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Topic: Serious Discussion / Feminism and Sexual Equality

How does “how we’re built” have any relevancy on what jobs we can or cannot do? We can fight just as well as men can. If anything the fight is to force the army to recognise that we can be equals. Take gender out of the equation and go with individual competency.

You completely missed the entire point of my argument. That was what I was TRYING TO SAY, my comparison to “how we’re built” was the opinion of the majority of people who were to say men and women were equal and to continue living on in an unfair society. My entire point was that despite how we’re built we’re still the same and it’s not relevant at all. Therefore, your argument against me is unjust.

I said it myself: “Having hell being given to them for doing what a woman should be doing herself”, you must not have read my post at all if you were to miss that point. My whole argument was that this society prohibits women from doing certain things or having certain jobs because of who they are or how they’re built. That’s why I felt there isn’t equality in the least bit, to prohibit a person from doing something so many others can just because of their gender.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are you like this face-to-face?

I feel obligated to reply to this forum though I have never myself gone into one of those threads raging my atheistic beliefs. If I have something to say, I say it, no matter where I am. I consider the computer to be just as real as talking to somebody face to face, because they know what you’re saying and you’re saying it none the less. So to answer your question, yes, I do act like I do face-to-face, because I see no difference between the communication.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Feminism and Sexual Equality

In all honesty, I don’t believe the genders are equal, for the exact fact that I believe our society is unfair to men. Women aren’t allowed to join the army or have certain jobs because of how they’re built, while men are left doing all the work and having hell being given to them for doing what a woman should be doing herself. I think more work should be done to make the genders equal, like treating a woman how one would treat a man. Women are not delicate, frail, dolls made of porcelain, we are made of the same things men are, and though I feel people should treat everyone with respect and how they’d like to be treated, I don’t believe women should get special rights due to their appearance.

A close friend of mine once told me this: “Women and men can only be equal as soon as a woman walks around topless with a beer belly”. Meaning that the reason we can’t have equality is because women are too “stuck up” to realize that they don’t act the same, or do the same work, as a man. I think part of the reason most men don’t have the respect for a women is because they’re unable to let themselves go and actually BE themselves as opposed to how they feel is the “perfect” girl.

Men and women are ruled by what people believe to be the normal behavior. It’s like this: There are manly colours, and there are girly colours, if a man is seen with a certain trait or interest that varies from the popular belief, they are automatically considered a pussy or something among those lines. If a woman is seen speaking her mind and her own beliefs, regardless to how others feel, she is a witch and should be burned in hell. (Yet it’s ironic how if a woman is a tomboy she’s no different than any other woman and it’s alright.)

This is why I don’t believe men and women are equal.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Self defense and "you can't hit a girl"

I agree with self defense if it is actually legitimate, and a girl is allowed to attack a guy if he had hurt her (PHYSICALLY) first. I personally hate the “you can’t hit a girl” response, which is ironic being that I am a girl. From my experience it’s more the men who initiate the “Oh, I don’t hit girls”, than females, which angers me greatly. I believe if a girl is attacking a man, he shouldn’t let that rule get in the way of his own self defense. I believe it’s more of an insult than a justice to a girl when a man says that he doesn’t hit girls as a policy, because it shows they think you’re something less than them, something delicate that will break if they touch you.

If a girl were to initiate a fight and then use that excuse, that shows that she’s not an honest person and is likely not to be reliable. I think that’s unfair to the man she had abused, and that if he were to hit her back it would put her in her place, and justify what she did to you. Women fight for equality, but what they don’t take into factor is this: A man can hit a man and it will be completely fine. If a man were to hit a woman, he would be seen as a horrible person. If women were really “equal”, they would see being hit by a man as justifiable if they were to initiate the fight.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Suicide

I’m not saying I agree that suicide is a good choice in life, yet I’m not against it. I believe that nobody should tell you how to live (or end) your life or how you’re going to go, or what’s going to happen if you do so and so, because it’s not their choice. I believe people can be depressed for a certain amount of time and they can come out of it, but being there, if someone is going through unbearable pain and has no other options, then I believe it is okay because it’s their choice.

Maybe if people could find some sort of middle grounds they could come to an agreement. Maybe if one could wait, or go through certain extents to try to fix what is going on in their life, then it might be okay in other people’s eyes. But either way, if somebody deems that they don’t want to live anymore, regardless of who they are, they should be able to make that decision.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should women fight in war? (on the frontlines)

I believe women should be able to fight in wars if it’s really what they want. If a woman were to join the army, I think they should be given just as much training and just as much respect than men, with no special treatment. Men are allowed to fight because they’re stronger physically with a much less delicate build than women, and people use that as an argument. I believe with proper training, no matter how small or delicate one looks, if they have the determination and the means, they can accomplish anything they put their minds to, which is why I believe women should be allowed to fight in wars.

The period argument is invalid, because I can guarantee you if a man went up to their commanding officer while they were in the army claiming that they didn’t feel good, they would be laughed at and ordered to suck it up and give them 20. If a woman decides to join the army, they have to take that kind of thing in mind, knowing that no matter how bad they feel, it’s their decision and they should pull through it no matter what, the pain is only temporary and it’s nothing compared to the pain they’ll feel to their ego when they shoot down their dreams due to a few cramps.

In my opinion, I find women to be just as equal to men, especially when it comes to “physical limitations”, being that a woman can endure some of the worst pain imaginable, such as childbirth, but she can’t hold a gun? Blasphemy. When you’re in the army, and you’ve been put through training and know what you’re up against, no matter man or woman, you have the same chances of getting your head blown off as the rest of them.

The only con to women joining the army is that men seeing a woman’s head being blown off will mess up the morale of said man. A man would rather get himself killed rather than see a woman doing it, and that happening, will lead them into a severe (and sometimes irreversible) state of depression.