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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Auto "Buy Max" for Idle players

If you still think the idea is good then post it here since this is where the devs will see it.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Anchient Ideas*

Always post your Ancient ideas here since this is mainly where the devs look for the user input on the game

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Proposal For New Ancient

Bit late of a reply but be sure to post the idea here

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Rubies

Originally posted by tistrue:

TrostNi, that’s not the point though. The rubies give people an advantage because they can get gilds just by getting enough clickables. Here you have to pay real money. You can’t see how much it sucks to be missing out on that boost?

Then they have to have some sort of downside that we see as a plus. Probably something with the free guilds we get I would assume since i don’t play it on their site.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / lost progress

Export the save file and move it to a flash drive. I have major save files and documents on a flash drive on my key ring at all times. Other than that, sorry for the loss.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is using an Autoclicker cheating?

It’s basically cheating and also heavily frowned upon to admit to using/go “here’s one [insert link here]”.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Few small suggestions

Cool idea but just remember, if you didn’t post it there already, to post your suggestions here


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / next update idea's

Hey just remember, if you didn’t already, to post your idea here cause community suggestions are easier to see when complied in a one place :p

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bug: Respec Ancients Text

Hey guys be sure to report the bug here cause then maybe they’ll add some fun messages in or something idk xD

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Corrupt a Wish: CH Edition

Guys this thread is fun and all but don’t do such long quotes of a post. It’s an eye sore. That’s why i’ve been removing them.


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Empty Save File

Guys, we don’t like it when you link save files or say “hey I can give you one”, due to various reasons like cheating or fun things hidden in it, in public chat or the forums. If you have to do these things please use private messages.


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / So. What is your thoughts on the use of Auto Clickers?

We consider it heavily frowned upon and would like for you not to:
1) link them
2) say things like “Guys go use one cause reasons!”

Thanks guys and merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/other holiday/Praising Talos Day

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MFW all the kids seem mad over nothing and should just move on cause this is pointless

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Topic: Kongregate / My personal opinion, Administrators are making Moderators handle trolls on chat rooms sort of wrong.

Originally posted by HeyAllHowAreYou:

Oh 1 other thing I would like to point out. I honestly think Moderators should try to befriend trolls and get on their good sides.

I would rather not be friends with the troll who kept threatening me with getting his entire Roblox clan to kill me IRL for about 3-5 months every single day(more or less).

Your logic is saying every guy that comes in and just says “FU loser” or whatever to everyone I should try and befriend when that reasoning will not work with all them. Some trolls need a smack on the head(or to be smashed into the ground case depending(yay for not making myself look good :p)) and not some buddy to talk to. Some people see a shiny M and refuse to listen because authority figures are meanies or something. So what should I do? Make a billion alts and say “I’m not Bacon, I’m Pig.”? Then pull the twist that pig=bacon and blow their mind?

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Topic: Kongregate / My personal opinion, Administrators are making Moderators handle trolls on chat rooms sort of wrong.

“mods should leave the troll alone”
Okay so if I see spam, porn links, or blatant insults I should just let them be? I mean the rest of the room is ignoring them so it’s fine right?
No, it’s not fine. It’s still rule breaking and it still needs to be dealt with. Oh here’s another reason it’s not in whispers: what if they mute the mod? No more whispers can be seen so it has to be moved to public chat. I have been muted before and some people do just mute the mod right away cause they have some major problem with authority figures.

Now while if everyone is ignoring the troll 99% of the time the troll goes away in about 2-5 minutes due to lack of feeding and in those cases I do not warn. In the case in which you are referring to(yes I know what you’re talking about boi :p) you guys WERE talking to him and he WAS breaking rules but because you and the other user were having a conversation on the side I should’ve warned in whispers instead so that conversation wouldn’t have been disrupted is what you tried to tell me then and what you’re saying now but you’re making it a much larger issue because it upset you personally.

IIRC whisper warnings are used in the Live Events(even though they only get one if any) because there’s SO much going on that it’s more effective that way, normal Kong rooms do not have that much going on so there’s no need to do something like that, imo.

/end rant

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Mobile Apps

I think I saw them tease on twitter about making the game as a mobile app(not sure if that’s already out or not and too lazy to check).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Click 35 times in 1 second?

Originally posted by Carnivor:

Саня, берёшь скилл энерджайз (цифра 8), затем нажимаешь первый скилл (автоклик) и получаешь 20 щелчков в секунду. остальные 15 ложатся на твой напряжённый палец))

For anyone wondering/too lazy to go out and translate, Carnivor basically said that you use Energize and clickstorm and do the rest yourself.

Some people talk about lagging the computer or something but I haven’t really tried lol.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ummmmm

Originally posted by Sankok:
Originally posted by nerfgunz42:

I was playing a hacked version of this and I kept on upgrading the very last hero (after frostleaf) and I got NAN click damage and NAN gold…?

So don’t play hacked versions.


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Android app

Apparently there’s a copy cat game on Apple which will probably be taken down and the devs have hinted at the game coming to mobile

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Topic: Off-topic / MNIN permabans me after saying i was 10 even though I'm 14

Don’t go around messing with that stuff then. It’s a serious law that Kong takes super cereal.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / main menu problem

Try refreshing the game and closing anything else you have open that could cause you to lag. If it continues to not show up then comment here about it.

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Topic: Kongregate / History of myself on Kongregate

Joined Kong back in 2008 when this guy who hasn’t been on in forever and I barely talk to IRL anymore showed me this site one day for a game. Started playing more games on here and eventually made an account because I saw shiny badges.

I basically room jumped a lot and settled in Rip City at some point. Made some good friends there and only barely keep in touch with one person from there now. The rest seemed to have moved on or come on once in a blue moon. Around when their decline started, I began room jumping again.

This time is when I found General and stayed there for a bit made a few friends back in late 2012 when I got back a good bit of my activity after a break from working/school. Got my M there in 2013, which was a surprise for me. Our RO had been demodded for some reasons and an old global reg came back to mod and take the room. Still hard to believe i’ve been there so long and held the M this long too.

A few months ago I wondered into The Lair for a few reasons, became a regular there and eventually ended up becoming a mod for there as well. Met some good people there as well and I keep in touch with a few of them outside of Kong too. I don’t go there as much as I should.

Even shorter time ago I would visit Entropic Delirium to say hi to see what the big fuss was about. I also ended up going to Gluttony for a short time just because the name reminded me about how much I eat food. Then ended up in Hello World or more like was dragged there by a certain someone. Lurked there for a bit and became kind of active and eventually became a mod there too and I help out their newest mod whenever I see him on. I still don’t consider myself a regular there though.

I ended up having my soul taken by the game Clicker Heroes and was asked to mod it when it got chat rooms so now I browse their forums all the time and tab over to the chat a lot when i’m playing. Mainly hang out in Room 12 there and I enjoy it.

Note 1: I’m a huge nerd boring so don’t bother me(looking at you person who keeps asking me about if i’m going to own certain rooms :p)
Note 2: I do stuff (self bump screw you bumping haters I WANT TO SHOW THE WORLD I DO STUFF KINDA WELL BADLY)
Note 3: ????
Note 4: Profit

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New Ancient Ideas (collecting Ancient suggestions)

Hey guys I like the idea of this thread and all just as a nice place to compile all the new ancient ideas. Also, props to Telperinquar for doing this, thought about making it for awhile just never got around to it.

I’d also like to remind everyone that these should also go in the suggestion thread as well.

I saw that this should also be stickied and I thought I remember being told there was a limit of 5(preferred) but I’m not 100% sure of that. Once I get some feedback i’ll sticky this.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Request/Suggestion: Change Gold gained in past 60sec

Just remember to post all suggestions here thanks :)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Forme, The Ancient of Hoarding

Please post here next time you want to do this and if you want a more in depth discussion try making one giant thread with all the ideas. 7 separate threads in such a short period of time isn’t good. Thank you.