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Topic: Spiral Knights / more weapons suggestions

I was thinking hammer or mallet-type weapons could be a good idea. They have massive knockback and damage, but are slow and take both hands, so you can’t block with one equipped. They’d be perfect for enemies like gremlins and slimes, but weak against wolvers and other quick enemies.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / whats this game needs is exp

I think leveling should be maintained within equipment, but you can actually customize the abilities and stats of your gear. For example; you can take a calibur, and when it levels up, you can choose to put heat into damage, specializing split-damage swords into one or the other type, or simply keeping it balanced. Or, you can put heat into attack speed, sacrificing damage per hit for damage per second. Or into charge duration, which would be useful if you have a sword that has a particularly useful or useless charge. And there could be certain attributes for specific weapons, like that bomb that makes a little gravity vortex could have an attribute effecting the strength of it’s pull. And guns could have magazine upgrades, so you can choose to have a powerful gun-and-run weapon which fires a short magazines worth of powerful bullets, or you can have weaker guns with large clips for strong, weak enemies like lumbers. And those shields that provide special bonuses, like the swiftstrike buckler, could have their bonuses upgraded in place of health or resistance boosts.

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Topic: Technical Support / something wrong with kongregate?

for some reason i cant play any kongregate games is something wrong with kongregate or is it something else?