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Topic: The Godfather / new bailing prices and stuff...

Dude you must have been dropped on your head as a child. The new bail out system blows harder than a nuclear powered leaf blower. The bail out time should be zero seconds as it has been since the games inception. For those of you who spent real $$ money on this game I suggest having all charges reversed if this isn’t corrected within 48hrs. Your bank, your credit card or even paypal will side in your favor 100%. Hittem where it hurst with zero fear of repurccutions. They can’t pull this kind of BS after all these years and get away with it. I took on for those who are familiar the Game Evony (formally known as Civony) I won hands down and for much much less of an infraction as this.

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Topic: The Godfather / Time to Bail.

If this new bail system stands I for one will not continue to play. I will also have my credit card company reverse all related charges for money I have spent. You can’t change the rules after this many years unless they are in favor of your customers.

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Topic: The Godfather / game won't load. it's stuck