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Topic: Legend Knight / EXP

Invaders? You just afk it and you can get a lot of exp by end of it.

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Topic: Legend Knight / Why is everything money?

Originally posted by TigerCoolGuy:
Originally posted by HairyPutter:

So this guy/woman basically raises a legitimate complaint and your response is “Dear player,Thank you for your support.”?
Is that sarcasm or arrogance?

Actually this is the real message:
Dear player,i don’t give a fk about your opinnion.I am a cash grabbing no lifer who copy pasted the same principal from wartune and other P2W games.As you can see they have big boobs,vip system,auto moves and everything a lazy mental full of cash player wants.I’ll spend hours of your life playing this game and when you stop at some point you will realize how little you have accomplished here.I am a very bad and evil person who got bullied in school or got infulenced by other developers who told me how easy this money grabbing system is,so i decided to use it myself.I worked few months on this and now let the money grabbing and time consuming process begin.If i am active enough or collected the money amount i have reached i’ll probably throw some free stuff so i can lie to the rats who play this,that this game is active.
Now that this “dev” saw you mentioning money he knows you will buy them so he decided to give you a free “lame pixel” pet who you will use for like X hours and then get another one for money.
As you can see this is how these developers work.If these devs show you this message or type something offensive since they are arrogant,kongregate mods will kick them out from this site.It’s not suprising lol.R2 games are the same,same messages.They even had mods once so they can help them in game,while their forums were chaos from insults,complaints and the forums mods there were showing their real faces.This is how these vip games work,they will trap you in an universe full of gifts,free stuff,easy leveling,but when you realse how little and nothing that is and helpful,you will see that it is not worth it.
Personally this game has a huge potential,i mean R2 games with “zombies ate my pizza” have made a huge hit,but when they got all cash grabbing crizes all of a sudden,they made it same as thir other “failures”.If you are a spender save some money like 40$ and go buy guild wars 2 and enjoy a real 3D game with some benefits that you will never get here.Dragon nest,ever quest and ther 3D games are also amazing.They are cheap and you don’t need to spend money.

I’m not sure if you realized, but this is all the developer can say? At least he is acknowledging the fact that there are opinions out there. Some developers don’t even read their forums. Looking at all those comments in the comment section I think he gets the point. What is the point of dragging all this to a forum section where you can suggest (like this original post’s intention) instead of just leaving a quick remark that doesn’t have any constructive feedback.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Punishment

Then how would we prevent the misuse of such a report system (example, a guild teaming up to report someone just for trolling.)?

I think that is a question worth wondering about. (Btw, i can’t give a suggestion cause I don’t have a clue how to do it without making the system ineffective). Other than that, I feel that this might be a good idea.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / 20 Minute NRG Timer is Too Much

Originally posted by ArcticFenris:
What is so bad about rewarding active players? They NEED it. Since they can’t use clicks as much because people were using auto-clickers they need to have a different reward. Don’t even say the claim chest because it is absolutely horrid. Also to the suggestion you linked you also bashed that there. And what is so bad about becoming friends? My guild is around my level, which is good for me. It provides organization and lets us party up with stable teammates who won’t move us around.. Get with a guild around your level and it will be much easier for you. Just like in other games, rewarding strong guilds is good; If strong guilds were not rewarded they would have no need to be in a guild at all. Guilds would become pretty useless and dull, taken over by Kong chat for building parties. If we do not gain new things for active players a lot of players will begin to either leave the game or get bored and not as happy with it (which will make them more likely to leave later). Idling is an option, but it should not be as good as not idling. Yes it is an idle game, no that does not mean you have to idle. What will really ruin the guild system as you have stated is not rewarding active players. Active players talk in chat while waiting on challenges, which creates friendships which help build new guilds.

You are totally misreading my intentions. I never said that active players is bad. I just think the execution is bad. There’s a difference. Read carefully. My posts in the discussion on the “few new events” is exactly the opposite of “bashing” also. I call that constructive criticism rather than severe criticism (with the connotation of being a tyrant) because I present my opinion and my supporting ideas. Furthermore, I did stop posting after I finished presenting my idea and I did end up continuing to follow the post because I LIKE the idea. Is that what you call “bashing”?

As for the guild things, I’ll still have to disagree despite you saying all that. Since this is a thread that has no relation to guilds though, I’ll save my opinion for other threads.

In the end, I’m all for what is mentioned in this thread because more active activities are coming. Having such a big reward for active players when it finally comes is game breaking. There are more coming for active players. You can go check that full suggestion list that the developer kindly provided us. A balance will need to be kept. Like I said previously, this nerf (never did I deny that it isn’t a nerf) is probably for better active activities that will come soon. I find it well justified. That’s all.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / 20 Minute NRG Timer is Too Much

Originally posted by ganhyungchan:

Have you ever played other idle games? They’re pretty fast paced and you can get a few upgrades after a few minutes that actually help you progress further. They even got ‘soft resets’ that actually make the game faster paced. This means that being active actually influences how fast/far you can go. This helps players keep their interest in the game by seeing themselves progress through faster with the effort and time they invest. However, now IOU has lost that advantage active players get. If you’re arguing that a game got to stay fair, you’re just being pretty stupid and ignorant. It’s like arguing that it’s unfair people who are p2p get higher support levels.

What is the point of making an unique game if it is like other idle games? That is my question. I actually really like this update too like some of the people here.

Furthermore, not understanding what others think and asking “why?” is not stupid and ignorant. In fact, they are trying to expand their knowledge. I don’t understand why those words are necessary.

As a way to boost back active players, I remember a few weeks ago someone suggesting to add events. Maybe that can be used to help the active players out. Though I still think it needs to mature a bit. I still think guild events need to be made to prevent just one person creating a guild just to harvest all the benefits for themselves and from compiling everyone to one guild that might result to losing competition as they all become “friends” (which I believe many think its a minor issue).

Link to suggestion:

Since it is already included in the suggestion list though, please try not to bump it up if you don’t have new ideas that might help the developer when hes developing the feature. My point is to point out that active gameplay advancement is coming. This setback perhaps is a way to get ready for new implements that might be making active players too far ahead if the mining and woodcutting isn’t nerfed.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Joining party with lower level

Originally posted by Fuzzyfsh:

i agree, in fact get rid of rando parties, only guild members can form parties

you are more likely to stay in your guild if you grow at the same rate as your guild mates
farm the same cards as your guild mates, chat with your guild mates

willy there are not enough spaces for everyone to swap guilds all the time
even if so, 100 guilds is alot in this game and its not like there are guild wars

Well, you just ran into someone who is in a guild that has 3 people with Ascension1, 2, 3 for each one respectively. We are in such a guild cause well, at least I don’t meet the expectation of top guilds. I don’t afk all day long because it burns up my laptop. I merely log on for 20m each day just to grab this and that. There are rare times when I would have time to get on and play 4h that day. If the party system is build solely on guilds, then that just locks the ability to move on for the small percent that plays like I do. If it’s implemented this way, it’s just a rude way to tell us to pack our bags unless we are entirely devoted to this game.

Furthermore, I’m not sure if 100 guilds is enough. This game is being promoted quite well, in my view. It has a facebook page. It is on a “big” flash game site. I’m actually expecting this game to expand. I’m also not sure how big guilds are now. I’ll pretend all top 100 are up to 25 members? 25 × 100 = 2500. But facebook alone has 4500 likes. That’s not even half the people who feel like “liking” this game on facebook.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Joining party with lower level

Originally posted by stillwaterbass:

all your problems can be solved by working with a good guild … you party with members who talk to you and can join you when you want … or a function that allows the first person to “lock-in” a level and joiners can’t change it. A good guild like mine works much better tho … (((wanna farm (no leveling atm) ok I’ll level to then))) pretty easy and straight-forward.

Guilds shouldn’t be pulled into a party function discussion. The reason I feel this way is because it hinders the creation of new guilds. I personally am afraid of everyone piling into the top 100 guilds. My top favorite games, like Wartune, LoL, etc. all died out for me partly because of this. While it does help getting people organized, what happens after compiling into top guilds is that people lose interest in the game. Competition will eventually die out because all the good players are in a few guilds.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Joining party with lower level

Originally posted by Akababa:

Why not just make it so that a player can’t join a party if they haven’t unlocked the party’s current stage yet?

True, however, that doesn’t solve the problem where someone wants to advance and you don’t.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Party issues

Your suggestion I agree on (since I suggested it once before on a previous post which you noticed:

As for the last thing you added that differ from mine (setting levels) I strongly would discourage. The main reason is that people will ALWAYS want to farm with higher levels. And higher levels doesn’t mean stronger. I’ve met A LOT of people my level that are weaker than me. It also creates a bigger separation of levels.

I really am curious why make a separate thread though. It is strongly connected to the thread above, in which someone created before you (go hover over the date above the user name to see). Why don’t you lock this thread and just consolidate the ideas on that post? It is already filled with 2 other persons’ opinion.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Joining party with lower level

It is even more annoying when you are farming for cards. I have no problem with people helping me slay them faster though.

I think a good fix to the problem would probably be something like challenges. Instead of allowing people to join you automatically, maybe make it so you can open a party. At the beginning you might have 1 person (yourself) but people can search parties up and join you. In addition to this, a party naming system will allow us to get the message across (for either farming cards, or level advancers). This way we won’t have the “opps, i thought you aren’t doing ___” people joining your party. However, it still won’t prevent things like trolls to mess you up.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Gold expeditions need a buff

I agree with themaster360.

We have to account that you can also run all 3 expeditions after getting enough expedition points. So, that gold is like just a bonus to the diamond and ap by late game. It shouldn’t be game changing.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Expeditions

I like this idea too. Maybe make it so you don’t get anything? But, I would like to cancel a misclick sometimes.

If it’s not possible, maybe a confirmation window? I think it would solve the problem of misclicking too.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / maintenance

This has nothing to do with the game. We are talking about a facebook post. I don’t think you can code a facebook post.

But, yeah. The developer probably should be more specific and write in the EST part.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Suggestion: All times

I do agree there needs to be a server time.

However, I also think there is no reason to complain not knowing when things end. Like you say, the game TELLS us SPECIFICALLY what time zone its counting in. What more do you need? Words like “nooby” and “remove TIMEZONE” is just…too mean. (Plus, how do you remove time zone? Most of the world runs on it.)

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Few new Events

Originally posted by Zatal:

To Willy:
1) 1, 3 and 5 are as idle as this game is now. 2 and 4 are little bit more active.

So if there’s 1h/week something active to do you just complain about it?

You can still play it totally idle and lose just a bit more that you lose now. This is not a totally idle game, because of challenges etc. That’s why ACTIVE players always win.

2) Everyone are piling on top 100 guilds anyway so WHAT’S NEW on that one, and on same reasons. And why would you make a new guild when top 100 guilds have +5 buildings already? Always a new guild in old game is weak. But think about those who have stayed in game for months, if they don’t have anything to do, then they will leave game. So it is always a balance between new players and old players, this would give something extra to all players.

All my suggestions means 1h/day gameplay for everyone or less, so its still mainly IDLE game. Even without those you need to play 1h/day to get your idle game working almost properly and more if you want to level fast.

If you’re in lvl 200 and start a new guild then why wouldn’t you get some reward for leveling your guildmates? Of course my calculations are rough and they should be rethinked before they use them in actual code. These are just suggestions… And high end ppl have played a long time and they should have extra content for the game anyways. Most of the starting ppl are going to abandon game before they reach lvl 200. Also you were saying everyone piles up to top guilds and lower guilds, something is wrong here?

Remember all idle games that I have seen (a lot) needs ACTIVE gameplay, lets say around 3-6h/day or more to level fast. And when they put guilds in idle game they should make guilds strong enough that ppl will stay in the guilds for good reasons.

@ zatal:
1)My idea of a boss is stronger than even the bosses in the “multiple of 5” zones. Same for the stack of monsters you mention. Apparantly, it doesn’t seem like so if 1h/day can handle all 5 suggestions you make. I fail to see how fun it will be.
2) “That’s why ACTIVE players always win.” That is a bit of the wrong mindset? This is an idle game because it is suppose to be able to leave it alone. You know why? Because most people playing these games, in theory, are suppose to not know when they have to leave due to work, a child, etc. Making events that HAVE to be active ONCE YOU ACTIVATE an event or AT a certain time is just silly.
3) What’s wrong with piling on top 100 guilds? Well, in all the games I’ve played, that is how the games die. Everyone going into the top guilds and losing people that is capable for competition. Additionally, newcomers will have less joy joining the game since they will be drowned inside the already powerful guilds and just remain as “a IOU score” contributing into a HUGE guild. I feel that we should promote new guilds rather then old “top” guilds.
4) Oh, backtrack a bit, hidden loots. 1 hr/day can find a hidden loot. Why is it call hidden again?
5) " Also you were saying everyone piles up to top guilds and lower guilds." You misunderstand. Piling is only for top guilds. Lower guilds, since no will be piling there, will be dominated by high level players to grab all the rewards for THEMSELVES since they do such high damage as a player already. In other words, I’m saying it’s game breaking. Unless you implement something to prevent this.

In general, however, I still disagree. I have a feeling that you aren’t explaining yourself enough, which is why I am disagreeing. Maybe develop your initial post a little more. ALL I am saying is what you present to me right now is not appealing. I have no idea, as I’ve shown in point 1 in this post, of what you are thinking. I’m sorry if I seem to be complaining about 1h/week.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Few new Events

I’m iffy about all these suggestions.

1) Your suggestions seem to require ACTIVE gameplay. Boss killing you mentioned “actively killing boss.” I’ll assume that will mean that you kill it one at a time (hence, singular boss). For guild event with the puzzle pieces. Well, you need to put it together. So, it is active gameplay. As for the rest, it puts a penalty on people not being here physically searching for a hidden loot and participating in a guild war. The only suggestion that seem to allow actual idling is your “stack of monsters” where you can activate it and leave it on.
2) This is aimed towards your #2 suggestion. Guild event. I feel that this can cause two chain reactions.
> Everyone will pile to the top guilds so that they can finish it fast. They will have enough members in the guild to gain all the stones resulting from the puzzles putting them even further then the starting guilds. Rules out the purpose of starting new guilds and will start to hinder the diversity of guilds.
> Active players will pile to lower guilds so they can get ALL the stones they can get for themselves. That will mean that person would start building up so much guild xp that, they outdamage the idle players.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Double clicks

I agree with the processing power part. My processor’s fans go crazy after a while of playing this game. I’m no expert at computers but I am a bit concerned about it.

As for the double clicks, I never had that so I don’t know.

Just my two cents on the post here. Hopefully it helps?

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / [bug] Find party

I’m not too sure but I believe i read somewhere that the developer is aware of it.

He told us to go use guilds and friends as a temporary solution. Or as I remember at least.

Found the link.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / Adding Traveling Merchants?

I’m going to go to the extent of saying that it SHOULDN’T be added.

A major part of this game is winning through items. After reaching level 50 black belts, the only thing that really matters are relics, weapons, and the typings. Making items become less rare will lower the deviation of the ninjas in the game and I have a feeling that it is going to throw off whatever balance the game already has (not that its quite a lot. I mean I throw in 1 ninja to fight 10. They respectfully wait their turn because I’m INVADING their village. Hysterical if you ask me).

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / First Strike

Originally posted by doomster202:

Actually If both are exactly the same the defender will strike first, and no matter what if your versing guardians the defender will strike first aswell, because the guardians have no specific type

Uh, I just thought that the word “same” needs more clarification.

Oh, and I agree with ix_destroyer_xi up there. There are times when im engaging and i DON’T hit first. The only way (for my brain to make sense of it) is like he said it.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / Are relics underpowerd?

Originally posted by kaocre:

Oh heck no. Stone+ relics are very good. Large boosts to HP for all ninjas, as much as 15% dodge or crit chance, pretty decent damage boosts? All other things being relatively equal, relics WILL tip the scales heavily in the favor of the player using them. For as low as the karma investment is for unlocking new tiers, they are definitely worth unlocking.

I would like to argue that while what you say is true, but it only applies under equal conditions. In other words, 3 lvl 50 vs 3 lvl 50. The fact is that 4 lvl 50 will run over 3 lvl 50 most likely. So, I, personally, will suggest to NOT level relic TOO much. It is still necessary to advance decently in it for defense. So, maybe one level for every 10 player levels?

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / clan weaknesses

And….one day later, they buffed the clan counters.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / [Bug Reports]

Originally posted by Ethandidi:
Originally posted by lannlerie:
Originally posted by LindaYuan:
Originally posted by vutao:

i keep getting this kind of error over and over and over again, almost at the end of every fight, some times in the middle of the fight, and some times even when i heal my ninjas or i buy something, this is getting me really salty

yes, me too, plz plz plz fix it, thank you!


this constantly cost me a win, a relic, gold i gained, loots i earned, and i have to heal up my ninjas with my own gold. most of all, it is a fking waste of time! Just give me couple more of errors, i would be done with this game.

I’ve been getting this recently too….Please check on it someone.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / [suggestion] auto kick

I agree with LittleTrezla. I’m not a leader of my faction but there are times when people are busy. For example, my faction typically lands top 10 weekly but this week all of us fighters (yes, we have quite a divide in pvp fighters and assisters) had tests. It is unfortunate but loyalty is not something that should be given weekly. It is the thought that really counts. Not saying that a leader gone for a month should still be a leader but an auto kick feature doesn’t put the age of the person in your faction into account.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / it started costing money for a fight

My only concern is that no one will have that answer. Weapons, relics and hospital fees are SO much times more expensive that it doesn’t even bothered our eyes. Plus, Ninja War 2 is quite new in Kong. I doubt anyone maxed out blimp yet. I mean I’m ranked 48 in Level and i still haven’t got pass the lvl 3 blimp. So, eh?