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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / why can't turns happen simultaneously?

Originally posted by TheColdHardTruth:
Originally posted by validname1:

It’d actually be a kind of cool idea – Though with simultaneous some abilities would have to be changed – jam maybe affecting a card afflicted next turn, order of leech and some other stuff would be confusing. A “first strike” ability would be relevant

Unfortunately it’d take a major architecture change. It won’t happen unless devs have a big reason to do it like that

For someone who usually makes sense, this is surprising coming from you. Try simultaneous play in another turn-based competition and let me know how that works out for you. Chess ought to be amusing. Or Risk or Monopoly. Baseball would be cool with dual pitchers and dual batters at the same time. Better wear lots of padding at the plate…

I’d hate to say I’m serious but simultaneous play chess and risk does exist in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and for Chess it’s really quite fun since you have to keep your eyes open and not get sniped by a simple queen charging all the way across the map taking your king. As for risk I don’t like those kinds of games.
If anyone has the game the maps called Kong Fu Chess.
Also there’d be no point to simultaneous Baseball since the team batting second will be in no disadvantage compared to the team batting first. Well maybe except exhaustion.
On a more on topic note, I see nothing wrong with simultaneous play either.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / How many Stars do you rate Tyrant Unleashed?

Originally posted by copy210:
Originally posted by JetSetz:
Originally posted by copy210:

Rating the game with 1 star but still playing it makes zero sense. Imagine you date a women who is a 1/5. Shes ugly, has a horrible personality. But YOU say well she COULD drop 20 kilos, she COULD somehow become a super smart chick and somehow she COULD become a beauty.
But one the other hand I would love to have such a optimistic attitude like you. Then I could fuk every chick running around.

Atleast you understand what i’m saying hopefully. (although, this one applies in BUSINESS TERMS).
I don’t really understand how you relate such things to WOMEN ANALOGY (not even the same fundamentals as it’s not even a business so nothing in that topic is concerned) but hopefully you don’t do so with everything else your life would be pretty funny for the future, trust me on that one.

To be honest to your topic however, I wouldn’t mind waiting a couple of years for a girl to drop kilos, be smart, and beautiful, if I loved her and that she probably is conscious of those flaws and would want to change to please me (though one would love for who they are). But before you commit to those things you should’ve been sure before that (Welcome to the friendzone, here’s where you should’ve paid attention before committing any further than friendship). Once again, dont associate women with anything lol it’s a whole topic on its own…

The question is how to fall in love with a ugly, stupid girl with a horrible personality?
How to fall in love with TU if it is such a horrible game? If you rate it 1/5 then it is this ugly stupid girl. So why do you love TU? You obviously think this game is shit.

I shall also endeavor this one.
In my respectful opinion, he may have started out with dating with this said girl perceived as ugly and tried to see how it went from there. He may or may not have enjoyed it initially but begun to realize her many flaws and she refused any and all chances to change. He then realized how little there was going on in the relationship and begun to take other, more drastic actions. In this context going to the forums may be similar to going to a very cheap marriage counselor in your analogy and seeking help but alas it shall be for naught and he may be forced to break up soon so he may find a better game/girl that will bring him happiness.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / How many Stars do you rate Tyrant Unleashed?

I shall endeavor to answer the question “Why would you play a game you don’t like?”
For me the community is much more interesting than playing this game and the community will probably be a major reason for most players whether it be guild, chat rooms, or the forum.
Also some people may have started the game with no prior knowledge and liked it at the start but like others have said, they realized it has major flaws and begun to dislike the game and lower their scores. They may also have gotten addicted to the thrill of winning or the like and sunk in too much time or money to simply just walk away like some have suggested.

On a more on topic note, apparently I have rated this game 5/5 and even favorited it.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / RANDOM TU "FACT" OF THE DAY

Originally posted by MojtabaOHz:

a deck with halcyon and terminator mech spam will kill a deck with halcyon and dune runner spam …
ha ha ha :D
dune runner cant peneterate that armor and stuck just with jam …

If stuff like this counts as facts.
Yurich and Rampage Boomer spam has 0% loss rate vs Halcyon/Tabitha and Justice Victorious spam on surge. A bad epic vs a good vindicator…
Just ignore that 99% stall…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / We want a scarab fusion

I want moar baughes!

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Topic: Star Era / Vote 5 points to STAR ERA Event

Originally posted by Syrialia:

-1 The terrible translation make it impossible to grasp the story. I tried and I have the feeling that even with the translation fixed it’s just a weak backdrop without much of a comprehensible reason given why we constantly patrol everything from the campus grounds to some derelict facilities battling ‘infectors’. Although there could be, and the story is just unbearable because of the translation.

What? The story is a tragic tale about a poor child who lives in the deprived ‘lower’ layers of the great starship Aglaea who is destined to forever perform low level manual work because he is a low level artificially created human called an ‘infector’ with human genes. However a once in a lifetime opportunity arises and the famous starsea college opens up its doors to all humankind including these infectors and our brave protagonist rises up to the challenge to register to the college in order to become something more than a mere farmer. His road is not an easy one however and he faces many obstacles such as his weakness in combat but he does not falter and rises again and again!
Just because you could not understand the story does not mean!… yea the translations terrible.
I’d assume we’re patrolling everywhere because rogue infectors or X-creatures got onto the ship and we have to remove the threat before they do any damage. Made me lol when i read that tho

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Community]Create a card with 4 skills

I hope your packing flurry or jam!

Think I’m breaking a few rules but i want dis card!
THE BEHEMOTH CLASS IS SO BIG THAT IT TAKES 2 SLOTS! This means it can be targeted by 2 cards and killed twice as fast, especially with that armor and delay. Thus balanced :)
If anyone’s curious a while back someone said overload got a skill so kraken deserves a card and this concept stuck with me for a while… and i am not happy with the way the fonts turned out ):

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Topic: Global Assault: General / wtf? RPG tank, red name, 4 attack 20 hp, Strike all 3

Strike all 3? I’ll take 6
Old fusions back in beta that were removed.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Q&A Nov 14th

Originally posted by Zeckett:

50 players get a Vindicator dual fusion from Guild Wars.
3 players get a Vindicator quad fusion from Brawls.
1000+ players get a Vindicator quad fusion from Raids.

I think Guild Wars should be the ultimate test, on pair with Brawls, but Raid is where the big prize is. And it’s not even close to the others… why?!


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Q&A Nov 14th

Originally posted by lollerskater:

Do you plan on changing the reward brackets? Top 5 guilds work hard to get one vindicator for guild wars yet any guild can buy a quad vindicator in raids. And in brawls it’s pretty much impossible for any non paying player to get even one vindi. Getting top 500 doesn’t even have merit anymore because you receive some dumb fused epic that you salvage for 20 sp

This one looks interesting and i don’t think it was answered.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [BRAWL RANKINGS] Top 50,000 Ranks (Finished with Data Provided)

Because we can, thats why!

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Game] The RISE

Riot Howitzer
Cadmus the Dragon
Darkon Obliterator
Scorched Hellwing
Guardian Gamut
Smite Forger


Corrosive Spore x2

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Dev] StarshipTroopers: A case study of problems in the Interstellar War

Nub question bout the MM, would keeping the ranks from the previous war help stabilize MM?
So if ST got #30 this war they’ll start #30 next war and in theory be more likely to vs the guilds they could have won.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (toDEVs) divine fulfillment

Originally posted by newchriswhite:

the next ten max inventory slots cost 500% of last price

wait does that mean it goes 1000, 5000, 25000? O.O

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to Devs] can we have Kraken in TU?

Originally posted by testeria:
Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

I was unclear before (I was typing from my phone).

I’m not saying that Kraken is available to players, but the fact that it has been used as a boss means that it is less likely to come over as a normal card, at least with the same name.

Also, I would not make any assumptions about a similar skillset. For one thing, the devs currently have no plans to have cards with both Flurry and Jam.

Maybe they changed their minds already? ;-)

I just love the original art… if I remember well when Kraken first appeared it was highest Health unit in the game (available to players). Wolud 42 HP suffice in TU for that?

Give it 53hp and -4 armor.
Nexor has 52hp.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Xeno War Reward

I hope the war reward is Arch Nova so i can quad my new ANE _
Hm i don’t think i can get up to legend tier so i hope they replace epics with AN so you can get a total of 4 ANs from this war and then after a week they put in UNIQUE on cards so you can only have one ANA in your deck so everyone who makes multiples is scr**ed

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Dev] False salvage, card missing, possible bug?

Originally posted by prometheani:
Originally posted by the_froggy:

Guild mates Arch Nova is missing. It got salvaged when he pressed “salvage all commons”, but their logs show that last time he pressed the button was 24h prior to that, and they have a log of him salvaging the nova..
so yeah.
he must have salvaged the card he just got for the quad.

WTF? You had me run and check my novas and demons… I’m not using that salvage all commons button until the devs post an explanation for this outrage!

I’m scared, will this work?
Also if your asking for a card replaced within say 24 hours, they should just do it even if a person intentionally salvaged it and just remove w/e SP they gained from salvaging.
…do u even get SP from these false salvage bugs?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rise of Mythos Anniversary Trivia ROUND 2!

Angel Warder
Stone Ruins

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Happy Birthday Rise of Mythos!

IGN: du15
Stone Ruins

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / HIT THE BEACH

Originally posted by LordOfNoobZ:
Originally posted by CaTastrophy427:
Originally posted by strikerobot:
Originally posted by olvos:
Originally posted by Maskadra:

So, wait. She’s a ‘goblin’ that looks like an ‘elf’ that wears a school swimsuit and charms her enemies from a distance?
Are there going to be voyeur counters? More goblin classmates? Tentacle monsters? lol. She really doesn’t suit the themes… but, I guess if pixies are goblins, then elf schoolgirls can be goblins too. I do, however, anticipate and fear the next festival card release.

She is tha daughter of Goblin Adonis after he charmed an elf. That is the explanation!

So a Goblin… had… with a charmed elf…0.0 thing is which elf???

Easy. Silva the Frozen Heart. Or maybe Temptress Lorelei.


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / How to Win Playing F2P

Originally posted by dnaimagery:

Your a nub at this trolling thing you know? If that’s the best you got your going to have to try a lot harder my friend.

All I know is someone got neglected by their parents when they were growing up and it aint me. Anyone else dying for attention in this thread that needs it? or is it just Pinchfire? I think he likes it when I say his name. Must make him feel important. Keep thinking that Pinchy…Keep thinking that. =D

“You assume that he is insulting people. Show that he is.”
If you can prove to me that ANY of that message was not an insult, you sir deserve a medal.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Purchasing on City Gates

Gold arriving 14 hours late could make a difference. If they guy was using it to levy taxes but then the day changed and he didn’t get his gold he can’t afford the levy taxes. Therefore he will be set back 1 day! Now 1 day might not sound like a big difference but it all adds up in the end!

Or what if he was using that gold to buy a card off auction but the auction only lasted another 12 hours? Then that cards gone and he’ll have to wait for another one to come up. A deal like that may never come up again. So I hope you understand the seriousness of this now dragon. This is all very serious!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / How to Win Playing F2P

Originally posted by ra7c7er:

I didn’t use half of those “tips” and I have done just fine in the game.

Agreed… Only ones I’ve used is #1 (how the hell is that even a tip? That’s basic common sense. It’s like saying don’t die guys in a zombie game. NO S***! SHERLOCK), maybe #7 i’m not sure what that means unless its like put ranged behind armor then that should go under #1 basic knowledge and #12.

I probably will actually do #2 and #3 though…

I wish I did #5 but I’m not changing out this late.

Btw #10 hell no im not spending 10 gold every day to get 400 extra crystals when my City Hall costs 31,040 crystals to upgrade. I’m not gonna grind for 2 years i’m gonna grind for 1 year and 355 days. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?!

Also since no one mentioned it you can also buy packs with rubies which is earned by auctioning off cards to also get to 90 activity.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Welcome to Kings and Legends!

Originally posted by GF_Stormshade:

Hi everyone!

I’m Stormshade, the community manager for Kings and Legends. I’d love to hear any feedback you all have regarding the game. So please feel free to post, we’ll be looking for your feedback!

In the mean time, if you find yourself in need of support, please e-mail Make sure to include what game your are playing, and your character name, as well as a detailed description of why you are contacting support. We’ll get to your ticket as soon as we can.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing your feedback!


Now I’m not the most vigilant of players so I’ve probably missed something but this phoney hasn’t responded to ANY of the feedback on this game.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / All Sneak Monsters are the best

I used to think i was okay at translating not so good English. Then i read met this guy. Anyway I think he’s thinking of cripple. That a sneak monster takes away the enemy monsters power which it doesn’t so OP is wrong… That or I horribly interpreted that.