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Topic: Off-topic / what would you do if u win 999999 trillion billion dollars

I would buy the company that made Portal, then make the cake the truth, instead of a lie. I would make a real life Mudkipz so it could be my pet. Hmm…what else? Oh! I would make my power level over 9,000. _ That’s all.

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Topic: Off-topic / favorit sports

I’m gonna go with American football. :D I love the intensity, the contact, and of course the dramatic finishes. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / What would you do if you were the only guy/girl on earth?

Pssh…I dunno about you guys, but I’d continue to be a nerd on Halo 3, wondering why the hell no one else is on Xbox Live. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / Eye frames per second?

I’m gonna guess around 500-600 frames per second. The human brain is incredible, and I doubt it’s anywhere near as low as 100. When you see something like a football flying through the air for a couple seconds, you don’t just see 100-200 still images put together. You see the football as smooth as ever sailing through the air. I can’t see the eye being anything as slow as being guessed so far. But then again, this is just my guess. =P

Time to look it up and see what awesome scientist dudes say…

Edit: Ok, so some research has been done, and it turns out we can see at least 220 fps. So not quite 500, but more than 70’s you’ve been guessing. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / Trip to England

Tips! (I’ve never left the United States in my life, but anyways…)

1) Try A British accent! See how many people believe your accent.

2) If the accent works, try to trick other tourists into thinking you know all about England, then give them incredibly wrong directions to places you’ve never heard of.

3) Have fun! (obviously)

4) Know that British “chips” aren’t American “chips.”

5) Don’t drown in the rain.

6) Tell us how it is! (When you get back…or while you’re there :P)

7) Have more fun! (more obviously!)

So…that’s it. Enjoy yourself. You should has fun in teh Englands!

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Topic: Kongregate / Badges

at least one badge too a game

Hmm…let’s see, take the badges we have now, take that amount times about 20, and somehow we get a badge to each game! Have fun with that…

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate #4 of 2008

I think we’re stuck at #4 for a while: Last time I checked (5 seconds ago…)

1) Penny Arcade – Rating: 94 / Votes: 61,572

2) Gaia Online – Rating: 81 / Votes: 52,878

3) GasBuddy – Rating: 79 / Votes: 17,330

4) Kongregate – Rating: 79 / Votes: 8,828

5) The Nest – Rating: 76 / Votes: 3,854

Maybe we’ll push up to #3 soon, or #2 if we’re lucky, but #1 seems a mile (and then some) away.

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Topic: General Gaming / Guitar Hero: World Tour

So, what do you think? Are you hyped up for its release in mid-October?

I mainly made this thread to see what Kongregate thinks about this game: What are you most excited about for this new Guitar Hero game? What are you not so sure about?

I’m pretty excited about the song creation. I think it’s going to greatly enchance Guitar Hero, and give it one more thing to hook players to the game. Also, the drum set looks like it should work great, and sounds like it’s going to be easier and more comfortable to play than the drums in Rock Band. However, I’m not so sure about the new guitars. They have all new features that might make the game just a bit too complicated than what it should be.

And one more thing: Please no “I love Guitar Hero!!!” posts, or “Omg guitar hero is 4 posers!” Just tell the community what you think of the upcoming Guitar Hero. :D

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Topic: Kongregate / Stop Talking

Because he didn’t already explain that or anything…

I know you can mute all but I now know that it doesn’t actually stop the chat information from being transfered.

XD And yeah, I guess that could be a nice feature for some people, but I love chatting and I have a nice computer, so I’m fine with whatever. :P

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Topic: Kongregate / What is your favourite chat room?

MalFunction FTW!!! And we don’t need like 100 new threads exactly like this every week…

Edit: 99 is fine, just not 100. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / The Greatest Inventions of All Time

French Fries

we will never know who made those

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?

They were actually invented in New York using a French boiling/cooking style. :P That’s one very random fact I for some reason know…

P.S. ~ Electricity by Ben Franklin was (and still is) very ftw!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Random Facts

13. Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.

14. The most times a piece of paper can be folded is 7 times. :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Introducing Underdog Week!

Good luck recovering the points challenge dealy thing! Hope it gets here soon. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite Chip Brand

Cheetos very ftw! =) I love their crunchy, cheesy goodness, that flows in every bite. Just picture that in your head. This great tasting snack is good any time, any day! So grab your Cheetos and go, go, go!

This advertisement has been paid for and produced by Cheetos brand snacks. Cheetos are delicious.

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Topic: Off-topic / iPod shuffle: worth it or not?

Wow…iPod Shuffle for $20? GET IT! That’s an epic deal for any type of iPod. Personally, I don’t like not being able to choose the songs you want to listen to at any certain point in time, but hey, IT’S ONLY $20!!! XD

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Topic: Off-topic / Worst dying words!

“Wait…I thought there was gonna be some candy in this deal.”

“Oh, I see your cut along the sidewalk and raise you a cut across the street!”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Popo the Younger: He or She?

I always thought Popo was a female, but now…Well, I’m not sure. I think it’s a girl, but now you guys have got me wondering. =O

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your dream career?

Video game tester. sigh That is a true dream job, and I would love to have it. XD Working overtime wouldn’t be a task, but rather a plus side to the job. >_<

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Topic: The Arts / pokemon pics and whare are they

Yeah, just Google pretty much anything you want, and it’ll come up with like..millions if results. :) I’m also not sure what you’re asking, but is a “dealgplup” a Pokèmon? If so, then yeah, Google should work. =P

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Topic: Kongregate / Moderator Beat! (Who is you favorite Mod)

Malachi ftw! He pretty much owns MalFunction. Nickname: Mal. Owns: "Mal"Function. He wins. XD He has amazing respect in that room, and he’s just downright hilarious. That’s why he’s the best mod on Kongregate. >_<

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Topic: Kongregate / Introducing Underdog Week!

a new game will be featured for a single day

giving each underdog its 15 minutes

A single day, but only 15 minutes? So which one is it, huh? Huh? :P Yeah, I’m joking.

Anyways, amazing idea. I think it’s a great way to kick of Greg Month , personally. XD It’ll give people games that may be undiscovered or not as hyped up, but still possibly as good as the ones they’ve been playing. I’m really looking forward to this, greg! =)

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Alright, I’m sure this has been suggested before, but I didn’t feel like reading through 70 pages of suggestions, so here’s mine:

Maybe you could make your friends’ usernames a different color (like green) in the chat box when they talk. That way, when you’re in a conversation, you can see what the people you care about most have to say. Also, if there’s a mad spammer, you can find what your friend said quicker. Please take this into consideration. Thanks. :)

P.S. ~ No, this is not private messaging. It’s a quite different topic. XD

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Topic: Off-topic / [signups closed] Strategy Survivor

Sweet! I’ve been so bored lately. Time to spice up my interwebs life. :P Signs up!

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your pet peeve?

Mine is absolutely 100% when people can’t spell or use correct grammar in the forums. It just drives me nuts! I can hardly even understand what some people are saying, and the other people are just too lazy to type the whole word or sentence out. Doing that is fine in chatrooms, but you have as much time to type in the forums as you want, so please just get it right. :)

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Topic: General Gaming / runescape

some runescape players are nice but more of them are very rude

Ok, ok…

It sucks, The end


And, yes indeed, it DOES suck.

runescape is gay

runescape sucks

Hmm…It seems to me that more people who don’t play the game have a bad attitude. Maybe Runescape tends to improve your social skills and allow you to ignore annoying people and laugh at the rude ones. I dunno, but it’s definitely not just Runescape that seems to have people with bad attitudes.

Edit: Yeah, that was just from this page.