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Topic: Off-topic / What are you doing for the 4th of July?

Originally posted by TheQuietGamer:


Sounds about right.

My colleagues, however, are trying to get me out of working for some 4th of July party that one of my really awesome supervisors is hosting. If I do that then I guess I’ll be attending that though otherwise I’ll just be on my phone the entire night at work really.

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Topic: Off-topic / The ULTIMATE DEFENSE aganist smoking, alcoholic drinks, drugs, and all other sort of potentially harmfull addictions...

Is this a middle school PSA?

You do realize that oftentimes addiction occurs due to various aspects whether that be genetic (e.g. alcoholism) or due to one’s life. Some people who get addicted aren’t nice people, some people who get addicted are nice people.

I mean I personally am hesitant on alcohol for my own personal reasons but that doesn’t mean no one should drink alcohol. It can be a relaxer for many people, used for social interactions and events, and overall is something that has been shared experience wise by millions of people over thousands of years.

Pretty neat in my opinion.

Oh aguspal, good to see you haven’t changed in the last month or so in the other hand.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you satisfied with your life?

I don’t have a girlfriend nor do I plan to date for a while, I have a job that obviously took my life (and satisfaction with it) away for a while since I did way too many hours, and I am planning on getting a car soon.

Beyond that am I satisfied with my life? For the last month not really when all I did was work, come home, shower, sleep, repeat. That led to burn out and where I am right now: burnt out. With the new schedule starting on the other hand I do intend to go back to what I used to do whether that was soldering, doodling, going to the lake, stuff like that.

I’m rather excited with my life starting from next week again. Aw yay.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

Whoops time to go fix that, thanks Gabi. He didn’t send the gift? He made it sound like he was going to/did in his messages. I’ll go message him back now to decide on what he wants to do.

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Topic: Off-topic / BEST OR HOTTEST (in your own opinion)OTer?


Can I vote for everyone? Same reasoning as Regin but I’ll go the other route of just voting nonpartisan to everyone.

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Topic: Off-topic / Extreme OT challenge



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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

SirPhilly → Giftee
Starsets → Giftee
TheDarknessBelow → MmeBunneh/OT
TheQuietGamer → burntfires22 [PM MmeBunneh for gift, gift message: “Happy Kongbitrary. Treat yourself to some Binding of Isaac DLC (or whatever else you want to buy) on me. Happy gaming.”]

TurkeyPie → spookyskeleton
abraaz → zhs0O [PM MmeBunneh for gift]
kusherofsoulz → Giftee
matrixxx67 → Giftee
Mikkmar → Giftee
mommyrocks2005 → Giftee
oOTrentOo → Giftee
occooa → Giftee
qwertyuiopazs → Mafefe_Classic
Ruudiluca → Gabidou99 [Gift sent directly from Ruudiluca]
sabercow → Giftee
sofiRTx → Giftee
spookyskeleton → Giftee
superfastjelly → Giftee
TheDarkoko → Giftee
Thegamer211 → Giftee
TheInternetRules → Giftee
TwistedCakez → TheInternetRules [PM MmeBunneh for gift]
zhs0O → Giftee

Questions and Answers

Q.) Why did you disappear Bunneh?

Simplest way of saying it, working hours that aren’t normal (or legal I found out). They’re putting an end to that luckily so I’m looking forward to that. Once it was obvious there was no way that anyone (especially myself) could handle the hours that were happening with other people barely doing any of their actual share of work they brought in corporate to redo the entire thing.

Hence the schedule bid and hence, normal hours for what the job actually is, starting next week.

Q.) My gift isn’t out yet, why isn’t it here yet?

This year as I stated before is being done very differently. There will be no penalization for no gifts until the 20th of July. After that that will be the final gift post as I do every year with something from a lot of people given to those who did not receive a gift from their original gifter upon that giftee having given a gift in the correct allotted time themselves.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

Thank You’s and Apologies

The last few months have been a complete whirlwind for myself. There’s a lot that I’m still on, did this really happen? So for all of those who persisted and followed through I commend you all very much. Everything is still in a picking up all the pieces to get my life back together after weeks of just working nonstop. It’s amazing to think that the first time I did this event was basically just a year ago.

Thank you all for being a part of this event this year. Just an update on my gifts, please hold on as I get through them since I wanted to do something for everyone after the mess this year’s event was.

Gifts Galore!

Have some glorious celebration. Once again there will be no penalty up until the 20th of July for gifts so if you have those gifts, turn them in!

10crystalmask01 → Giftee
123kittycat101 → Giftee
15man → Giftee
Battleship203 → Giftee
burntfires22 → Giftee
DaAzianDragon → oOTrentOo [PM MmeBunneh for other gift] Gift to Bunneh
DjPenguinLOL → Giftee
Fishstickz13 → Giftee
Gabidou99 → Battleship203 Minor gift 2
heatblast1 → Giftee
Holy2334 → TurkeyPie Gift 1 Gift 2
MTCNIM → Giftee
Mafefe_Classic → Giftee
Meistheman → Nicemaim555 [Gift message: “I have thought day and night of what I should give niceman5555. Should I show him something funny that he probably won’t remember the next day or should I actually get off m ass and do something for him myself? I have thought long, long and hard what my choice should be, it was a hard choice. But I realized that gracing him with a drawing from my hands truly would make him the most satisfied and thus my choice was concluded. Have fun doing whatever you want to that Picture, Niceman. It is now yours.”]
MmeBunneh → Giftee
Nicemaim555 → Giftee
ninjaChameleon → matrixxx67
Pipipipipi314 → Giftee
Pokerpo → Giftee
Rajesh1999 → Giftee
Rolby → Giftee
ShinichiEdogawa → Giftee


Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

Just an update, I’ll be posting whatever gifts people have sent to me so far tonight once I get home from work. As I said before this event is unusual compared to the past as I am posting them without verifying that the giftee also sent in a gift.

If you fail to turn in a gift when the grace period ends you will be on event participation probation.

I apologize once again for the delay in this event. I just never expected my schedule to go so far into [expletive] for a long while. I did get my new schedule bid so I’ll be active from the 6th of July and onward again.

To those who sent me messages with questions for your giftees and I haven’t relayed that question for you yet you all will be given an extra amount of days from today as another extension of the grace period.

Dear gawd I really wish I had known that the last few weeks would have ended up like this since I’d have pushed to the event a month ahead like last year.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

I hopefully should be with the new schedule bid coming out at my work place! I also got pulled aside and am getting a specific bid tailored to one of my new positions/responsibilities. It’ll be really weird, however, working in offices all day beyond the occasional running out to talk to everyone possible which I really don’t know how I feel about.

Really though, I’m definitely going to try to make up for my lack of speed this event as much as I can.

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we change our usernames?

I mean I’d personally love to get a username change myself but eh.

It makes you think about how you’ll name yourself in the future.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you a loser?

Did this on my phone sorry.

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Topic: Off-topic / are you planning something serious in your life?

Getting a car again.

I have no idea what to get or do. I also have to redo my finances since it’s a cluster [expletive]. I have no idea what to do with any of it. I’m also going to start build credit with a credit card and a secured credit card so that’ll be interesting.

With a real credit history soon maybe that’ll someday contribute to me having an actual home or whatever, who knows.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who are your coolest/best Kong friends?

Definitely Jes, Maowee, Uzzbuzz, and a few others. Trent I’d have said yes but he doesn’t send me pictures of Mugsy anymore. :’<<<

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

Whoa I got bombarded by questions. I’ll send all questions to your giftees once I get home. I was supposed to get home early (coworkers were telling me all night to go home) but uh yeah.

I’m beyond thrilled that this is finally moving forward.

I swear I’m still alive pls I just ended up at work six or so more hours than originally planned.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is the nicest OTer?

I mean what definition of “nice” are we even going for? For example I could say that with Jes, he’s a great friend and overall person who really cares for people around him but it isn’t him doing it out of being “nice”, it’s just who he is. He isn’t such a “nice” person to someone who just got their thread or post locked by him, at least they won’t view it that way.

Politicians can be very “nice” and helpful but that doesn’t mean you’d agree with their politics. Doctors can be very “nice” and give great advice but that doesn’t matter if you’re going to disagree on their expertise due to a matter of opinion (e.g. psychiatrist attempting to prescribe antidepressants to a child of a family whom disagree with medication for mental illness). If we’re going to look at the definition of the word:

: giving pleasure or joy : good and enjoyable

: attractive or of good quality

: kind, polite, and friendly

Then really everyone and no one is “nice” at the same time in regards to how you view them with your own personal, socioeconomic, political, and other various aspects of how you perceive the world and of others.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's new, OT?

Nearly passed out at work yesterday, they wanted to call the paramedics but I’m stubborn and refused to let them. Got driven home by my general manager, went to sleep at 1900 and woke up today at 1100, went back to sleep by 1400 or so and woke up a bit after 1800. Got Indian food, talked to Jes a lot, ate ice cream, and sent the names for Kongbitrary Day out finally.

It’s weird having a day off and it looks like tomorrow will be a short shift with Thursday off too, who knows.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

Update 17 June

All names should have been sent. I feel like I may have messed up somewhere so I’ll be re-verifying names that I sent later today. I apologize once more and I’d also like to clarify by the rolling base status of pushing out gifts into the main gifts post: all gifts received before the 25th will be released at the same time on the 25th and afterwords each gift sent to me will be pushed out.

I’ve been unfortunately doing 80-100 hour work weeks with the last two weeks clocking in at around (or over) 200 hours. Yeah, 200 hours in two weeks is not great when you could potentially be risking millions of dollars and souls as to why I was forced a day off today. I haven’t had a day off in over a month until now and I slept through almost all of it, too.

Hopefully that explains to people why I’ve been unable to do anything until now.

Once again I apologize and from hereon out (as long as I did everything correctly, I’ll figure that out today in the evening) lets all begin the festive gift making process!

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Topic: Off-topic / What's new, OT?

I’m working 80-100 hours a week lately at least until the end of this month when the new schedule bid takes place. Tl;dr I’m working too many hours, have more money than I need (though I should buy a car so eh), and no life beyond work right now.

For once I want to do anything but paperwork.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

I worked 96.40 hours last week, that’s basically why I disappeared. I’m also this weekend working a definite 50+ hours in three days, most likely more so yeah. I’m going to do my best to try to send the names out tonight, I’ve just been really stressed out lately.

Let me just clean my apartment a bit before I send the names out, alright? I’ve had the pairings done for a while, it’s mostly the mass sending the messages part that takes a lot of time.

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Topic: Off-topic / If our OT moderators...

Jes eats so little there’s no way he’d ever win.

I’ll try for uzzbuzz or tricky.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46

Sorry, as to an update of what’s been happening that the messages haven’t been getting sent out, working a lot of overtime.

I was hoping to leave on time for once yet I just clocked out half an hour ago or so. I worked 15 hours today, I work a guaranteed 17 hours tomorrow with everything being on time hopefully, I worked 11 yesterday, and two days ago I did another 15 hours.

When I do send the messages there will be a grace period from the 25th with however as many days there were that I did not send the messages. There will be no penalty for not sending a gift on the 25th if you were unable to do so for this event.

I apologize heavily, I’m on my way home and I have to get some rest tonight for tomorrow. Please bare with me as I try to find time to get on my laptop to send the messages out.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46


Also sorry I haven’t sent it yet, I ended up getting stuck at work talking to every single agency possible and worker 13 hours that day. I’m a bit passive and got all of my days off into work days this week so there’s that.

Cross your fingers for today.

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Topic: Kongregate / Bungregate

Dear gawd like actually who are you?

I support Bungregate but not yourself until you prove to the highest bun powers that you are doing this for the goodness and welfare of all bunbuns, not as a joke. Like pls if you don’t pray to the bun overlords daily for cute bun fluff photos and gifs then you’re not a TRUE bun at all.

Bunneh out.