intellect is the biggest edge one has in a game like this. And while I’m sure that many of the most effective players see this info as obvious, I’m sure that not everyone does.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / frustrations and feedback about new patch.

Very well said. I agree and could add other comments and critiques, but as these critiques seem glaringly obvious to anyone with even half a brain, I won’t add them, as I imagine that the developers of the game have created these “problems” intentionally, unless their grasp of the game is almost null, which would surprise me.

Maybe they’re trying to grab as much money as they can before cancelling the game completely. Not sure, but I can’t see any other outcome under the current conditions.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lucky Chests

best material is transformation elixer

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / REFUND

So I just bought 40$ worth of gems before you guys decided to destroy the game with this current patch. I’m wondering what is the way for me to get my money back, as I have no intention of playing the game in it’s current incarnation.

If you are going to say, “sorry, no refunds”, then I will pre-emptively retort by saying that you CANNOT advertise a product as one thing, and then when that product is purchased, the buyer finds that it is in fact not what was advertised (this is called “bait and switch” and is, in FACT, illegal).

It’s like to see a computer advertised on the internet for a certain amount of money: You read the reviews, you research it’s components (the sound card, video card, memory type, etc, etc) and find that it meets your needs quite nicely. So you decide to buy it. But when it arrives at your house, as you excitedly turn it on for the first time, you notice that it isn’t at all what you were expecting. In fact, the manufacturer has decided to change ALL of the components (which you have carefully researched, mind you) for different ones.

Oh, but it’s still the same OS and the same case, so no worries. It still looks the same on the screen when you turn it on (same OS, let’s say Windows 8), but underneath the shiny veneer, it’s not at all the same, and it doesn’t run the way you had expected, the way the manufacturer stated it would (and that’s a PROMISE made by the manufacturer), according to it’s list of component parts.

So, I got about a week’s worth of playing done (less actually) between my purchase and the patch changes.

I can’t really justify spending 40$ for one week’s worth of playing, especially considering that I can buy any number of amazing games for that amount, and then get to play them ad infinitum (as I would OWN the game).

And it’s obvious to everyone that you’ve changed things in order to make more money for yourselves, and NOT to improve the game playing experience. So you have no credibility as far as that’s concerned.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / All unit Spreadsheet

C’mon man, you’ve given all the info to everyone now. I made a sheet like this for myself, but it’s an advantage over others. I understand sharing info, but this is too much, imo. Not sure how many people even THOUGHT about per leadership point values, and now you’ve given them not only the concept, but all the info. sigh

There are things known as “trade secrets”.