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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / I need this song

Originally posted by HyperHippoGames:
Originally posted by Lewislml:

Darude – Sandstorm

LOL. Can you imagine playing AdCap to Sandstorm? Anyways, to answer the OP’s question, it’s an original composition by one of the composers in house.

Doing it right now. My movie studio progress bar is moving at the exact tempo of the song. Weird.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Corrupt a Wish-AC Edition

Originally posted by Piratefoodog:

Granted, but the kred multipliers now do nothing, and make your purchased kreds wasted.

I also wish for ten billion un-corruptible wishs, that i can use at any time any where, even if i am dead, even if i am alive, even
if my wish never happened, even if i was in space, even if i was someone other than me.

I wish Mr. Monopoly replaced the AdCap guy in the top left window.
I wish I had Spider-Man super powers.
I wish I had the power to dance good
I wish I had the power to shoot soda from my hair like medusa soda cannons.
I wish I had AMAZING internet, with 1337 terabites per nanosecond.
I wish I knew ALL languages.
I wish I could fix the us economy.

Granted, but you accidentally used them all each time you thought “I want a taco,” and then got a taco.
Mr. Monopoly replaces the AdCap guy, only to have Hasbro change Mr. Monopoly’s design to that of the AdCap guy.
You have great power, but you also get great responsibility.
You dance good, get rich and famous, and die of a heroin overdose.
You can shoot soda out of your hair, but now your soda is all hairy and everything you touch is super sticky.
Your computer can download at 1337 terabytes per second, but the government breaks into your house and steals your router.
You know ALL languages. You now have to deal with knowing what all those Chinese people are saying behind your back.
You can fix the US economy, but it involves starting WWIII.

I wish that I constantly felt the pain of being in the core of the sun while being stabbed with a hundred knives and being flayed alive, while never dying.