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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 7/30 3:30 AM EDT

Originally posted by versi69:

Fixed an issue where attributes did not change when a piece of legendary equipment was upgraded to mythic equipment.

thats mean your attributes change when upgrade to red gear… :> nerf much eh

Im guessing it is meaning that the refine levels dont change, and the stats stay the same

On sylph eq for example when going up a grade, the stats given stay the same, but the level drops…so level 10 on purps is level 8 on oj, but same stat value…

At least i hope that is it…lol

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Topic: Wartune / Europe server 3 need merge

No, it was not launched before the game was published, so that date is not exact ^^ (not even sure if s1 was launched before the publishing date…i dont think so?)

Server 2 was launched on nov 19th 2012, server 3 on the 20th…and the fun part is, that was announced(well, check the post date ^^) the day after i started playing on s1…already didnt feel like starting over at that point…

And true, it does not matter, other than the fact that it has not been 3 years for any kong server yet :)

(And digging in the forum archive is fun…lol)

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Topic: Wartune / Europe server 3 need merge

Originally posted by PHEN0M:
Originally posted by KS23:

The “complicated” part is that the people they need buy in from, the devs, are the ones saying no. I can’t say I know the whole structure of the game, but it sounds as though power for merges and new servers is with the devs rather than the hosts. Clearly, a bunch of guys in China know better what is right for the player base than those in contact with those players daily through forums and tickets…

euro s3/s5 server has more than 3 years… kong9/s11 has 2 years and 5 months since its live after this much time its normal to have a merge for old players that still play and make eventually a new euro server for new european players, the new player wont be ever able to catch the old ones

Umm, you do know the game has not even been live on kong 3 years yet, right?

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Topic: Wartune / BB mines? Are they suppose to be this rare?

I’ve found 3 hidden bb mines so far, 2 in the same int dim, in the first 5 levels, the other in an expert i finished before patch

No normal ones however…strange

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Topic: Wartune / Sky Adventure sucks?

Yea…will take some months to save up the energy cores to get the last few rewards, but if do it for free, well worth it? just damn slow~

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Topic: Wartune / you can get out too

You seem to have a hard time staying away though, i wonder why this is?

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Topic: Wartune / why do you have a wartune laggs?

Somehow…it feels to lag slightly less after patch, once everything is loaded in the first time…currently running around 12h without f5 and it is still on a playable level

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Topic: Wartune / Buy engagement rings with bound balens

Originally posted by AydenK6:

I think we should be able to do this with bound balens and if not I know a lot of people that won’t like the game and will quit

Well, the wedding will still cost unbound balen…so one has to be a casher at least to get married these days still

and nice 1 year thread necro ^^

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 7/16 3:30 AM EDT

Guess they only did the patch thingies on the pre launch servers

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 3.1

Try using the league rank button instead, usually works better ^^ Or just wait another 5 min~

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Topic: Wartune / Cloud Kirin vs Wildfire/Underworld-Steed

Originally posted by KS23:


The options exist. I’ve tried a few of them since “free” is nice as long as it doesn’t cost too much. Most strike me as a rip off. Some of the offers that promise kreds never deliver, even after you’ve upheld your end of the bargain. Others make you jump through so many hoops to get those free kreds that you’ll spend 3 hours just to get a free $1 of kreds. Complaining to kong about shady offers doesn’t get you your free kreds, but it does get the liar’s offers removed…yay? As I’ve said above, the surveys tend to have very long prequal and then say they don’t want your opinion. I suspect they just harvest your personal info for use in marketing and then say you didn’t qualify so they don’t have to pay up. Can’t prove it, but that’s what I suspect.

If you have proof of completing it on your end(email, etc etc), you can usually mail the provider of the offers(trialpay etc), if it is not paid out within 24h…some dont seem to pay automatically, but i’ve gotten most the ones i’ve done paid out after a mail to support

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Topic: Wartune / Eudameon gender

The load in screen has pics of them…i guess? other than that , no idea when/if the other gender will be avalible

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Topic: Wartune / Why is nobody doing DI?

Originally posted by HanaP1:

I my server,3,(known as server 5 in every cross- server event),there are people still doing DI.So on another servers this happens too.Also there are people that don’t want dradoon essence because they maxed dragon soul and they ask for dragon essence exchange event,because their inventory is filled with essences.Plus the lag.That is why they stopped.(I am pretty sure that this didn’t help at all because people already mentioned what I said)

You should tell them to restack their essences to 9999 stacks instead of 999, since i doubt they have several hundred k of it~

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Topic: Wartune / Influence stat on mobs

Try it out in purgatory maze, lots of mobs and bosses that stun there

As far as I know it does, socketing influence gems on your eud will make it nearly stun immune in the levels there…much easier test than upping beads

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Topic: Wartune / Refined Sylph Leveling

You can substitute b/bb for adv mahra also…it does cost 35 b/bb per mahra used that way, but it does count for events and does bring the sylph quality up…thats how people have red sylphs already

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Topic: Wartune / Cloud Adventure

If you want to bb gamble, go for it…generally not though

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Topic: Wartune / Advanced Sylph Seals from Voodoo Urn

Just as expected…was fairly sure that would happend when i saw they had t3 sylphs

It is pretty much 100% pointless, other than for people who need a purple sylph for some reason, or want to spend a lot extra on adv sep/mahra than needed

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Topic: Wartune / CSGB Cheating

Originally posted by JayStanthon:
Originally posted by bhawane:

You call it cheating,

And i call it cheating.If there’s really strong guild,it should meet equal rivals,to prove its strength.Same regards,BG ,Arena and other stuff.IMAO Fair play isn’t about wartune,but why not to try to do it in major events like CSGB…..Being smart.

If it was consistent yes, but as it is, it ends up with 1 guild having beaten all of top 16 before finals then 100% of the time taking the championship against guilds that are half the str, or less

I think first csgb, we were facing guilds in the 5m br range in diamond finals…that really should not happend

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Topic: Wartune / Chaos Wars

Interesting to note the reworked hall of fame in that thread also

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Topic: Wartune / Crypt Shop

Originally posted by versi69:

do you have them in inventory? if yes right click it and use in bulk
they will be moved to your profile page and then you can spent them

left click* think right clicking anywhere just brings up the menu with recharge/clear cache/flash settings etc ^^

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Topic: Wartune / How much money does it take to finish wartune on day 1?

Originally posted by MattiaBava:

There’s recharge limit so you can’t max everything in 1 day, also most stuff are on sale on limited period of time, if u buy everything starting today u’d prollly need 50k $ or so to max out everything asap.

More, much much more than that…sylph alone is like 30k$ if you do it to red at once(not that you even can, moon dust and rocks are not generally avalible)

I’d have a guess at around 200-300k, if you buy xp and everything, given that it would be avalible in shop ofc…consider level 12 wings without event, etc

Edit: ok…write that up a bit, wings alone are like 14m balens to cap to level 12 without events, each of the 3 clothing parts about 1/5th of that…500k maybe total?

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Topic: Wartune / Sylph Expedition - WARNING : Using friends water sylph

Originally posted by SirPhilly:

You should consider sending a ticket about it and see what they do.

So that every boss in SE gets a kill attack after 10 rounds or so?

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Topic: Wartune / Sinister Rot description

Originally posted by MattiaBava:

Bleeding count either opponent defence or goddess blessing/res, it doesn’t for sure ignore both of them.

It seems to ignore resistance at least, since it does much much higher damage than delphics do in tok for example, against 90% res

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Topic: Wartune / I'm level 70+ and I can't clear Delphinian Swamp at S rank (normal mode)?

Remove troops and eudaemon is usually the easiest way to get S ranks, as they do damage that does not count towards your score…you might want to remove sylph also if that becomes an issue, but it should not(usually everything is dead by the time sylph gets off the random ball shot)

And as said above, blitzing does not change your camp rank.

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Topic: Wartune / Changyou selling Wartune dev 7Road as it focuses on mobile future

Originally posted by Legendfluff:

If you only paid through a credit card, dispute WT like others have in the past and make em lose their $$.

That might work if you played on a non kong server…here you never get charged directly for stuff, only for kreds…and if you dispute those, you will get kong banned, just sayin