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Topic: Elements / New Update 1.31 Patch Notes [LIVE]

The oracle thing is nice… a new card every single day :D

I like all the art… least favorite is ffq… but i’ve been at this so long, any change makes it interesting :)
favorite is colossal drag, then lycan… if anyone cares :P (i think that’s a fairly fat dragon…)

and hmm, HB hp to 150… progress.
i feel like the main thing against HBs is the upped/non-upped spins, where it looks like you won a card… but one of them is upped while the others aren’t…
I’d like to see the HB spin just give the unupped version if that happens… that’d be really cool,
THEN HBs would be a real step towards FGs, instead of something that is always skipped