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Topic: General Gaming / I need help on Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The last quest you need is in the ice area, it’s from the girl with a red flower in her hair on the screen just south of the first npc area. It gives pizza/meat/bacon so that won’t really help with your other problems

Not sure about the missile or star powder, when I played through I didn’t really pay much attention to where they came from.

That last ? medal you have is for eating a hamburger in combat.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] Glitches/Bugs

Originally posted by Soldiergeneral64:

Yea I am sure because i was able to delete a number and made sure the cursor was in the box. More importantly I still can’t get into the game. An advertisement stays on screen or a video advertisement is shown and when finished leaves a black screen where the game should be loading.
Completely solves one of your problems. Probably solves the other as well.