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Topic: Wartune / Need some feedback @ 80 :) P plz

i’d prob do 1), so you can start working towards adv class and the crucial di runs

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Topic: Wartune / Dark Succuba doable as a lonely mage

Gave it a try, it apparently does not bug when completely solo…nice find atleast :)

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Topic: Wartune / no br boost

mount str ranking…leveling up the stable also ups your maximum mount trainable levels also

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Topic: Wartune / Quest of 5 thousand clicks

2nded on a collect all, or atleast a popup asking how many to get…

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Topic: Wartune / Cannt login(((

I couldnt even get to the server select screeen, dns issues…

So grabbed this fix again, and it still works:

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Topic: Wartune / best update ever?

We are only missing the stoves from dragon invasion now i guess…the other 9999 stacks can come later, the most important are in :)

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 09/10 @ 3:30 AM EDT

I guess with the prelim date moved to 21st, that we will have cw finals the 20th

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Topic: Wartune / Hall Of Fame?

Originally posted by versi69:

new hall of fame colud be made like other level compensation

click button to colect if you got 200.000 br
you can colect this reward only once per event

that wolud be easiest way for devs mods and other people
of course pots wolud work as they did work on last hall of fame … even if devs said they dont

That would make all too much sense for this developer

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Topic: Wartune / This game hates free players and campers

Originally posted by Vlax:
Originally posted by kimwong3252000:

Here is a little story about my 12 years old cousin

my cousin is quite clever, he can understand all the contents from his textbook and answer all the questions in exam, with everytime 90+ marks

however he is still in Primary 1 at age 12, I wonder why he doesn’t wanna proceed to higher class, then he answered me,

“I am afraid of losing”

Do you think campers don’t lose? Do you think they didn’t lose when they were new players themselves? Do you think we don’t also get bullied by higher level players which is worse than campers bullying players of their own level?

I see you posting about your CW ranking every month because you’re killing the weaker players than yourself so you’re proud of doing so because you have a strong toon, so why does it matter that there’s a lower level player who wants a strong toon?

Why would it be worse being bullied by higher level players than getting bullied by low level 1 year+ campers? same difference there, you have no chance either way

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Topic: Wartune / Class War winner

Originally posted by Dante1776:

i hope gruntar can see this cause i dont want to open a new topic:

so gruntar in your fight against eliatan u tried to “haunt” suntoria or guardian? i hope u know that guardian cant be dispelled, also i think u could do better if u went for a bit more aggresive, skill build cause damage dealt is the primary goal…anyway just food for thoughts

Well, i was mostly going for the kill there, so removing the sunt made more sense(5x 23k heal left)…in the spur of the moment…but if you notice i was lagged out for 3 turns before sylph so got a bit rushed there and didnt know where i was in relation to her sylphing or not(which for this match actually was not as crippling as in most matches where it forced 3-4 auto attacks in sylph mode, but still…i digress ^^ ) You do have a point however, i was not really running for the end damage tie in any of the matches i did

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 3.1

Originally posted by Anchahmancha:

Not sure if bug or not, after last maint cake/champagne buff cannot be refreshed.

Click on it to remove it, then take a new one

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Topic: Wartune / Forever rank 2 T_T

gz :) now go join warlords for next month

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Topic: Wartune / br drop after sylph evo?

If you are not looking at the br in the char screen, but the one on the small profile pic in the left upper corner, that would explain it…that one lags a lot, does not notice when pots etc wear off etc

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Topic: Wartune / VIP Wheel Finally Coughs Up a Level 6 Gem!

I think Liebs got one several weeks back from vip wheel as well(on s1)

Grats :)

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Old Time - Big Spender

Originally posted by Greenfireflygirl:

The amount spent does not get reset daily. If you want to spend a little one day, a little more the next, and a little more the last day, go ahead, it’ll stack.

Then why does the posts and the event description state it does? And they have been doing the same for atleast several months for these very same events

Edit: sorry, i meant, why does the desc and post both state that the rewards can be claimed once per day?

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Topic: Wartune / Temp Mount Question

They stack, so 21 days

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Topic: Wartune / Gods Descent Begins on August 23rd!

Originally posted by KS23:

Found a bug in God’s Decent. Sylph points are supposed to carry over. I ended my fight ready to sylph, start again, sylph points were gone. This happened to me for all 5 attempts fighting Yaros. The boss is also super laggy, so laggy that it’s getting 3 hits to my one. I don’t mind a challenge, but that’s not a challenge, that’s flat out broken game ripping me off.

They only carry between bosses, not for individual attempts, the same is for rage…

eg, end a boss with 100 rage and full sylph, you will start with the same at the next…end an attempt at full without killing the boss, you will start with the standard amounts and empty sylph on the next attempt…been this way for all past gd’s so far

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Topic: Wartune / Dragon invasion bug

Another perhaps less significant bug is that sometimes the dice does not show up for some people…making the full dice window time tick down from your total time

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Topic: Wartune / Anyone Know How to Get Divinity Shards?

Doing it for free takes a lot longer…unless you luck out with a mount card…

I would guess every other exchange will have the divine shards now

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Topic: Wartune / Does Res Reduction affect WB?

It hits just as hard against hades/aegis at the same res amount as against herc…so it isnt a res issue…could it be that they actually upped the damage? ^^

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Topic: Wartune / Royal Steed Stacking?

You can recycle it for spirits

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Topic: Wartune / August Rune Exchange

It is nice to see this posted ahead of time…allows for atleast some limited planning :)

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Topic: Wartune / big Decision to make

last bg bracket is 70-80, and there is one 65-74

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Topic: Wartune / UPDATED [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 8/20 @ 3:30 AM EST

Any ETA for a fix for anything at all of the huge list of things not working?

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Topic: Wartune / ONE Thread for BG/Arena issues

Server number: S1
Time of event: 9:00
Name of event: battleground
Description of issue: No bg icon opening at the set time, thus not allowing anyone to enter