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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Attention Gamefuse: PLEASE CREATE A MUTE FUNCTION

Really its just a kid Skox77. Every day, he spams the chat with walls of text, and then spams with trumpets until he runs out. Every day. Multiple times a day.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Extremely Similar RotMG Clone for IOS/Android/PC/Mac

Ah so the sprites aren’t stolen? I saw this and thought the shady mobile app just stole them.

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Topic: Dream World / a big joke

Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

Dreamer, the goal of EVERY MMO game is to earn money. Just be glad you aren’t forced to pay £50+ a month, like in WoW.

Seriously? You compared a game that has been around for years to THIS “game”? A clicking time waster with graphics comparable to a Coleco vision game? Wry?

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

Wow I thought devourers were terrible cards that needed 1 earth to steal 1 dark a turn.. didn’t know they just auto-stole any kind.