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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Make the website responsive.

Originally posted by adv0catus:

2. Allows for perfect viewing from any device. Whether this is a monitor, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.

I’m anti-signing, because as a PC user I know that’s not true (unless we have different definitions of ‘perfect’). I can’t think of a single site I use that has switched to a responsive design that looks as good on a big screen as it did before.

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Topic: General Gaming / What do you want in Learn to Fly 3

An extra stage and boost slot? Or if you fancy something a bit different… a drill mode, where you get fired backwards into the ground with double resistance.

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Topic: Kongregate / How did you find Kong? What's your story?

First became aware of the site when they stuck adverts on the original Desktop TD (when it lived on its own site), then had the group creeps renamed ‘Kongregate Kreeps’. That only lasted a few days because it made lots of players say very horrible things, but it gave me a negative opinion of Kongregate.

Anyway, some time after that, late 2008, I was on a tower defence game site and saw you could get achievements on one of the games if you played it on Kongregate. I had a bit of residual dislike left over from the DTTD adverts but eventually gave in and made an account here.

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Topic: Kongregate / I don't really like the kongpanion system.

I wouldn’t say personal dislike/difficulty is a fault in the system, but the inclusion of Unity games is. Some people can’t play them at all, while some can play them but the achievements don’t register – and by the time you send the missing badge request, it’s the next day and you won’t get the bonus.

That is, assuming Unity games are still included. They might have been taken out a while back and I didn’t notice…

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Topic: Kongregate / Which game on Kongregate would make the best movie?

Syfy could do wonderful things with The Visitor.

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Topic: Kongregate / How to report a moderator?

Given that he appears to work for the developer, it looks like the game doesn’t want a Kong forum anymore…

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Topic: Kongregate / Have you completed any impossible badges?

I’ve only got six:

Dino Run
Mardek 3
Balloon Invasion 2
Meat Boy
Pandemic 2

None of the high-skill ones… lack the focus/ability for those.

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Topic: Technical Support / [Resolved?] Serious issue: Game updates rolled back after maintenance

Originally posted by Dreamjuice:
Originally posted by LouWeed:

Just wondering when this is going to be fixed
At the moment none of the games listed here load
They all either get stuck on a black screen, or kongbot appears in the game window complaining about how he can’t find the page I’m looking for
All I really do on this site is try out new games so it’s basically broken at the moment

The issue should be resolved now, and I’m able to load the games on that page. Would you kindly give it another shot and let me know if it works?

Still happening to me on Reach the Core

Edit: Ah, seems to be working OK now.

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Topic: Kongregate / What do you think about ingame ads?

I’ve never seen such an advert, but I probably wouldn’t mind what you describe. As long as I could decide when it played.

Originally posted by Tulrog:

What annoys me are reward-for-facebook-like ads. Pretty much useless to anyone without a facebook account and I feel a bit scammed by those. After all I am still exposed to the ad but get nothing in return.

If they’re in Kong games, just click them anyway. You don’t have to like/follow them to get the reward, all you have to do is click the button.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The term "Cis"

“I’ve got a fork here.”
“You mean a cis-fork?”
“A what?”
“Well it was a fork when it came out of the factory, wasn’t it?”
“And it identifies itself as a fork now?”
“I imagine so.”
“Well then. Seriously, you need to go on an awareness course to learn to respect the feelings of forks that used to be spoons.”

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Topic: Kongregate / The Holidays

Originally posted by RPNeo:
Originally posted by NeilSenna:

Everyone who sends Kongregate a Christmas present already gets that.


Kongregate only gives presents to people who give it presents. Not really fair to expect it to just give without receiving anything in return.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Holidays

Everyone who sends Kongregate a Christmas present already gets that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Old Forgotten but Fun games MUST come back.

Colourshift is a good oldie.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

I’d provide funding to build new, modern social housing on currently underutilised brownfield and carefully selected greenfield sites… having asked local councils what they need. Then I’d offer 80% to existing social housing tenants, and the rest to homeless. The remaining homeless could then move into the older social stock vacated by the previous existing tenants.

Ideally I’d end up with enough to have a housing surplus. Wouldn’t make them free, although with housing benefit, they effectively would be to those with a real need.

Then I’d ask my army of flunkies to sort out some accounts to pay for it and write the remaining 30 pages of this post aimed at addressing the causes of homelessness…

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Topic: Kongregate / Popular games you don't like

Sonny games
Bloons TD games
Papa games
Fancy Pants
Idle games
90% of point and clicks
And MMOs.

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Topic: Kongregate / Favorite, Play, Delete (#2): Popular Games!

Favourite Enchanted Cave 2
Play Kingdom Rush
Delete Bloons TD 5

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Changes In News

Originally posted by Kasic:

Lastly, what happened to climate change? I haven’t seen or heard anything about it in the news recently, for or against. The last thing I can recall is a short blurb about the ice in the Antarctic growing (totally expected from global warming and predicted over 70 years ago, btw), which normally would have been big news.

Apathy, I think. People got so used to hearing the same old stuff over and over that a lot of them, I imagine, have very little interest in hearing even more of it, so it’s not a topic most news companies are going to chase and push because their goal is engagement and pulling in readers. The Antarctica story would have been big news during the ‘climate change craze’ when everyone was talking about it a while back, but now it’s almost a ‘specialist’ science story… a bit like a close asteroid flyby or a volcanic eruption 5,000 miles away. It might make the headlines on a slow news day, but on a normal day there’ll be more ‘interesting’ stories to report and it’ll get shunted aside.

That, and I suppose most climate change stuff isn’t really ‘news’ these days. The Earth is getting warmer… we know. We’re having an impact… we know (well, most of us do). Sea levels will rise a bit, habitats will be affected, polar bears will spend more time swimming… everyone knows. So no one bothers to tell us those things any more.

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Topic: Kongregate / Gods of Arena

Was a decent timewaster, shame about the stubborn sponsor…

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Topic: Kongregate / Are you more likely to rate a game you love or hate?

Hate, probably. But I try to always rate ones I love too… it’s more the middle-ground games that miss out with me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Business like government

You’ve really nailed the ‘disgrunted reader of ideologically biased regional newspaper who sends in letters once a week’ thing.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What conspiracy's do you believe?

Don’t have anything to add to the OP (one I’ve never heard before, and I didn’t the US had that many arabic citizens anyway). As for the ones I believe…

I don’t subscribe to any of the most common conspiracy theories, and while I don’t necessarily believe an awful lot of what governments say on any topic, I can’t think of any belief I have which falls under the banner of a ‘conspiracy theory’.

So I’m rather boring so far as this topic is concerned… or maybe I just don’t like to see myself as a tinfoil hat guy.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why is Kongregate charging VAT?

As far as I can tell, the EU or UK government fiddled with something at the start of the year… VAT ‘place of supply’ for digital goods is now based on the location of the consumer, not the business. Or something like that.

Whatever it is, it means it’s a legal obligation and they have to do it.

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Topic: General Gaming / What game is this?

Remnants of Skystone? I think that was steampunky in some way.

If so, it died.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is treating everyone equally actually right?

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

I don’t really understand your concern, Neil. Are you saying that we don’t have data that substantiates racism?

No. Again, even after reading my post from every possible angle, I have no idea how you reached that conclusion.

Edit: I was going to leave it at that but for the purpose of reclarification…

Your post up there ^ implied that because the white girl was white, had a certain type of family with a certain level of income, summer camps, makeup and clothes, and the black girl did not, that the black girl ‘had to travel further’ to reach the same position. That her achievement was greater.

I said that without knowing absolutely everything about each of their lives (and each of their personalities), we have no way of knowing which of the two ‘had to travel further’. Therefore I believe that awarding the position to the black girl using the factors you mentioned alone would be making a decision on the futures of those two girls based on an incomplete picture.

And I’d consider that to be an injustice. Of course the level of racial discrimination that exists in the US (to a greater extent, I understand, than it does where I live) is its own injustice… but I don’t like the idea of swapping one injustice for another.

It’s funny how quick people can be to point out injustices done to White people.

Make them both white, make them both black. It would still be an injustice to the one who loses out.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is treating everyone equally actually right?

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

You mean the assumption that life in America is harder for Black people than it is for White people?

No… and I’m unsure how you reached that response from what I wrote.

The assumption that, in a situation with hundreds, maybe thousands of factors, a mere three or so can be used to determine whose achievement is greater.