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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Any free opal events coming ?

Originally posted by FIGHTER_TAMOJIT:
Originally posted by jooe15:

With all these dragon soul, horse hair, socker ball events you should be able to easily obtain an opal every month.

are you sure that vip0 players get all colour for opal?

Originally posted by dias17se:

Hope that´s a joke, how does anyone pull 5 balls in 8 shots, i always get lowest balls

if you dont get 5 balls in 8 shorts hold onto them and don’t toss em.. the event will just roll back around again

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Any free opal events coming ?

With all these dragon soul, horse hair, socker ball events you should be able to easily obtain an opal every month.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The horrible unfairness of your pvp system.

GameFuse cant do anything about it, and china wont.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Jaraax the Tormentor]

They have always given out 1 elite bonanza at the same rate. Just because they tossed in a few bonus bonanaza for pink diamonds does not mean their normal rate will change at all, it always has and always will be the same.

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Topic: The Gate / An Open Letter to Spicy Horse (麻辣马)

Originally posted by Provokes:

this game is infinitely times better than that R2Games crap.

besides who plays a CCG for originality?


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / something you are not telling me

Originally posted by stevevin:

i would like the developers and publishers to be more transparent. as i have been demanded quite a few times. sometime is actually some good effort. so i couldn’t understand why you want to keep it in secret. or maybe it just too much word to type?

9/24 update
1. a log function to record your userid, browser, operating system, login time, map played etc.
2. a delay function for prevent ppl grid map too fast.
3. an attempt fix on dead creatures stay in the field

they don’t know, or want to share any of these things

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Topic: The Arts / How to embed images

Im having difficulty with Resizing :/

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Topic: The Gate / [Guide] For New players

I’m working on making the guild better still. Anyways here are some things and names next to them XD


Hope is used for all battles in the quest tab with the exception of raid bosses. One Hope recharges every five minutes. Hope’s cap changes depending on your level. Overtime you level your hope completely recharges. You can buy hope refills for gold when you run out. Daily rewards also give one free hope refill every day.


Gold is an elite currency gold is the only currency you can buy with real money. $1 USD or 10 credits can be exchanged for 100 gold (more if you buy in bulk). Gold can be used for most things in the game including, but not limited to, maximum inventory size increase, maximum friend amount increase, maximum skills that can be leveled at once, upgrading skills, cards, and refills. You can earn free gold every day from logon on.

Soul Coins

Soul Coins are secondary currency. Soul Coins cannot be used for as manny things as gold, but it still has a large variety of uses. Soul Coins can be used to upgrade skills, upgrade cards, and evolve them. Soul Coins cannot be used to buy cards.

Honor Coins

Honor Coins are obtained by doing well in the arena. Honor Coins have their own separate store called the arena shop these items cannot be bought with any other currency and this includes gold. The arena shop has ten random items every day these items range from rare cards, to devils blood, to equipment.


Virago is a currency much like Honor Coins, they are obtained by doing well in Isla Mare. Virago, like Honor Coins have their own shop devoted to them, and once again no other currency can be used.


Crystal can be found when friends use you in battle, when you do well in a Raid boss, or Arena. Crystals have a very limited use, one thing, Crystal Summon. Crystal Summon will give one rare and above card for 600 crystal

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets are used for one Premium Summon. They can be found by doing well in most events, this includes World Boss.


Rood is a raid counterpart to Hope. Rood has a much smaller maximum and you cannot increase its maximum. One rood recharges once every thirty minutes. Rood can be used to fight raid and world bosses. Rood, like Hope will recharge once you level — also like Hope rood can be refilled by paying gold. Another thing about Rood is you can decide to use different amounts of it at one time. Once rood will do 1x damage to a boss, two rood will do 3x damage to a boss, and 3 rood will deal 7x damage to a boss.

Battle Scrolls

Battle Scrolls can be bought with gold or found in battles. A battle scroll can be exchanged for five extra arena battle attempts

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

I would like to say that the kong chat has roughly the same amount of people as it had a year ago — which makes me think that the players are not leaving the game… well, for everyone that leaves a new person comes. I think players just kept going to new servers and so each server is thinner with players even though the player base is the same

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Thanks for the 4th aphrodite event devs.

aphrodite is still behind dante in event number? or are they the same

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Devs! 4 turn cards need some major help.

Originally posted by Aelandris:
Originally posted by Provokes:

Give 4 wait cards Refesh.


Once they active, they become unkillable… nope not that much…

You do realize refresh works even when timer is up.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Why do i keep 'losing conection' each time in sd and seasno?

I don’t know either but from the sound of it someone got a group of people and set a coordinated spam.

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Topic: The Gate / [Guide] For New players

First and foremost if you want to know something you can check the Wiki.

This guide is a brief overview of the dynamics of the game, if you have something you think needs changing, or needs to be added feel free to comment. If you have questions about the game you can also ask them here, but I, like many players, started Sept. 18.


The Quest tab is a place to fight battles, every normal battle drops Disciple cards, gives xp, Soul coins, Captus, and more. There are four continents, on each continent their are four domains, and on each domains there is 5 battles the last of which is a boss. Battles cost

After you finish all battles on the first continent you unlock the second continent, event area and a special mode called Hellforge. After you finish all battles on the second continent in Hellforge you unlock a new area called Isla Mare.


Hellforge is a mode in which you can fight battles for equipment cards instead of Disciples cards, from here you can click normal to go back to normal mode. Hellforge is also the palace to find Convert Runes, and items used to upgrade equipment.

Isla Mare

Isla Mare gives currency for evolving four star cards to five star cards. Like a stage it has four regions. If a disciple dies in Isla Mare it is dead (in Isla Mare) for the rest of the day. Isla Mare has its own shop with ten items. If a item slot is not open you can open it for 100 Isla Mare coins, these slots stay open forever.


Events take place over the course of one week, like a stage it has four regions. Event cards are very rare and hard to come by. You will get rubies along the way as you try and get the card.


Arena is a PVP of sorts, arena resets one every week. You can do ten battles a day, more if you pay. Each win gives out arena coins, depending on how manny wins you have gotten without a loss. Arena has its own shop with ten items. If a item slot is not open you can open it for 100 Arena coins, these slots stay open forever.


Captus is a gem of sorts. You can open a Captus in the Captus tab. Captus give cards depending how well you can match cards with each other.


The Disciples Tab is a place to upgrade, and evolve cards. Here you can also equip items, and devil blood to your cards. The Disciples Tab is also the place were you can swap cards in your deck with cards in your inventory. A red dot in the corner of a card means the card can be upgraded,evolved,equipped, or the Equipment can be upgraded at the given time. These may or may not be the best suggestions. To swap cards in your inventory click a card, and then click swap, inventory is the key word here. If you click from your deck and want to swap you will not be able to swap the first card in your deck.


Skill’s can be upgraded by clicking the card and then clicking skill. Each card has a certain amount of skills depending on the amount of stars the card has. Skills are unlocked by higher level cards, which sometimes can only be obtained through evolved cards. You can only have three skills active at a time. When you click a skill it will say “Equip” under it if it is not currently in use. To upgrade a skill click the skill and click upgrade, this will cost you Soul coins. Each skill has a maximum level, which is usually ten.


To upgrade a card, simply click on the card and click on upgrade. Upgrades cost other cards to be sacrificed. The higher the rarity of the card the more XP it will give:
1 star: 10 xp
2 star: 30 xp
3 star: 60 xp
4 star: 100 xp
If a card is leveled it will also give one more xp per level.

Devil Blood

Devil Blood are items used to preeminently increase a cards stats, there is a maximum Devil Blood you can use on any given card. To use Devil Blood click the card you want to use them on and click Devil Blood. There you will see a list of all the Devil Blood you have and can use.


Cards can be Evolved this allows a card to have a higher maximum level cards with less stars cannot be evolved as manny times and thus they have a lower maximum level. A higher level card can unlock more skills then its non-evolved counterpart . When a four star card reaches level 25 it can then be used to make a 5 star card. To evolve you need two cards with identical names. Though you can evolve at any level it is ideal to evolve with two maxed level cards, evolved cards also increase in stats. To evolve a card click the card, then click evolve. This will cost Soul coins. Note: The card you click evolve on will be paired with one random card in you inventory with the same name.

If you evolve when cards are maxed the percents should be thus:
1st 65-66%
2nd 60-61%
3rd 62-63%

Here is a diagram showing how to get a four star card to the maximum evolution with the maximum bonus using the lowest amount of upgrades. The bottom row indicates the 8 x 4 star cards, and the top is the 5 star you are trying to make. Click on the picture to see a more detailed diagram.


Equipment cannot be taken off a card, however you can overwrite it, this essentially deletes the old equipment. Equipment unlike other cards cannot be evolved. Equipment is picked up from Hellforge in pieces. It takes X amount of pieces before you unlock the item itself. To add Equipment to a card click the card and then click Equipment. Click the Equipment you want and drag it or click it and press equip. Equipment enhances stats of a card, and sometimes they even have their own skills. Equipment can be upgraded with materials found in Hellforge. To upgrade Equipment simply click the Equipment and click Upgrade.


Exchange is a place to upgrade three star cards to four star cards. Five x three star cards and 50 Convert Runes will make one random four star card. Convert Runes are a common drop in Hellforge.


The Summon tab is a store it uses a variety of currencies, but all rewards are cards. To see other store items click the Quest tab and Store in the bottom left.


This is a place to add friends, delete em, view friends, invite friends, redeem codes and check your mail. In the invite friend section there is an invitation code which allows players to gain rewards. When a player reaches level three there is a place to insert these codes. The giver of the code receives cards shown in the invitation code section, and the person who inserts the codes gains 600 rubies. — these are not the same as Redeem codes. Redeem codes are passed from dev to player, and not player to player. These codes are often longer and hyphenated.


More is the place to view your achievements, contact support and adjust Options. Options houses the almightily mute button, along with the option to turn off or on auto attack by default.

Raid Boss

Raid Boss’s are bosses, real bosses. It will usually take a team of people to kill a single boss. Boss rewards drop rubies along with XP and each boss has a small chance to drop a card. This card is the same as the name of the boss.


Royalty a tiered paying system. The more you pay (real money) the higher you Royalty becomes. There are fifteen levels of Royalty each with their own benefits. The Royalty tab can be viewed in the bottom left of almost any page.

Other things

Each element has an elemental weakness, meaning the elements are in a rock-paper-scissor like situation. Fire has an advantage over wind, wind has an advantage over earth, earth to liquid, and liquid to fire.

Here you can find a list of the rarest cards in the game, known as ultra rare’s.

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Topic: The Gate / Lower rarities useless?

you can upgrade lvl 3 into a lvl 4 … just fyi

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Topic: The Gate / This is not a new game.

No one said this was a new game. — and it does not mean devs think nothing of kongregate. Trust me, Spicyhorse supports kongregate they have been using kongregate for a long time, not only that but he is one of the most active devs, like 90% of the comments on Akaneiro (AKA) he replied to (The last few months not included), and he has replied to a huge percent of the comments here. FlightTribe and Spicyhorse both check up on their games more then just about any other dev, they are often online, and often playing their games and checking in. Im not sure how much they talked with the players back when the gate was in beta, but in AKA I seen them ask players for suggestions, and these were not just little chats some of these went on for hours.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What skill gives your deck the most trouble?

Corrosive and berserk are both extremely irritating — that being said i would rather face those two then fast cards with high attack


Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Comparing CCG's

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Topic: The Gate / evolution

ah ok, was just wondering.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

Another reason is because new games start up that people find more appealing. Just yesterday The Gate came out of beta. Even if few people like these new games better each time a new mp game or esp a CG comes out we loose a few players, and that adds up over the years.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What's the coolest Faction?

Proegnitor or xeno…can’t decide.

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Topic: The Gate / evolution

lemme get this correct, you accidentally, or unknowingly fused two Full Argestes together without them both being fully upgraded you are essentially handy-caped for for the rest of the game(or a very long time), and the only way to reset is to make a new kong account? — if you accidentally use one to upgrade another one you are even more doomed..

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Should the Devs let TU do a Players' Pack like WMT?

I like how there is only 100 packs, makes the game a bit more fair as rng has less of a role in the game — don’t get me wrong, its still there, but a lot less so.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Attention]Player mods for ROM tournament is recruiting!

Originally posted by DannyCMan:

Did i miss something? Where is EU Server City Gates?

I would assume its combined with another server? Snowy is not here and I would assume that is because stony is on the list.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Spike Rushing in Tournaments and a Note to the Devs.

Originally posted by floppynoodles:

These are the distributors of the game, they are not the actually programmers, they can’t implement the things you want banned. And if it did happen then extreme power would win every time. While I commiserate with you (the timing of this missive indicates you probably just got spiked in showdown), there has to be a viable second choice.

how about just giving every player 10 more hp wouldn’t that work?

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Topic: Off-topic / Iphone 5s or Iphone 6?

I have been using iPhones for years now, and macs even longer. I am going to get the 6 for sure, however I would suggest you go with the 5c or the 6. Do not get the 5s it is far to expensive considering how long it will last.

The 6 is the best phone on the market, and will be for some time but if you are going for a slightly outdated phone the 5c is cheeper then the 5s, both the 5c and 5s will be outdated aground the same time, so minus well get the cheeper of the two as you may not be using them so long.

Each iPhone will be outdated in 2 generations (more if you are willing to deal with a phone that does not get updated/new products based around it). So the 5s and 5c will be outdated when the iPhone 7 is out while the iPhone 6 will be outdated when the 8 is out. — so chances are if you get a 5 it will not last you very long so minus well get the cheeper of the two.

Note: new models of iPhone do not come out every year aka iPhone 8 will not come out 2 years from now. Here is when the phones came out and my eta of next generations.

1: June 29, 2007
3G: July 11, 2008
3GS: June 19, 2009
4: June 24, 2010
4S: October 14, 2011
5: September 21, 2012
5C: September 20, 2013
5S: September 20, 2013
6: September 19, 2014
6+: September 19, 2014
6s: 2015?
6s+: 2015?
7: 2016?
7+: 2016?
7? UNKNOWN releese
7s: 2017?
7s+: 2017?
8: 2018? 5C and 5S expected to no longer be updated
8+: 2018?
8s: 2019?
8s+: 2019?
9: 2020? 6 and 6+ expected to no longer be updated
9+: 2020?
9?: UNKNOWN releese
9s: 2021?
9+: 2021?

These unknowns are truly unknown, however apple will always through out something new every other product. What I mean by this is iPhone 1,3,5,7, and 9, and so on are the big sellers because they happen to be on the big years. These big years happen roughly every 4 years, during the off years there will be 1 renaming and two S versions one for the currant and one for the renamed version.