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Topic: Serious Discussion / Issues and Characterizations

Using a highly unscientific study (my Facebook account and observing discussions on forums/comment sections), the stuff that tends to provoke the fiercest arguments and worst insult-hurling are immigration, abortion, state benefits, animal testing and religion (especially Islam at the moment, but locally others).

I believe it’s generally because people can very easily adopt highly extreme and emotionally driven viewpoints on those topics, with those holding the extreme viewpoints coming together in a form of tribalism, creating a state of war with those in the opposing ‘tribe’.

Almost like supporters of rival sporting teams.

Many other topics don’t have the potential to create such deep divisions and widespread, open support for both sides (crucial in this instance because even with a strong view on the topic, most people seem unwilling to voice it unless they feel at least some of their peers will agree with them) for the various viewpoints. Or at least, that’s how I see it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Black Lives Matter

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

For discussion:

• Is Black Lives Matter on point with its message? What IS its message, as you interpret it?

In part, “we think people of our colour are victimised because of their colour”. In part, "we want an excuse to be angry with [insert person/organisation in power] because many of us involved in the formation and running of this organisation want to take the easy option of just finding someone to blame’.

I think the former is the one they actually want to put across and to some degree they’re right. I don’t live in the US and have only a limited understanding of the issues, but they sound broadly similar to those faced by ‘minorities’ all over the world. Those issues are fact, discrimination of varying degrees does exist, and I’m broadly supportive of a group fighting against that.

But they’re also a bit too heavy on the whole ‘everything is racist, nothing is the fault of the individual’ thing. Like in their demands, “We will call on the office of US attorney general Eric Holder to release the names of all officers involved in killing black people within the last five years, both while on patrol and in custody, so they can be brought to justice – if they haven’t already.”

The group lives in a country with an armed police force which, unfortunately, tends to shoot a lot of people who are committing crimes. That’s what the society is and often in that society it’s justified.

But rather than looking to deal with the bad apples whose actions go over the top when dealing with criminals of all colours, they want to go after ALL police officers involved in any death, including the good ones. Oh no, sorry, all the police officers involved in a black death. Shot a white guy or an asian? No problem. Carry on, officer.

That strikes me as extremist, self-centred and moronic and leaves me with a rather dim view of the group.

• What are white peoples’ responsibilities and appropriate roles in race-based movements?

Depends on the movement and the individual, but as a white person I wouldn’t have any difficulty being part of a black-dominated movement if I agreed with the cause.

But I can’t see it ever happening because I don’t like race-based movements. Looking at what I’ve seen of such groups over the last 20 or so years, it seems like all they serve to do is push a greater divide between people and further enforce the unhealthy ‘us and them’ mentality which creates all the trouble in the first place.

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Topic: Kongregate / Reset Progress for a Game?

Depends on the game.

For games where the progress is stored on your own computer (most of them on here), I’d have thought deleting the relevant save file from your computer would do the trick.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Mana Farm Layout

Originally posted by simkin:
I keep the secondary gems 3-4 levels behind the maingem so they are inexpensive to replace with new ones when I take them out and combine with the primary. Generally something like primary at 70 and 4x secondaries at 67, combined they make a 69, upgrade once and combine with the primary for a 71. The resulting primary is significantly stronger (due to the increased hitcount) than if I had just straight-up upgraded it.

Ah, hadn’t thought of the combining trick, will try that one, thanks! I normally have 6-8 3b1r, lower-grade gems at the start of the level hit-farming for my kill gem in the later stages, but never thought to do it with my primary farmer.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Mana Farm Layout

Originally posted by cdirtbiker:

Hey what map tile is favored by you guys for this? what wizard level where you when you started being able to do this(or the min level that can?)

I prefer maps where you can funnel all the monsters into a single train as early as possible, with space to build a clear, straight road of at least 5 traps with full complement of amplifiers as close to the start of the level as you can. My record mana was on I5, but you can do it on just about every level.

Any wizard level can do it, with the right skills and gems available.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Mana Farm Layout

Did a little test and the end result was quite similar. Didn’t quite last as long as normal into endurance mode (unraged monsters at e35 killed me, usually e38+) and the single gem didn’t reach the grade I normally get a few leechers to (nor did my kill gem)… but the run took about a quarter of the time I normally spend maintaining a full path, so single gem seems to have a massively better XP/time spent ratio.

Edit: Tried an alternative, one primary gem with three other farmers and a killer. By far the best I’ve ever done (doubled my max XP), so maybe a middle ground works best.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Mana Farm Layout

I was wondering, regarding XP/mana farms…

Most guides I read seem to favour a single farming gem, but I came up with my own method before I’d seen the guides – rather than one leeching gem, I end up with a path of 20-60 black-orange-red, ending with a kill gem. Sometimes with red/blues in there too to slow the monsters over the farming traps.

Seems to work for me, and I’d have thought 2000+ hits from slightly lower-level farming gems would be better than 2-3 from a single higher level one… but I rarely see anyone else who does what I do.

I probably won’t change my ways but was wondering if anyone had done a lot of farming with each method and had any thoughts on which was best?

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Topic: Kongregate / Hardest Earned Badge

Probably Balloon Invasion Impossible, as you have to spend a lot of time doing it and be bored senseless for every single second.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / X7 glaring

Never noticed a 100% mana burn, ouch…

Not sure I can be of any help on specifics as I don’t know what gems are available without pouch, but do you destroy all the destroyable nests? Assuming you block the path to the orb immediately to its right, I’d say leaving the four rightmost nests intact would be a good move. That way (as far as I understand it) four-fifths of the monsters would spawn over there and have a longer route to the orb, rather than (if all are destroyed) half of them having a very short route.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Best Gem?

For mana, I like 4 parts orange, 1 red, 3 black. Kills, replace the orange with yellow.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / X7 glaring

I’ve got the pouch so not sure how many of the same things you have available, but my normal ‘starting’ tactic is 4 parts orange, 1 part red, 3 part white gems in the traps, with four part yellow, 1 part red, 3 part white in tower/s. Or switch white for black if white isn’t available (and get rid of white for black after grade 30).

Enraging early waves for cheap extra mana/hits is always good, so would keep doing that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Filtering out tags?

Can’t see them ever letting people filter out their primary source of income.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Path to Peace

Removal of resource competition is an easy one but we’d also need to get rid of deep-seated ideologies. That would be all religions, all political beliefs and all national feelings.

Could have 100 planets and all resources could be created at will out of thin air, but it won’t create peace if Group A thinks everyone in Group B worships the wrong god and they all deserve to die, or if Group C considers Group D to be profiteering scum who have to be eradicated, or if Planet E thinks Planet F is run by idiots who’d be better off replaced by their own leaders…

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Topic: Kongregate / Pay 2 Win games

Originally posted by ludoking:

I just want to ask Kong’ why ?

Kong’s a business and such games make them money. That’s pretty much it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Hyperthetical: The Honesty Room

My parents? Nothing at all – I’m perfectly content with the way I am, the way they are and how I feel about them… and confident they have no secret or hidden truth I’d have any interest in knowing.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Topic of the Day: Manimals

We evolved to a point where we can do whatever we want with them so it’s entirely our call.

One side of the argument is that we have no particular responsibility, need or whatever to keep any animal alive, stop it going extinct or becoming endangered unless the absence of that animal would have a negative impact on human lives. If it doesn’t affect my species, I don’t care. That’s the way an ‘unintelligent’ animal would think and if we were to behave ‘like animals’ that’s what we’d do… and what we did until very recently.

And if someone has that viewpoint it’s understandable I suppose.

But as we’re a civilised, intelligent and relatively stable species I think side two, which is that we do have a responsibility to maintain ecosystems other than our own, is the right one. Great power, great responsibility, etc…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Topic of the day: News Medias

Originally posted by Aquawolf:

So when the riots in Baltimore broke out alot of medias received critics for only showing the violent rioters, instead of the rioters doing a peacefull demonstration.

So do you kongreans think that the media intentionally are “controlling” our mindset by showing us the information “they want us to see”, since we have the technology that makes it easy to manipulate film/photos to hit us emotionally.

Or is it just because violence gives more watchers than peace does.

Do you think the media has to much space to do what they please, and should their freedom be regulated.

Well in the example you gave, a violent riot is potentially worldwide news, whereas a peaceful protest might make the 23rd page of a local weekly newspaper. The rest of the country/world has their own peaceful protests to ignore, they don’t need someone else’s beamed into their living rooms.

A riot? Nice and scary and different and interesting because they don’t happen in their thousands every day.

As for whether the media are “controlling” what they show… of course, and while a drop of intelligent opinion isn’t a bad thing it’s the exception rather than rule. Ideally it’d be nice to stop such control, but if you regulate the media you just end up with someone else controlling it. Probably politicians, and that’s even worse…

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Topic: Kongregate / [Split Test] New homepage design

Actually, now I’ve seen them side-by-side, the new one is substantially more crap than the old one.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Split Test] New homepage design

I tend to hate anything that looks like it was done to cater to touchscreens, which this does. So I hate it.

But the old layout was crap too, so it’s no big deal.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How old do you want to be when you die?

For as long as my mind and body remain sufficiently healthy to allow me to live the life I want to.

So probably not extreme old age, unless full body regeneration or consciousness transfer is invented some time soon.

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Topic: Kongregate / Selling out?

Been happening for years.

Though I wouldn’t say ‘selling out’… more ‘behaving as a business aiming to make money should behave’. If some idiot is going to spend $500 to repeatedly acquire a bar full of little orange pixels that let him click ‘fight dragon’ or whatever over and over again, any sensible business would exploit him.

Unfortunate for users who just want to play decent games without being bombarded with games designed for paying players… but Kong isn’t a charity.

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Topic: Kongregate / "Newly" Published

I believe the reason last time this came up is that there’s nowhere else on the homepage for the people in charge to place games they wish to highlight (microtransaction games), so they have to use hot new games for it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Mobile, how do I fill out the form?

Email with either what you wrote there ^ or a link to this thread. No guarantee a staff member will see stuff on the forum.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Game: Room 101

The UK TV show seems to be about maximum rage over minimum inconvenience, so…


You book a train ticket with a reserved seat because you want to sit with friends/next to a window/on the shaded side/at a table/as far away from the toilet as possible/other reason, then get onto said train at appointed time and place and… someone’s sat in your seat.

They then bitch and whine about being asked to move, sometimes refusing to until the inspector comes and threatens to kick them off, because it’s obviously someone else’s fault I bothered to book a ticket and they ignored the big ‘RESERVED’ sign on the back of the seat and the little display screen above the seat flashing with ‘RESERVED’.

Those people. But you’ll probably open Room 101 and one of the ****ers will already be sat in there.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Split Test] Wide Feature Roll!

Originally posted by rinky999:

What I would like to know is, how did Kong sold/misled this idea to their shareholders, and does Kong really believe they are as stupid as we are?

It’s designed to push users towards microtransaction and ‘social’ games by allowing flashy graphical displays of said games which entice passers-by and highlighting the ‘friends’ aspect of the site… which is what their ‘shareholders’ want, so they’d be delighted and wouldn’t feel stupid at all.