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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Honestly, anybody can be great with anyone. I seriously just had to make an account and reply to this post after I heard peach was listed as one of the “worst” and Meta knight as #1
Here is footage of Meta Knight losing to Peach in a Japanese competition of Super Smash: Brawl. Peach: 2 \|/ Meta Knight 1.

(Btw these are the greatest SSB:B players in Japan, maybe the world)

Seriously, there is no “best” character or “worst” character. I also see that Olimar is bashed a lot for being the worst, if you can take advantage of his Grabs, he is one of the greatest On the ground characters,

(his grabs are very subtle and the retraction time when he misses the grab is near instant)

why he is so underrated is by far a mystery. However, in the tournament (video) the characters need to be great both in the air and on the ground or else the characters that are too advantageous on the ground will be destroyed by the characters advantageous in the air (vise verse, and this should be a gibbon) Therefore, Olimar is not so popular.

(Especially, since in tournaments there is absolutely no items (In Japan anyway))

I pop into these kinds of forums every now and again to get a good laugh, but I think this post + the video should make a deep enough point to say that all characters are good in their own way…..

But I hate ice-climbers, just saying.