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Topic: Kongregate / An interview with Creator of the game ...:D !

Originally posted by XxLittle_StarxX:

Can’t wait to read them!! <3

No one ever responded to my messages ha!

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Topic: General Gaming / POKEMON LOGICS

Originally posted by Fyre_Hawk:

plants go over rocks. Therefore grass beats rock.

I see what you did there :P.

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Topic: General Gaming / Most anticipated sequel?

SCGMD5. Lol if he makes one.

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Topic: General Gaming / Favorite Kong Game?

Originally posted by sky123rx7:

Yep title says it all. What is your favorite Kongregate game.

I’d have to say my favorite right now is Amorphous + since it first came out.

SGMD3. Ha… still one of my favorites. Definitely not an exclusive to Kongregate :P.

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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft is a violent videogame and notch is a terrorist

Originally posted by Fyre_Hawk:

There’s no guns in Minecraft, unless you mod it.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking.

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Topic: Kongregate / An interview with Greg!

I’m glad you were able to gain some value from the interview! Thanks DemonofMist!

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Topic: Kongregate / An interview with Greg!

Originally posted by DemonOfMist:

I hope I can find a job that I would love to wake up everyday in the morning for. My dream job would be to wake up and enjoy what I do. I want to have the feeling where I feel proud to exchange conversation with someone about work. Thank for this interview and thank you Greg for motivating me to find that dream job of mine!

Are you referring to Kongregate as being the dream job… or are you just stating that you wish you can find a dream job? And thanks for reading the interview!

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Topic: Kongregate / An interview with Greg!

Originally posted by greg:
Originally posted by spookyskeleton:

is that you you look like a women no offense please get hair cut

I am glad that you think my wife looks like a woman. I’m on the right in that picture.

Oh I thought he was actually referring to you. I am just now able to get his joke. Almost three weeks later. Ha.

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Topic: Off-topic / jummy netrun is at your house

Originally posted by zhs0:


Rip his hair out.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is more annoying to read?

Originally posted by ReallyIntoBooks:

I always read Bethany’s like she is having breathing problems. Rolby’s post remind me of a drunk person on Tumblr.

I agree with the statement about Bethany’s breathing problems.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Wallpaper

Let’s leave it up to UG to create awesome avatars as well as backgrounds!

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Topic: Off-topic / Pilkunnussija

Originally posted by juanpy:


I second this notion.

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Topic: Off-topic / GTA SA > GTA V

GTA SA was the best Grand Theft Auto in my opinion.

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Topic: Off-topic / How abnormal is your body compared to the average human body?

Originally posted by dsand:

i have rather short arms in comparison to my torso.

Mine is complete opposite. I have long muscular arms in comparison to my small chest. (I work out and my chest never builds)


Topic: Off-topic / >forgets name of water gun brand

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Topic: Off-topic / Jim Greer turns down your 500th application to become a mod of Off-topic

A definitely. I would be extremely upset. I don’t think you can apply for a moderation opportunity though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Terrible Accidents

Originally posted by spoofdebris:

WOW the exact same thing happened to me but with a waterbottle filled with cum

Jesus. Help this child.

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Topic: Off-topic / im being bollied please help

Originally posted by Cwovictor:

Report them to the police for using drugs.

Get profesional help.

Tell your parents, hell, do anything, just don’t bystand.

I agree with this action.

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Topic: Off-topic / Don't Stop Me Now

Originally posted by mynameislian_:

Freddy seemed an amazing person to me and he died way too soon…

The good die young I guess.

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Topic: Off-topic / Don't Stop Me Now

Who is Queen? Just kidding. Yeah it’s an alright band. I had one of their albums but lost it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mods Are Asleep, Post Sinks

Originally posted by spoofdebris:

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Topic: Kongregate / Something wrong with K for me

Originally posted by Gremlion:

2. Unreadable symbols between moderator names

I have this problem as well! I’m on google chrome!

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Topic: Off-topic / anyone is tired by wikia trolls?

Originally posted by Gabidou99:

they seriouslu suck, they keep editing your wiki and keep editing your description saying you are a faggot when it is not true, and a troll (i won’t tell the name because i don’t want it to sound harrasing) keep editing my wiki in off topic wiki.

i am the only one that keep getting his wiki edited?

discuss wikia trolls.

Just have to accept the trolls and keep editing back your wiki page.

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

Originally posted by Fyre_Hawk:

You are the man!

Almost reached 1,000 posts. Keep up the good work!

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate my descriptive paragraph.

I thought it was good and descriptive but I was rather confused at the “I slammed my backpack down” part. Maybe you should use a different word because I imagined a toddler grabbing their book bag and slamming it against the floor.