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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Your opinion on Swords & Potions 2

Only thing I can think of after a few days of playing:

Advertising. Buy a billboard for ads, make the shopkeeper or the worker craft the ad and put it up. That would slightly increase the odds of customers buying items from that particular worker. It would be great for taking the load off from other workers and selling other items you have huge stocks of.

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Topic: General Gaming / Awesome looking Zombie/Survivor Game

At least it doesn’t look like it’s plagued with asian art. If it stays that way, might give it a try someday.

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Topic: Kongregate / Games encouraging message spam

For me it would be enough if the spam needed both players to be friends with each other. If you don’t want spam mail from random people, don’t be friends with them. Of course, friends and followers should be separate.

This way like-minded people would chat in some game, maybe two, get to know each other a little and add each other as friends. If either found a nice new game the other would be much more likely to like the game too. And those weirdos that want to be “friends” with every living being on earth probably don’t mind the spam.

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Topic: Technical Support / Moderator Abuse and Insults

Llort <→ trolL doesn’t help much.

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Topic: Technical Support / Cannot connect to chat and score submission server.

Some variations to faulty systems:

Win 7, Opera 11.10, company environment with minimal blocking. Everything has worked well (yellow icon) before, but not anymore.

I suggest the current Fatality Challenge be put on hold or the end date stretched a bit because of these problems everyone seems to be having.