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Topic: Kongregate / Mod harasment and coruption

Also, might I add, I am a dude, not that it has relevance. But anyways, I just asked for a word not to be used. It can be seen as disrespectful if it’s not within your right to use it. I probably should have stayed in my lane on that. But I never threatened to silence you or ban you for it. I just asked it not be used in our room. There are times when a warning isn’t called for, mind you. As when an account is only being used for harassment/trolling/inappropriate links/etc. I believe, personally, that we handled this situation as was called for, given the circumstances. It’s up to the admins to decide that, ultimately. We appreciate you taking your time to report what you think to be wrong, though. Feedback is important. But you had to know actively taking aim at mods would warrant trouble.