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Topic: Kongregate / [Contest] Candyman's Kongregate Candy Creativity Kontest! (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)

I hope I win, Halloween isn’t really celebrated in our country but we did celebrate it anyways and got a pittance of loot so yeah.

I wish I could at least win at this contest, lol.

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Topic: Kongregate / Password/login bug.

Since my kongregate account is somewhat glitchy(it’s always logged out even though I ticked the “remember me” box), I changed my password.

And mistakenly I typed my old password and surprise surprise, it still works.

Now I literally have two passwords on my account, which is cool and stupid at the same time.

Any explanation as to wtf is happening? Especially the “always logged out even though I click the remember me box” part?

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Topic: General Gaming / Free(Indie) Games Galore!

Bumping for justice

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Topic: General Gaming / Worlds weirdest games!

Hmmmm well Katamari Damacy is beautiful and well, many games that are made in Japan/has a Japanese influence is kinda weird in its own way, but then again to truly see weird games you have to consult some indie games that many of these AAA companies can’t risk working on. You just have to check this list, most of them are handpicked and are quite weird but I’ll give some.

Free(Indie) Games List

Well some that really stayed in my head are Will you ever Return Part 1 and 2, Sluggish Morss, Vidiot, Crypt Worlds, and Soup(which is like the LSD Dream Emulator).

You should definitely check the list out, I believe you’ll enjoy it.

There’s also that talking fish man game called Seaman from Sega Saturn I think and some weird shooter featuring naked Japanese men.

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Topic: General Gaming / What game should I play?

It’s never too late to reply online.

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Topic: General Gaming / Free(Indie) Games Galore!

Originally posted by Elgindabomb:

awesome! thanks for this

The pleasure is mine. It gets updated weekly or so, do check it out from time to time if you want.

Originally posted by LE_LOBSTER_A_RMY:



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Topic: General Gaming / Free(Indie) Games Galore!

I don’t cater to people who can’t read, thank you very much.

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Topic: General Gaming / Free(Indie) Games Galore!

Oh I forgot to say that they’re not AAA titles or whatever you call them that are supposed to be bought in the first place to be played, rather, they’re games made by indie developers/devs making a name for themselves much like the ones here on kongregate(except most of them aren’t uploaded online so yeah).

By all means the games listed there will not require you to use torrent or break the law, you just have to check the various sites where I got the games so you too can download them from there. And if you are having fears of downloading a virus, you can always do a virus scan/check the validity of the site first before downloading them.

Do read before commenting, thank you.

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Topic: General Gaming / Free(Indie) Games Galore!

I’ve made a topic on another forum listing all of the games that I’ve played over various sites such as, if any of you are interested in playing a wide variety of games that are free and easily free for download online, I’ve made a somewhat decent list of it here.

Free(Indie) Games Galore!

Enjoy. Do leave a comment here or share it with your friends if you find the link useful.

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Topic: Kongregate / Changes to the Collabs section

It’s kinda sad. Collabs is like one of the best great thing that Kong has, and it’ll be gone in a month.

It’s not that noticed, but heck, gamers uploading art and music in a gaming site is something different. Posting art in an art site is brutal, but being a gamer and posting art in a gaming site is like heaven in some extent, and the music! God! That’s just something you can’t miss out on. Though I have to admit I’m not really putting alot of my time checking this site anymore, but think about it.

Gamers and gamers, sharing things with other gamers, that’s a different approach.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Didn’t get the achievement for finishing Princess’ Illaria’s escape on nightmare.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate ERROR AUTHENTICATION, all the online games are inaccessible!

Why, thank you kong for being broken. I lost alot of things in my Legacy of a Thousand Suns game, due to not being able to do damage in raids.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Post Some Of Your Favorite Looks

What’s the weapon and mask?

nevermind, seen both of them now.

how’d you take the photo, though?

nevermind, figured it out myself. Toggle UI in the character viewer.

Stay original, guys!

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Topic: Cloudstone / Home feature changes

Let us change the ground itself(you know, the default “grass” patch of land that you give us) into soil, sand, snow, water, etc.

It kinda sucks having only grass as a base terrain.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Rubies in Arena

I was 8th back in my Arena league, but why didn’t I get my rubies? How can I get the 15 rubies?

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Topic: Cloudstone / Cloudstone Classes

Originally posted by firecat6666:

john was bored of playing cloudstone one day and then he stumbled upon a topic with a lot of nonsense about classes and whatever. being john, he picked one of each skill because that’s what john does. after reading everything he didn’t know which class he was, so he said fuck it, this is so stupid, I’ll go back to playing cashstone. and then john was a zombie

Being in all classes is lame. Too much weak skills on one character.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Lower Energy Regen. Time

You don’t need to log in every 5 hours to play the game well. There’s two options for you.

1) Deal with it
2) Do something

So the doing something part is going online every 5 hours or 6 or 7 or 8 so that you can play four times a day at max energy(cause that’s… well… the maximum number of times you can play in one day, though if you really are dedicated, your time can go up to 29 from 24 games at max energy per week.

Or you can waste money, buy rubies etc etc.

Really now, the game was not made to be finished fast.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Cloudstone Classes

I just have alot of free time so…

Warrior – Pure Way of the Warrior Skills(and/or mainly fury items, wields sword and shield)
Wizard – Pure way of the Wizard skills(and/or mainly sorcery items, wields wand and jewel)
Monk – Pure way of the monk skills(and/or mainly discipline items, wields fists)
Paladin – Warrior/Monk Hybrid(wields sword and shield. Has a strong heal)
Swordmage – Warrior/Wizard Hybrid(wields sword and shield/jewel. skills vary)
Warmage – Wizard/Warrior Hybrid(wields wand and jewel/shield. skills vary)
Mystic – Wizard/Monk Hybrid(wields wand. skills vary)
Warmonk – Monk/Warrior Hybrid(wields fists. skills vary)
Battlepriest – Monk/Wizard Hybrid(wields fists. skills vary)

Feel free to call yourself any one of these if you fall under any, or call yourself by whatever you want to call yourself as.

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Topic: Cloudstone / pet

One looks more awesome than the other.

It’s simply for vanity.

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Topic: The Arts / I'm working on a story/game w/ multiple endings

Originally posted by johnthegenius:

I haven’t read through all of what you have yet, but I do have some comments to make it better.

I would try to make the letter to “you” seem more formal (ex. remove words like “which is called” when referring to the hotel and the game in the hotel.)

There is a small amount of errant grammar (ex. “she hanged up.”) and awkward phrasing (ex. “half and a quarter of your gas tank.”).

I’m sorry that this will seem overly critical, because in reality I like the story so far, but, frankly, your tense use is unacceptable. You constantly have changed between past and present tenses, even occasionally within the same sentence.

Lastly, I have a small technical point to make. You said that the hotel is in South Carolina, and “you” wake up in NYC. If he originally lived in New York, he could not have gotten anywhere in SC in under 11-12 hours without constantly running the speed limit, and you should change the time mentioned. If he didn’t, you should find a place to weave in exactly where he lived so that you don’t get any comments from careful readers once you’re finished.

Thanks for putting that out to view, it seems to have a good chance as a popular story game and it was—mostly—a pleasure to read.

It has been pointed out again and again in the past that the tenses suck. And yes, I suck at them. I’m planning to finish it first and edit everything out afterwards(to make everything easier).

Also, english is not my mother tongue, and writing is only a pastime, and I’m not really “that” good with the english language(vocabulary is a bit shallow if you’ve noticed), but at least it’s close to decent. Nevertheless, I’m planning to make this story as a “game” here in Kongregate, and making this type of “Choose your own adventure” narrative story, it needs to at least “look” professional to some degree, yes?

Also, I just randomly searched an address in google, and that address appeared(the south carolina one). Will change it soon.

And thanks for the read+reply.

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Topic: The Arts / I'm working on a story/game w/ multiple endings

And this is what I’ve got so far.

Hotel Room

Just read, it’s not done yet, not even halfway done, it’s just about 1/6 of the whole story there. I’m currently looking for people who can say if it’s good so far.

To give you a background about the story, it has multiple endings(as what the title suggests). If you think you’ve come short in your first shot(since the story isn’t finished yet), it wouldn’t hurt to go back to the beginning and start all over again and try a new path. Yes, it has grammatical errors, but I wouldn’t mind it right now, it’s not even done yet. I’ll have it cleaned after it’s done.

Please do share your thoughts about it.

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Topic: The Arts / My take at a zombie writing

First, fix it, it’s too cramped up. Put spaces between paragraphs.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT, Help my friend out would ya?

Originally posted by RiGhTeOuSzAm:

Guess what asam, I just voted several times for her competition.


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Topic: Off-topic / OT, Help my friend out would ya?

“Don’t litter the site with referral links. We at Kongregate know that there are other websites out there, and some of them are pretty awesome. We have no problem with users sharing links to outside websites in chat or the forums, as long as they’re not pornographic or otherwise obviously inappropriate. We’re also fine with outside links posted in game comments, as long as they somehow relate to a discussion about the specific game. However, spamming referral links for other sites across games, threads, or chat rooms on Kongregate will likely result in a silence or ban.”

Coming straight from the kong conduct whatever.

So technically, there’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing, and it’s not even a referral link, it’s just a link that I ask you to vote in, and I’m not forcing you to join facebook or whatever. As what I’ve said, if you don’t have facebook, it’s fine.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT, Help my friend out would ya?

I apologize for jutting in at a time like this, some of you might still remember me, but anyway, here’s the result of boredom and some facebook chatting.

You need facebook to be able to help her. To all those who gon’ say “LOLOLOL no FB sorry bro”, that’s fine.

So she joined some Sony Singing competition, and she needs votes to win of course.

Like this page first,

Then vote for her video,

Every vote counts.

(Yes, I am friggin bored)

And I mean, come on, what could you possibly lose except for a minute or two of your time?