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Topic: Wartune / Question about pre-evolved sylphs

Those are the stat points you get for leveling up a sylph, they just get unassigned when you evolve it…so yes, you will get the same points, at the rate of 5 per level as usual

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Grand Lottery

Seems 1 correct = 2nd prize, both correct = 1st prize

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Topic: Wartune / new cloud adventure/monopoly rewards

I like the rewards for this…pretty nice

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Topic: Wartune / Expert dimension

Originally posted by wasteguru:

how do u get expert dim?

Luck, when opening adv dimension coord chests, or adv dimension resource chests mostly…not sure about any other ways

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Topic: Wartune / Current BR system

I would probably remove sylph base br/sylph team br from all calculations, to begin with…then…

Make the directly boosting % astrals such as determ and godess blessing, multiply br based on their respective stats…like determ adds 0.5x your crit value in br(at unboosted level 10), godess blessing adds 0.3x your (mdef+pdef) in br…just br number, not adding any actual stats…i think that would be a start…then do the same for the other % based astrals, but the calcs would be a lot mroe complex

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Topic: Wartune / DI11 down

gz, just another 9 to go then :)

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Topic: Wartune / Sylph Exp Scroll (Revisted)

I’d like to be able to sell them also, but a lv 1 white sylph is a doable workaround…just a pita to make one ^^

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Topic: Wartune / Shameless brag

Depends really, if you get resist to 90%, should be able to survive a bit past the buff up phase

I did actually try that on 5-3, as im doing an advanced wind dimension, resist is capped…past buff it was hitting for 50k’s, so even a long battle is easy

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Topic: Wartune / Cross Server Guild Battle Info

Maybe…just maybe…they are scratching their heads and cant figure out the bugs…but i guess the trying to get as much money out of holy forge seems more likely

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Topic: Wartune / R2 Support at their best?

It does count for big spenders, but only after you click to claim the rewards…eg tomorrow, when they start another big spender event

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Topic: Wartune / Gods Decent only 30 levles

It is nice gold, if you can do it without changing crystals much

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Topic: Wartune / Mount Whip Challenged

Originally posted by CptRevenge:

Another mount whip event, and we have no whips. When are we going to get a real gem event?

Hmm…fairly sure the last gem event was the best one yet, at least in terms of gains(sadly no chests)? And you want a “real” one?

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Topic: The King of Towers / Christmas Level 5 Rewards

Did you cap out your rewards for the day already?

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 12/23 @ 3:30 AM EST

Originally posted by KS23:

Due to the maintenance keeping me from logging in after work, I was unable to nerf for ToK. Sorry I wasn’t able to nerf astrals today.

And I’m not even in anymore, wee…no more stripping ^^

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Topic: Wartune / daily sylph prizes

Supposedly this maint should have fixed them…we will see…

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Topic: Wartune / Weekly arena rewards

Well, seems 1 more week without sylph arena weekly and daily reward, and ga still not working…nice job

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Topic: Wartune / Weekly arena rewards

Sylph rewards are always on monday morning(0:10-:15 server time), arena should be saturday though…and yeah, that bugged crap, along with the numerous ga bugs and slow timers have been annoying all week

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Topic: Wartune / Holy Set - Sylph Battle Rating Rank

Originally posted by Akpunk24:

Could we please have an explanation for qualifications for the rewards? Wording was confusing. Was it top ten for each group?
Also how could we have collected the rewards if only took effect at the end of 12/19?

Rewards were avalible to claim at least since tree reset the 19th

And they were based on the individual sylph str rankings of that day, not sylph team str

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Topic: Wartune / how bout an actual event?

Are there not many actual events on now?

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Christmas Countdown Events!

Wait till tomorrow…the events get a lot better…

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Topic: Wartune / Hall of Fame Ranking Dispute has closed!

Hmm…there was no title for rank 1? so that makes absolutely no sense

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Topic: Wartune / basic coordinate that gives daily stuff?

You need to find the tower on all 5 floors to get the listed reward, but after that it is daily, yes…

also…use ! before and after image link instead of [img]

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 3.1

Sylph arena daily rewards does not work, and this screen shows when relogging into the game…

Im ranked securely into the silver group, so it is not an issue of not being ranked

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Topic: Wartune / mess in bg

Well, seems it is like it was way back in the days of the old bg brackets…wonder if people will complain so much about the new ones now that they see how bad the old ones were?

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Topic: Wartune / You “Like” Rewards event on Facebook

300 seem kinda conservative…would think that’d be easy for them to get, lol

On another note, this is not the only thing/event that is only for proficent city players ^^

Wonder if we could get some kong only ones going?