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Topic: Contract Wars / Translation mistakes

There are probably a hundred things I could name, but I think that too many corrections in grammar could ruin the Russian charm of this game.

Also, in the W-task tab for the Kac pdw in the task’s description, “sigthe” should be “sight.”

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Topic: Contract Wars / Unacceptable Difficulty

What a cute little post. I got a kick out of reading it.

Oh man, if passive aggressiveness could kill…

You should also look up the term “psychological projection.”

Considering that this is conversation is getting a bit caustic, I think I’ll take ahbil’s and others’ advice and stop replying after this.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Unacceptable Difficulty

I love debate. Always makes me smile. Where to start with this gem…

You remind me of a quote… “What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target…”

Internet jokes aside, I appreciate your insight on the game’s past, but seeing as you appear to be stuck on Bronze 30, Silver 22, and Gold 18 contracts, it doesn’t look like you’re challenging yourself, so our goals in this game would seem quite different. It’s totally cool that you’re more interested in community, and I’m guessing that’s probably why you’re still here, to be with your friends in 1337 and other clans. But unless you really try to complete a tough contract, only to realize it would require a great deal of luck and many hours out of your day, as the timer to reset ticks down, only then you begin to understand what pressure I’m talking about. Of course it’s up to the player to buy premium currency, but try not to fool yourself into thinking that that conscious choice isn’t helped along by luring both spontaneous kiddies with credit cards and tackling tougher enemies who have the advantage.

I’m also not quite sure what your odd tangent about money and magazines is trying to achieve, but let me be the first to encourage you that your childhood dream of being on the cover of Cosmopolitan need not be left unrealized if you were to send an article about your impressive skills in internet drama and debate to the editor.

Now, with facebook, normal “facebook gamers” are playing this, getting hooked, leveling up, etc….

Okay, I can see what you’re getting at, and I have noticed that there are a lot more fps newbies, but my current game experience shows that CW has continued to be balanced by an equivalent ratio of experienced players. (However that may have to do with my not participating in the turning of hordes of noobs into bullet piñatas every chance I get.)

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Topic: Contract Wars / Unacceptable Difficulty

You and I have vastly different experiences in CW then. I started a week after release on Kong and I can assure you, the game was much more difficult with players like Lancer and Xxix in his youth running around. 200 ping is just an excuse, as are premium guns and anything else you mentioned really.

I don’t see more difficult opponents here. I see the same thing I saw over a year ago if not less. Yes a much bigger player-base, and half the challenge.

Furthermore, in addressing the OP and suggesting that players feel “pressured” to buy most if not all the careerist skills is laughable at best. No one feels pressure on a video game and if you do, you’re applying your time/energy in the wrong places. This is for entertainment only; not to make it on the next cover of “Entertainment Weekly – Gamer’s Edition and the Serious Business that is Competition in the 21st Century”. Sheesh.

A few good players a difficult game does not make. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of players with hundreds of hours of gameplay (with therefore more time committed to the game and more reason to buy premium items), and if you don’t think that lag is big issue for many right now, you probably aren’t playing on US servers where ping under 150 is getting more uncommon than not.

Additionally, in case you don’t understand the concept of F2P, let me explain. The more micro transactions that are made, the better a game does. Perhaps “coercion” is a term that would more easily describe for you the relationship between careerist/rental skills and especially difficult contracts/tasks. A normal person thinks, “Ahh, wouldn’t it be easier to do 18 defuses instead of 35?” and “It would be great if I had just a little more damage to get those triple kills done.” The game provides, if you’re willing to pay. Those with loose wallets and impatience are more prone to part with their cash, and Voila! The servers keep running for another day. I personally would say that the business model is manipulative and indeed pressures the player into buying premium currency, but it’s really just the nature of the beast that is F2P.

You should also check your pulse, because if you don’t feel anything (pressure being a feeling) while playing games, you might be in the wrong hobby (or you might be a zombie).

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Topic: Contract Wars / Unacceptable Difficulty

Originally posted by GravitationalArt:
Originally posted by ApostolosM1:

Seems like this game is more of a Puzzle Game rather than a shooter. It is unbearable for a shooter game to put you through such difficult tasks, either missions or the w-tasks. Some typical aspects of shooter games like unlocking the sights of a weapon tend to give you a major headache to complete in CW. Again I am not talking about the achievements. I have played over 30 shooters in pro or semi-pro level and I haven’t seen such absurdity of having to do for instance 100 triple kills with the lowest margin between the kills ever seen in a shoot-em-up game.

You’re a special guy. 30 different shooters at a pro or semi-pro level? Really now? Is this an e-peen contest? If you must know, I was a master at Duck Hunt when I was a child, and then I graduated to Tetris, achieving new heights of fame and blah blah blah. Anyway, back to this pointless thread.

At first I read the thread and Lunchroom’s responses to you and they made sense to me. I mean I can say that having been here when the game was much more difficult well over a year ago. Professional players don’t complain about game mechanics. They just don’t. Professional players see a problem, map out a solution and execute. That’s just how they roll. Complaining about the problem doesn’t do anything, and all it does is waste time/energy.

While I understand the frustration you may experience I have to say that you are missing one key point – Free Will. No one is making you complete a w-task or a contract. Sure, w-tasks help the gun, and in some cases make it much better. However, I’d say 90% of the guns in this game work great without W-tasks. For such an illustrious and experienced player, you don’t appear to have the patience to complete the task because here we are talking about how difficult it is to get 100 triples. It’s not meant to be done in a day mate, and if some players have the time to spend to get it in a day, more power to them.

You sir, are under the false impression that you should be able to get 100 triples merely by waving your weapon in the general direction, thus having targets drop dead like some D-list Hollywood Action film where sheer air tears limb from limb….

That is not nor will ever be Contract Wars. We thank you for playing, but the tasks are here to stay for a long while, and their difficulty will remain that way because players all have varying skill levels. Someone of your vast experience surely doesn’t believe that a level 00 who’s played the game for all of three minutes should have access to let’s say a minigun, just because, right? Right?

One last question mate – Has anyone ever told you it’s not the gun, pen, pencil, marker, crayon, or paintbrush, but the USER?

You’re saying this game is easier than it was 1-2 years ago??

The older the game, the more experienced the players, hence more difficult opponents.
Players with over 200 ping were more of a rarity over a year and a half ago.
Premium guns were much less prevalent then than now, as were GP rental skills.
Also, every server hadn’t turned into a one sided noob bash.

In reply to the OP, If all of the contracts/w-tasks weren’t difficult, players wouldn’t feel pressured into buying premium skills like “Contract Expert/WTask Specialist,” “USEC/BEAR Killer,” ’PHP Ammunition," “EFD Frag Grenade II,” and various XP boosters, or packages like “Grenade Box,” “Damage Amplifier Box,” and “Special Protection Box.” It feels manipulative (it is) but micro transactions like these are the lifeblood of the Free to Play type of games.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Fix the goddamn ping

I share the same sentiment as contracto, though a bit more reserved. I am almost positive certain players use US severs for the sole purpose of obtaining high ping. It is indeed incredibly frustrating to play against them as it often seems they are 1/4 of a second ahead of everyone else in gameplay time (which is a huge amount for an fps), all the while bringing copious amounts of high packet loss to the poor server.

I hope the devs will figure out a way to fix this so as to benefit not only their wallets, but the players’ experience as well.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Ping limiter

Limiting ping on servers would reduce the playerbase significantly, because it would leave most players from Southeast Asia out of luck (if they truly can’t play on servers with lower ping).

Additionally, I was wondering if anyone knew why certain people with very bad latency problems, the kind of people that take an exorbitant amount of bullets to kill, have ping that jumps from low-normal (0-80) all the way up to 250+ and then quickly back down again. What kind of connection problem is that?

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Topic: Contract Wars / Top Guns

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Topic: Contract Wars / End the Noobstomping.

main_gi, no need to call me a “LIAR” since my post was an opinion, not a factual claim. Also, every time I’ve joined a server, it has only given me the option to join the weaker (in terms of player number and level) team. main’s example, without a screenshot of the players as well, isn’t as helpful as I’d like, but I suppose it is possible though I’ve never experienced it myself.

Let’s hope the devs can sort this problem soon.
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Topic: Contract Wars / End the Noobstomping.

Originally posted by ahbil:

So please dont ask me to leave a game just because after a few kills i find out that the other team is indeed too noobish , I and many others , try to find competitive matches…and when u do the faulty autobalance system forces u to join the high level team …

My ass it forces you to to join the stronger team. People seem to have found a way around the “team is too overpowered” block. Also, the point isn’t to leave and join competitive matches, the point is to strengthen the weaker team in order to create level playing ground, something that high levels are almost never willing to do.

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Topic: Contract Wars / End the Noobstomping.

Let’s see if I can’t screw up quoting

Originally posted by darkstar312:

gold contract 4 kill 150 enemys with AKMS rifle (GP gun) you were saying?


Originally posted by IRush2Hard:

Ak12 quads contract?
9a91 Quads contract?
Beretta trips contract?
Nade kills contract?
6 prokills?
Your argument is invalid.

Says the guy still on silver contract 24 and gold 16. Also, keyword “many” and the fact that this part and the rest of the argument still stands. Thanks for your quality input as always.

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Topic: Contract Wars / End the Noobstomping.

For all you whining about contracts, I am not aware of many difficult contracts that need to be completed on OSM TE (a favorite noobstomping map for high level players), or contracts that need sole usage of gp guns like the Ak-12 or the Orsis on said map. You are clearly farming experience and k/d, and perhaps attempting to engorge your own sensitive and bloated egos.

The difficulty with this recurring theme of one-sided games lies with the fact that even a skilled player on the wrong side of the stomp will do more poorly than usual, because things like enemy area denial and spawn location/control is nonexistent for legitimately inexperienced players, players that your team entirely consists of. We all know that despite the devs’ efforts to curb such games, teams end up being stacked anyways, probably through intentional game exploitation; if teams do end up being fixed, I suggest that k/d instead of player level be taken into account, since player level only sometimes correlates with player skill.

If the trend of constant one-sided games continues, not only will the game encourage poor player ethics, it also might be killing the younger part of the Contract Wars community off at the roots by removing their desire to play (or maybe it will force them to buy gp items, as the devs may have cleverly planned)

Either way, I certainly don’t find it entertaining or rewarding to crush low-level and unskilled teams, and even though being on the disadvantaged team can be a good way to challenge yourself, it can be disheartening as well when you are inevitably spawn trapped and spawn killed several times in a row by a strong, coordinated team.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Contract wars exploit, skill tree abuse / needs fix

I doubt this will be “fixed” since each person doing this spends more gp than probably a hundred other players combined, making it a large source of income for the devs.

As for these kind of players themselves, to be as strong as them would make us lazy, and to fight them will make us more skillful at the game

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your worst ROTMG regrets

Teleported on top of a skull shrine

what a day that was….

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] Realm of the Mad God F.A.Q.

is there a way to link my kongregate rotmg account to steam?