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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud & Blood 2] Official Bug Reports Thread

Perhaps I have been away from kong for too long but: “Is there any particular reason that ribbons are not saved from session to session?”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] To only zaraki

Errr…anybody else seeing “Escort” in the last post?

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Topic: General Gaming / Misanthrope Game Reviews: Dream World

I find it sad that none of the comments have ben directed at the most heinous thing about this sorrid afair… Who deleted the original post?

Developers can remove any material from their forums … i suppose that they have that right. But then whats the point of a forum that is directed towards comments/concerns?

I Challenge whomever removed that original post to explain their reasons here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] New Silver Weapons

@statless hats/armour: Its a fasionable world… everyone has to look like lady gaga… or in my case a tomato with wings.

though I think there should be some silver clothes/hats… let new players become more invested in their characters…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] To only zaraki

loz correction*: MODS ARENT PROGRAMMERS… I was so excited by the CAPS, " "" " and “…” stimulation that I dropped the NT… my …“BAD”…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] To only zaraki

I guess I’m a little confuzzled his arguement is that …..“BECAUSE SOMEBODY HAS THE ABILITY TO CHEAT THEY MUST”…“..”" (sorry I’m not sure how to effectively over use “…” and " "" " and CAPS, but I’ll try, cuz I really want to be cool)

ao yeah anyway his point was that because He, sorry, ….“HE”….. cheats and alters the stats of his friends that the fine Mods, err again sorry this is all new to me,….“MODS” of this game who really are only there to police bad manners and hackers…“MUST” (I’m getting the hang of this \o/) be doing it.

Let me get this right, then like, say some really bad guy, like a serial killer could say “I know you are all killing people, beause I do it all the time”?

Thats so lame… sure often in the online world absolute power corrupts absolutely… but no one has that except Jamie, and if he wants to monkey with it..fine… we play it FOR FREE… the mods can’t do anything, cripes..they cant even IP ban the moron in my home room that alternates between gun talk and text based mastur…. nvm.

the point is… you can’t state that because you had power and abused it that others who dont have the power will. cuz A) not everyone is a self-involved sack of sherbet and B) wait for it …waiiiiit …MODS ARE PROGRAMMERS… and even if they were I dont think Jamie would give them server access…

though…in all the uselss babble that was spewed… posting the modstaffs stats wouldnt be a bad idea, it would perhaps prevent such epic fails in tact, ediquette and basic reasoning from happening in the future…

…“CAPS”… “yeah” “yeah you” I’m talking to “YOU” (sorry I just thought I hadnt used enough…gotta stay on top of this or good grammar/puncuation will be the death of us all)

anyway Good game… and frankly if you dont like it, play something else, and stop spreading senseless BS…

=) Happy Grinding all!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Possible Kongai Girl Solution?

I seriously doubt that their is any organization, company, or media outlet on the face of the planet that doesnt rely on some form of objectification or direct exploitation to sell their product… its sad,

But however it is the reality of the situation, and most certainly in the entertainment industry; music stars dress like ….. famous actors/actress do revealing spreads in magazines (for both men and women)… its the oldest game in the book, sex sells… even more than death (thank goodness).

Kongai is an outlet for kongregate which is an Entertainment company, theyt sell advertising based on user numbers, of course they have to play the market.

I dont think its all that fair to condemn Kong for the appetite of the masses.

that said it may be more PROFITABLE for the admins to give into the request for a 3rd clothing choice, if they can demonstrate that they are responsible to users views then they may garner a even larger market share….

some notes:
1.CC in BDSM … creepy.. but sure would push me into switching (greater chance for intercepts hmmmm)
2. I thought women were allowed to be topless if they so choose to be (at least in some countries, states, provinces, counties, etc)
3. To the fellow who said [paraphrase] : “Women cant be topless cuz men would get boners and thats painful in jeans” … I think most Men (and by that i mean mature male individuals with education, self control and manners) could manage to keep it under control… weak willed persons maybe not so much

So in conclusion (wait, you’re still actually reading this???) Those persons whom are offended by kongai should take it up with their congressmen/MP, its an industry wide issue that can only be solved by EDUCATION, not by banning sites, limiting access to media, or harrassing business owners. Censorship is a slippery slope, better yet to teach art appreciation and slef control than burning books. But all of you who are offended, you are consumers too; so, write emails leave comments and make posts, the advertisers will give you what you want, sooner than you would expect

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 3 Walkthrough (Complete! Final Castle, CoT1, CoT4, CoT5) & Discussion

Which Hero has the max mana at level 30?

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Topic: General Gaming / How to make a 5/5 game, the Kongregate way.

So true, but why is everyone slagging on MnB2, i love playing a game for 4hours and being obliterated by randomness…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / mud and blood 2 awards

I heard about a medal for blowing up trees…. whats that all about. And why do you wanna blow up

oh nvm, i see it now.. doesnt do anything?