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Topic: General Gaming / hardest boss ever

Rugal/Omega Rugal and Geese from KOF are both pretty strong (and also cheap) Jinpachi from Tekken 5 is quite annoying too, but it looks like the new boss for Tekken 6 is even stronger. Otherwise of course any boss form IWBTG, I only played it until Mecha Birdo, that one freaked me out and I stopped playing that game. Oh and Justice from Guilty Gear is totally overpowered. Though you could say the same about SF’s Seth.

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Topic: General Gaming / Final Ninja Zero is released...

When I first played FNZ in the first level I tried to shoot the samurais down, because I didn’t know that this time they were the good guys. But then I beat the game in a few hours. I especially liked that they finally made it necessary to use wall jumps, in Final Ninja you could simply rope-jump all the time, but this time there are platforms you can’t shoot ropes at and a level where you look like a scientist so you can’t shoot or the robots will follow you. And I liked those remote controlled drones, they’re really fun.