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Topic: Technical Support / People are trying to spend Kreds in my game and can't

There has been an issue with game saving as well the 2 problems may be the same issue. I know at times BTD5 had the same sort of problem with kreds being spent and no item. I’m sure Kong staff has been looking into the problem so please give them a bit of time.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate: THE MOVIE

Well done indeed!
Although I think Tricky would have just used a hammer.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why is there no badges today?

I lobby we should all request extra badges and points for the late badges!

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Topic: Off-topic / Attic Regular's Pics

Drunk Face!

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Topic: Off-topic / who is the coolest user?

Originally posted by Craig12390:
Originally posted by flyingman:

how about you cant say yourself because thjis is getting ridiculas

Woot! 2 votes for me :D


And all The Attic mods.

Nice Craig Very Nice! I see what you did there.
I shall find you very soon!

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Topic: Off-topic / if you could own any thing what would it be

Originally posted by Craig12390:

Your mom. :O

I would own Craig! Which My Powers of Telepathy already allow me to do so the point is irrelevant.
Sends Craig for Beverages

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

How about maybe a 10 second audio on our Profiles. It would take up some space but not like video or picture files and we could actually here a Hello from all of our friends.