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Topic: Blockade3D / [Blockade3D] Proposals and suggestions on the game. Your ideas.

A “not emthy” and, at best an “neither full nor emthy” filter for servers.
And yes, less pay to win

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

On Missions, when defeating an Enemy, the number of times i have to fight him doesn’t decrease.
Most recent against Little Susie Homewrecker (Unravelling the Upstarts). I Defeated her (with victory-screen and all) but the game didn’t account for it so i have to defeat her again

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / morale is a pain

I also think the way morale works is to hard.

I had a really good defence, and the loss of my 2 worst soldiers and my AAA would not have been a reason to run away.
I mean, if half of my battle-formation dies, and the ones left dont stand a chance, they shurely are ok to run, but if my two well trained machine-gunners, two bazooka-soldiers and one of my officers would have stayed, the fight would not have been a problem