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Topic: Serious Discussion / is feminism becoming an excuse for women to be sexist

As in any movement which advocates the advancement of one group at the inevitable expense of another, there’ll be ‘members’ who take it a step further and hide behind it while giving voice to their dislike, hatred or whatever of the other group.

But I don’t think feminism is ‘becoming’ that, nor do I feel that has ever been its primary purpose. Only that some of the people involved, and some onlookers, are confusing feminism with misandry.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I'm curious, how meny of you will become boiled frogs?

Originally posted by Kasic:

It’s not even a myth, it’s simply untrue. A frog won’t stay in a pot of water as it boils. I just didn’t reference it because it isn’t relevant to what he’s trying to say.

True, just needed something extra to shove on the end of my post so I wasn’t just writing ‘I agree’. One-sentence responses upset me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I'm curious, how meny of you will become boiled frogs?

Originally posted by Kasic:

Were you raised by conservatives in home school, or did you attend a private school? The reason I ask is because everything you’ve said here is common knowledge (taught in public schools) and is by no means “hidden” or otherwise surprising in any way.

I was going to say that. But I was going to add that the boiled frog thing was a myth.

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Topic: Kongregate / Memohuntress game & badge removed

Didn’t realise which game that was… now I know, I’m quite sad.

Still available elsewhere if you Google it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Black Backgrounds?

Not a fan. I assume this is the right place to give my negative feedback…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Christians and Atheists have one thing in common.

As a lifelong believer in unicorns who is sick of all the narrow-minded Acornists telling me they’re not real, I wholeheartedly agree.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Would there be slaves if it weren't for general laziness?

Originally posted by 90guy:

Personally, I am okay with some sorts slavery. It shouldn’t just be people dragged from Africa. I believe that criminals could work their sentence as slaves. Even now the imprisoned can do community service, but it is rather small things. The way the jail system works now kind of bothers me. If you are out on the street starving you can just break the law and get caught. In jail you are supplied with three meals a day and shelter. I am slightly concerned that this may promote criminal action.

It does, to a degree.

But putting convicts to work as slaves would create a labour force which couldn’t be competed with, which might in turn create greater unemployment and lead to even more crime…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Direct Democracy

I wouldn’t trust the general public to run me a bath, much less a country.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I have a religious obligation to wear a colander on my head!

Pretty much agree with what Vika wrote, that it should represent what he looks like when he’s driving.

But I’m mostly posting to say I think the guy is a bit of an attention-seeking tit.

One of the few things more irritating than someone who won’t shut up about their religion is someone who won’t shut up about their lack of one.

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Topic: Kongregate / Sometimes Kongregate does scare me...

Beiber is 20… so there’s really nothing wrong with what the chap said. Unless your complaint is about the content of what he said, and not who said it.

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Topic: Kongregate / how do i only buy 100 kreds?

Could be a split test to see if they can cajole people into spending more money by removing the $10 option?

Then in a month or so they’ll have received ‘great feedback’ and will roll it out to everyone.

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Topic: Kongregate / Ideas For Badges and Quests

A Chicken Quest. There are 12 hens in the Bluebell Farm henhouse. One of them lays three eggs a day. If Kongregate can encourage them all to lay two eggs per day, they’d have enough to take with them on a quest to hurl 24 eggs a day at people whose threads make baby Jesus cry.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate pet-peeves

Lack of Recently Played Games on the homepage.

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Topic: Kongregate / Homepage stuff/Recently Played Games

Fairly obvious it’s just another spot to plug MMOs/premium games.

Think we’’re talking to a brick wall, though…

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Topic: Kongregate / You've been given 1 million dollars to donate to any Kongregate game developer.

Virgil/Whiteboardwar, creator of the Creeper World games. Makes top quality full indie games, but also throws out great free versions of them.

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Topic: Kongregate / I only have a few days left at Kongregate

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Topic: Kongregate / KG cheats developers

This thread should be a Kongpanion.

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Topic: Kongregate / KG cheats developers

Originally posted by cop2077:

The split between Kongregate and the developer is not 60/40 since it depends how much you integrated KG is in your game. However, Kongregate doesn’t have the amount of users to make it profitable since the game only can appear on KG if you get a 60/40 deal. In other words the profit for the developer will be extremely low compared if he ad ads and distribute it all over the internet.

So upload it non-exclusive. You’ll make more than you would have made had you not uploaded it.

Many of you have written that ads are not allowed which is described in the terms and conditions. Well if ads are not allowed on KG how come there is a video ad playing before each game and there are google ads all over the site?

You really expect them to provide you with a free platform to upload your games, free promotion just by being on the site, orders of magnitude more players than you’d have got had you not uploaded it, and let you cheapen the value of their own on-site advertising space by shoving your own adverts in games?

One can only imagine your parents said ‘yes’ when you asked for a pony when you were younger.

cause Kongregate wants to make money but they won’t let the developer make money.

And yet, developers do make money.

And the people who think a developer will use a month or more to develop a great game and make like 3 dollars from it a month must be more than naive. A developer would change some things in the game like enemies, levels, items etc and post the same game in a different form. I mean nobody would use another month to develop a brand new game only to make another 3 dollars a month. If the gamers in here want great game it should pay off for the developer, cause nobody wanna develop great games for free.

Great games tend to bring in more than $3. Far more. Shit ones, on the other hand…

But in fairness, if all a developer makes is mediocre stuff that brings in $3 a month or less, re-skins are a far better idea financially than wasting time on a new game. So I agree with you on that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Whens the last time you were silenced??

Years ago, made an alt to jokingly insult someone for some reason, mod didn’t get the joke. Think that was the only time.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is lunacy as American as apple pie?

From the outside looking in, I see it as a sort of pride, and a refusal to allow others to tell them what to do… or be perceived as following the crowd.

There’s also the fact the country developed with a totally different culture towards so many things. It was pretty much a continent, whereas Europe was a collection of small countries usually having wars. Americans had a totally different way of life to the one that developed elsewhere.

The historic attitude towards stuff like guns, religion, transport, the importance of the individual, the back seat taken by the state in peoples’ lives, is wildly different to the European attitude.

These feelings are entrenched and can’t be easily changed… and as much as I favour the ‘European’ way, who am I to say they should be changed?

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Topic: Kongregate / Rate ALL THE GAMES

It’s not rage-inducing enough to going to tempt me to go elsewhere, but it definitely irritates me a little.

Especially when you keep revisiting a game (I like just doing one level at a time on some games), and it seems to think ’I’ll rate this later’ means ‘please bug me to rate this game every single time I play it’.

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Topic: General Gaming / Why?

The game makers removed the Kong version because they wanted it on Facebook only.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badges to Unity games

Unity BOTDs make me cry too… I can play them, but they never report the fact I’ve earned the badge, so BOTDs never work for me on them.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New Homepage Game Categories

Originally posted by joe1017:

Haven’t written one of these in awhile, but we’re still continuously updating the site, it’s just more background stuff right now. Some of you may have noticed that they are now seeing a Mobile Games and a Notable Games pod on the Homepage now. We had a split test running and since it did fairly well,

Despite people complaining about losing the Recently Played category, one of the new categories being totally pointless to anyone not using a mobile device and the other being perplexingly useless to just about everyone, and seemingly little more than another slot to plug MMOs and premium games.

It also means the last user-centric navigation option on the homepage has gone. It’s now entirely ‘we want you to go here’…

How about doing an update that assists users in going to the places they want to go to, rather than just adding stuff that lets you send them where you want them to go?

Or allowing us to customise some areas of our homepages?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / could aborted fetuses really solve the energy crisis?

Originally posted by thijser:

The average new born weights just over 3 kg (fetusses will be depending opon the moment of abortion lighter), 1 kg of body fat contains 37 kilo joules of energy and the body as a hole contains rougly half that. This means that we will not be able to gain more then 55 Megajoules per abortion, 1 Litre of fuel contains around 46 Megajoules. A very energy effiecient car drives aprox 20 KM per litre of fuel so that makes 2.3 megajoules per KM, So in order to be energy effiecient you would need to be within 24 km (or 15 miles) of an abortion clinic or you would lose energy in this transaction.

We used 143,851 terrawatt/hours of energy in 2008 which is 5.178636 × 10^20 joules joules. Or around 9.4 *10^12 aboritions worth of energy. That makes or that makes around 1300 abortions per person, in order to supply this the average person (both male and female)would need to have an abortion every 7 hours, again all of these abortions would have to be as late as possible so that we can still call them abortions (minutes before birth) or else the weight will be to low. This might seem difficult but maybe with the help of suffiecient genetic manupulation and growth hormones it could work.

Probably my favourite post of the year.