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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Bug Reports and Issues

Thanks for all of your support guys!

I just want to let you know that we take care about your reports and your concerns and they will be forwarded to the development team.
Thank you for having an eye open! :)

Best regards,
Grand BAM

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / User Support

M0ria: When exactly did this happen to you?

3ndl3ss: Thank you for your feedback. We are always working on new features for this game but I’m afraid that we will not change the gameplay itself drastically.
Nice you mentioned the fusion cards because we are working on such a feature. Just keep an eye on the updates and you’ll know as soon as it’s there :)
The stars you can earn during the gameplay will give you special prices like cards and DP for every 25 you reach.

WhiteNnerdyboy: use the red ‘X’ on the top right corner to get back to the worldmap.

Prezdiver: if you can’t beat them now you can come back any time. You don’t need to take those challenges at the current moment :)

lordknightxiron: did you save your deck in your deck editor? Have you already tried to create a whole new deck and use this one instead?

Mr Quakers: What’s the exact problem? Doesn’t it show up for you? Please describe your problem a bit further so we can help you a bit more :)

Jakeraymond555: we’re sorry to hear you don’t like the game too much. But as you’ve already mentioned: There are games with the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Gameplay out there and we did not want to copy them. We wanted to have a very easy to access (and hard to master) gameplay set. Maybe you’ll give it a chance and you might get used to our system and you’ll probably learn to love it. If you have any ideas (that do not change the whole gameplay), just let us know :)

readheards: are you sure you have lost the 3dp and not just bought a power up by mistake?

CreepyBus: if you would play against a player and you see his spell does not get triggered as long as you do not place a spellcard in that row, you would react the same and keep not placing a spell card right? :) But we got your criticism and may consider some tweaking. Thanks for your report!

Ghalleon: do you still have those high loading times? Does it happen all the time?

ustateaggie78: do you still have problems connecting to the game? Have you already tried another browser or clearing your current browser caches and cookies?

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / User Support

First of all: Thank you all for the comments / feedback / criticism to this game.
Let me try to comment concerns and feedback:

KingDarkLugia: Thanks for the probs.

Cokeheadriff: You’re right, we do not copy the original TCG. Our game is supposed to be ‘easy to learn, hard to master’. We think that this kind of gameplay is received very well for every group of players out there. We have already seen Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG games that adapt the whole experience from the real life game. We wanted to create another experience.

ShaneG9: Yes we want the players to play. Still it’s a casual game and we don’t want our players to rush through within 1 day. Take your time to enjoy the dialogues, the story and all that’s connected to this game.

Phdo225:Thank you. As soon as Fusion cards will be developed we’ll let you know ;) @3Nails4Us: I just tried it and for me it was complete silence. Have you already checked if your browser and Flash player is up 2 date? @brussier33: Which effects don’t you like?

CJNinja: the more friends you have, the more “free duels” per day you have. But let me forward your suggestion of a training ground to our developers :) Are your friends still not showing up?

thewookie: actually you can fasten up the game. When you’re in the duel have a look at the left of your cards in hand. You can fasten the duel up to 8×.

Sajin86: the story mode is actually not the only mode :) Have you already tried the duel arena and playing against BAM friends? @DREAMER99: thanks for your feedback. You have the chance to find energy in chests, for level ups and for achievements (objectives) ;)

demonkiller16: what exactly don’t you like?

Phsyco_1: you can also play against your BAM friends and in the arena. Have you already tried it?


ctsr1: thank you!

Smoshi: you don’t have to pay to win this game. Of course there are players out there that may have very powerful decks.

thewookie: you can counter immunity effects by cripple them down or destroy immunity ;) I hope I could answer some of your questions :) If there are still some left, you can also send me a message. I would love to read all your suggestions / ideas and concerns! Your Grand BAM