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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud & Blood 2] Wtf moments
Squad: Mortar, Sniper, EPIC Officer, 2 Spec ops, Engie, Siggy, Soldier, 1-2 Medics.
First tank comes down. Me: “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK, AIRSTRIKEQUICK!” Airstrike takes out tank. Me: “YESSSS!” Troop transport+1 More tank+Regular wave guys. Me: “NO! SHIT FUCK! AIRSTRIKE AGAIN!” Airstrike: “Oh, you wanted me to take out this grenader?” Me: “NO! NO I DIDN’T! FUCK!” I try two more times and both times hit dinky targets, then the tank shoots at my left trench killing my EPIC Officer causing everyone to flee except my sniper and spec ops, by this time the engie was dead along with the medic.
Squad: Meh, the halftrack is all that mattered that turn, I had basic+Engie and Officer
Suddenly, ARTY! Aw… alright, everybody move to the top! Oh shit… whoops there goes everyone but my medic, Officer, and my halftrack, oh well, at least no one ran. Five seconds later Finally! It’s over! Game: “Nope!” ARTY BLITZ! Me: “FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKWHAT?!” Halfway through the blitz: “German’s changed tactics” OH THANK GOD! 12-14 infiltrator machine gunners appear on the sides of my screen and a cannon comes down with a troop transport Me: “MOTHER FUCK! OH GOD WE’RE ALL FUCKED!” Canon instantly blows up my Halftrack w/Anti-tank addition Me: “NO! NOOOOO! NO GOD NO PLEASE NO!”
The aftermath. I tried to get 3 spec ops up but there were too many people slipping past and I just lost to overrun.