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Topic: General Gaming / [Closed] XCOM: Enemy Unknown Giveaway [or 600 Kreds]

Best video game moment is beating the Original Resident Evil (directors cut) with just the combat knife. So much pride.

As far as XCom goes. I always had a couple of scout teams. And then three people in full alien flying armor with all the best everything, just sitting in the middle of the mission. They would wind up having 120% chance to hit with snap shots, it was just silly. Me and my brothers still joke to this day about how it is possible to miss your target as badly as those guys did.

One day, I plan on beating the original XCom on the hardest difficulty (with the unofficial patches). Have tried it a couple of times, and there are just too many alien bases. You can’t kill them all! And then you get attacked every other week. Its rather painful.

Thank for the giveaway, and appreciating the classic games.