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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Few new Events

I’m iffy about all these suggestions.

1) Your suggestions seem to require ACTIVE gameplay. Boss killing you mentioned “actively killing boss.” I’ll assume that will mean that you kill it one at a time (hence, singular boss). For guild event with the puzzle pieces. Well, you need to put it together. So, it is active gameplay. As for the rest, it puts a penalty on people not being here physically searching for a hidden loot and participating in a guild war. The only suggestion that seem to allow actual idling is your “stack of monsters” where you can activate it and leave it on.
2) This is aimed towards your #2 suggestion. Guild event. I feel that this can cause two chain reactions.
> Everyone will pile to the top guilds so that they can finish it fast. They will have enough members in the guild to gain all the stones resulting from the puzzles putting them even further then the starting guilds. Rules out the purpose of starting new guilds and will start to hinder the diversity of guilds.
> Active players will pile to lower guilds so they can get ALL the stones they can get for themselves. That will mean that person would start building up so much guild xp that, they outdamage the idle players.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Double clicks

I agree with the processing power part. My processor’s fans go crazy after a while of playing this game. I’m no expert at computers but I am a bit concerned about it.

As for the double clicks, I never had that so I don’t know.

Just my two cents on the post here. Hopefully it helps?

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / [bug] Find party

I’m not too sure but I believe i read somewhere that the developer is aware of it.

He told us to go use guilds and friends as a temporary solution. Or as I remember at least.

Found the link.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / Adding Traveling Merchants?

I’m going to go to the extent of saying that it SHOULDN’T be added.

A major part of this game is winning through items. After reaching level 50 black belts, the only thing that really matters are relics, weapons, and the typings. Making items become less rare will lower the deviation of the ninjas in the game and I have a feeling that it is going to throw off whatever balance the game already has (not that its quite a lot. I mean I throw in 1 ninja to fight 10. They respectfully wait their turn because I’m INVADING their village. Hysterical if you ask me).

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / First Strike

Originally posted by doomster202:

Actually If both are exactly the same the defender will strike first, and no matter what if your versing guardians the defender will strike first aswell, because the guardians have no specific type

Uh, I just thought that the word “same” needs more clarification.

Oh, and I agree with ix_destroyer_xi up there. There are times when im engaging and i DON’T hit first. The only way (for my brain to make sense of it) is like he said it.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / Are relics underpowerd?

Originally posted by kaocre:

Oh heck no. Stone+ relics are very good. Large boosts to HP for all ninjas, as much as 15% dodge or crit chance, pretty decent damage boosts? All other things being relatively equal, relics WILL tip the scales heavily in the favor of the player using them. For as low as the karma investment is for unlocking new tiers, they are definitely worth unlocking.

I would like to argue that while what you say is true, but it only applies under equal conditions. In other words, 3 lvl 50 vs 3 lvl 50. The fact is that 4 lvl 50 will run over 3 lvl 50 most likely. So, I, personally, will suggest to NOT level relic TOO much. It is still necessary to advance decently in it for defense. So, maybe one level for every 10 player levels?

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / clan weaknesses

And….one day later, they buffed the clan counters.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / [Bug Reports]

Originally posted by Ethandidi:
Originally posted by lannlerie:
Originally posted by LindaYuan:
Originally posted by vutao:

i keep getting this kind of error over and over and over again, almost at the end of every fight, some times in the middle of the fight, and some times even when i heal my ninjas or i buy something, this is getting me really salty

yes, me too, plz plz plz fix it, thank you!


this constantly cost me a win, a relic, gold i gained, loots i earned, and i have to heal up my ninjas with my own gold. most of all, it is a fking waste of time! Just give me couple more of errors, i would be done with this game.

I’ve been getting this recently too….Please check on it someone.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / [suggestion] auto kick

I agree with LittleTrezla. I’m not a leader of my faction but there are times when people are busy. For example, my faction typically lands top 10 weekly but this week all of us fighters (yes, we have quite a divide in pvp fighters and assisters) had tests. It is unfortunate but loyalty is not something that should be given weekly. It is the thought that really counts. Not saying that a leader gone for a month should still be a leader but an auto kick feature doesn’t put the age of the person in your faction into account.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / it started costing money for a fight

My only concern is that no one will have that answer. Weapons, relics and hospital fees are SO much times more expensive that it doesn’t even bothered our eyes. Plus, Ninja War 2 is quite new in Kong. I doubt anyone maxed out blimp yet. I mean I’m ranked 48 in Level and i still haven’t got pass the lvl 3 blimp. So, eh?

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / it started costing money for a fight

@epatrick I don’t think what you said is true. Battle guardians don’t seem to cost any gold to fight. So you don’t pay to fight. I mean this whole thread implies pvp but we are forgetting that there exists ais too. LittleTrezla isn’t totally wrong.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / got tips?

Haha the one thing they didn’t fix from Ninja Warz 1 to 2. I mean now there is weaknesses so it prevents this a bit late game, but in the early stages, it can be said that it isn’t fixed.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Why Worry About 'End Game' Players?

I agree with Vegos actually. This is pointless. So what if there’s bugs? Are you born as a god-level programming brain? Nope. How you develop good games then? Experience. Why rage at a flash games. It’s a foundation for GREATER games.

As for the nerfs, only people who played earlier felt nerfs. I would call clash of clans a idle game. You wait for gold after like level 10 and basically log on once every few hours and you still be fine and without a full inventory. Why don’t you go and complain that that game is slow? But in this game, where you merely wait 10 minutes for 2 spells to come up, people are complaining. What are you expecting from a flash game? I mean there’s a reason why they are always grouped up on websites while the bigger, graphic intense games are not. They aren’t meant to be the best games.

I don’t mean this game is bad. I feel this is good for flash game standards of all the games I’ve played but people should really put less pressure on flash developers.

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Topic: Wartune / Major discrimination

Well, it’s pretty much hard to fix these problems cause all of us have a few ourselves.

For example, as an asian myself, I feel that the “ancient dragon” which was used to celebrate lunar new year is too short. It is also a disgrace to me because in my tradition, dragons are ruler of the four seas and also mythical beasts. Riding on them on lunar new year is a great disrespect towards dragons in my view.

So what I’m trying to say is, they can’t put everything in there.

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Topic: Wartune / Question: Sylph damage awakened

Yes, this is what we are all saying, including me in the number atm. A knight with __k matck and __k patck WILL have it all added to an awaken slyph.

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Topic: Wartune / Circuit Quests

I want to complain too….I got this 700 crypt token “get this item” quest….That’s literally a week of my hard work…..even for cashers it will be 1/2 a week….what the heck….

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Topic: Wartune / i dont recieve bought items !

Well, what is the time lapse between buying it and checking it?

There is a possiblity of a circuit quest using it up, if you did a circuit in between. If you are sure this didn’t happen…I guess you can send something to report this as a bug or glitch?

Edit: Oh, and please note, I’m only assuming it could happen. Circuits have tendency of eating up crypt items but i personally only accepted like 10 of them so….I’m not too sure of the chances of it being a ring.

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Topic: Wartune / Apo

Originally posted by capatheist:

because its supposed to have at least 2 other sylphs available. they all have types wich are weak and strong against each other. R2 in their ridiculously thinly veiled greed. would rather make a major cash event out of “the must have Apollo”. because it has no weakneses.
speculating but its likely that once they have squeezed Apollo for every last cent. they will introduce 1 of the other sylphs. and make a killing off that. probably not the dark one tho as that would ballence Apollo and might cost them a dollar…

and hockey… I have blue iris green iris and green pan, and I have beaten an all Apollo team in sylph arena (blue, and 2 whites)
but just because one extremely well levelled iris can survive certain apollos doesent mean its not overpowered as a whole.

There is 3 more types of slyphs that will be release so….It WILL have a weakness…we just have to be patient.

I think apollo is op when awakening though. Knights and archers, for example, can’t really “outheal” their damage.

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Topic: Wartune / Stun haters

I disagree. Leveling up is something non-cashers don’t do often if can be avoid. The reason behind this will be that usually the br has a big range. In my server, level 60s range from 30k br to about 80k br in server 2 east. So, to get to the point, seal is something that can mean a person killing someone who outdmgs the other. So, in theory, that person is in no way stronger then the other except in seal and you lose 400 honor for it. This is the reason for splitting BG in the first place. I’ve seen level 50s outbr level 60s by a few thousand br. They are perfectly capable of fighting higher level in some cases. But why do they complain too? There is no way of outsealing the latter.

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Topic: Wartune / How to Avoid getting Decor

I don’t see a point in this….decor will be able to be sold later…..and this doesn’t solve the problem for people who already have it….though it does mean that you can get rid of it by putting it into your guild vault and getting kicked from guild….It’s too much of a hassle tho

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Topic: Wartune / Colorful Decor

Well, I don’t care if they need balens to open…they need money afterall but not being able to sell it is another thing /: I’m glad other people noticed before i made a thread about it :P And if you need more tallying of people that are against not being able to sell it….+1 here :D

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Topic: Wartune / Bound Balens in Spire

Offtopic (kinda) opinion
Well, I’m a level 62 archer that is HUNGRY for balens….and I’ll consider myself as a high level. If one high level considers it as useful, I think more would. I’ll want to rephrase “at higher levels it is unnecessary and useless.”

Ontopic opinion
What other places can you get balens from? You must remember that this is now replacing vouchers that unlocked inventory slots and farm levels. They don’t drop in regular mps much and farms don’t give out balens anymore. So I guess to sum it up, I disagree

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Fantasy Wing Packs

because it’s a hot item. bound balens are mentioned when they are first released to be unable to buy hot items, vip trial cards, and a few other things.

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Topic: Wartune / Petition to reset GB.

Okay, I’m in server 2 and I totally understand what you are talking about. My guild is Fireheart, a level 7 guild, IN the top 8 because of the decline of the level 10 guilds. We TOTALLY have no chance. We only have 10 people 20k br+ and 2 are gone for months at a time. The top 2, another player and I, are only 60k and 40k respectively in br. Wonder what happens if we meet top 100 br people in GB, eh? /:

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Topic: Wartune / Gold Rush...

Well, I think the lost of wb is nothing because Adv. Gold Production makes up for the gold from wb. As for the daru, well that is a lost but like other people said, there’s slyphs and bound balens and to be serious, it increased my strength in battle more than the puny souls of dead people.