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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Good Night Thread

Turned my laptop off, sees Saber post about my favourite peeps in TC. Too tired and headache-y to turn laptop back on and what not so night all.

Imgur time until sleep for me aww yeah.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Good Month Thread

Oh I didn’t even realize it was February.

Happy cheap chocolate month to you all, may the chocolate gods be in your favour.

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Topic: Off-topic / Serious Discussion challenges Off-Topic.

Honestly I’m going to say that when I first joined Kongregate almost two years ago and still trying to figure out where to go I did post in SD. It didn’t really help that everyone associated me with long posts and said I should just go to SD and stay there. I really wanted SD to be good and I did want to try to actually post there. Which I did. And didn’t enjoy.

The atmosphere was just not what I wanted to partake in at all. If OT is supposedly a hostile environment, then SD to me was an arid desert with zero chance of living conditions. Maybe that has changed since two years ago, maybe not. I do see that a user I admire and like a lot has posted there (which I hadn’t really noticed until really recently) so I do want to believe that it has changed.

That’s really it. In seriousness though:

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

ew soy milk

Pls no you.

Originally posted by DaAzianDragon:

You can also try coconut or almond milk there are a lot of alternatives.

I got ice cream on sale at Whole Foods and not sure why I got the almond milk based ones but they taste so weird to me. I rather have Ben & Jerry’s right now.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Creating Change in Your Community

Sorry to bump this, I was rather curious to see what SD has been up to since one of you guys (though I guess you all don’t really like them much either lurking and seeing the other threads here) advertised in OT.

With that said, off to the actual post.

I am currently not a member of a non-profit or organization as I decided a while before I graduated high school last summer, I needed time to focus on myself and help myself. I dedicated four years of my life to a non-profit organization and another two years to a non-governmental human rights organization in high school, not to mention the other various clubs and activities I was either a leader in or member of.

When I was a member of one, however, there are a lot of challenges we faced (and are still occurring) and the process of changing the community was a tough road of grant writing proposals, conferences, and sheer activism.

I think it’d be easier to break down the process by organizing it by the two organizations I was a member of.

Non-Profit LGBTQ Organization

I was a member of their youth leadership board that gave me a special position in assisting the adults of the organization make choices based off of our own experiences and outreach that we, as youth, were more easily able to do to spread the word to other people our age. The philosophy with creating that board was that youth should be empowered and that they must educate their own peers. Some challenges we faced included:

  • Acceptance of LGBTQ students by non-LGBTQ peers, this was especially a problem in urban middle schools and non-city high schools where bullying was commonplace
  • LGBTQ youth of colour being systematically displaced disproportionately from the rest of their peers
  • Trans youth and the issues that are disproportionately higher for them (e.g. homelessness, expulsions, assaults, suicide rates)
  • Education, simply being allowed to educate and learn from our own peers in an environment that is safe and inclusive
  • Etc.

We helped set up GSAs in schools and did presentations to school administrators and district leaders on these issues. One huge issue was the Zero Tolerance Policies and in a lot of schools we were able to set up alternative methods to those (e.g. restorative justice groups). We did a lot of grant writing to get funding and we created several projects (e.g. videos, conferences) to spread the word. At conferences we set up presentations on legal rights we had for various situations, informative presentations on gender and sexuality, and other various related topics.

Swaying public opinion is hard when first off we’re talking about an issue that is multifaceted in terms of identity and how it is socially viewed (and politically), secondly being a youth and having our own opinions and arguments thrown out due to age and not our own merits. A large focus of that was by spreading not just statistics but by sharing our own stories and experiences to adults and youth.

A lot of people claim everything is better and that there’s nothing else more to be done. It’s harder to do that when you’re being told personally in a public forum, “No, it’s not getting better,” and examples of what has happened to them.

Human Rights Organization

A huge part of the entire organization went down to the people and their actions related to grassroot led protests, fundraising, and awareness. Going to a die-in (basically you lie on the ground for a set amount of time as someone speaks about say, drone attack deaths to civilians which breaks international humanitarian laws), going to an actual full conference, and doing a lot of write-a-thons and what not, it’s really pretty for the people, by the people if you want to call it that.

I really do dislike Upworthy as it killed the respect that people used to have when it came to activism. A lot of the time it was hard to get people to listen as they shut down the moment anything related to the word “activist”, was said. So with that, that was a challenge for my group in general since how do you convince people to share what’s going on when well, there’s just so much of it? At that point is it okay to be selective on what stories you share and what stories you don’t? All experiences that we shared and explored were tragic, but as a group we had to decide which ones got the louder piece of the word than others.

A lot of the times simply discomforting people led to discussions. Putting up posters all over school for example helped with that as we had posters of political prisoners of conscience, their names, and why they were being imprisoned. Our shirts led to people asking us, “What is [organization]?” “Why is this happening?”

Most of this was informing ourselves fully and correctly, a heck of a ton amount of researching and keeping up with updated news, and sharing that information with others. The greatest feeling honestly in all of the despair that came out of this was seeing the person you wrote letters to the government (typically) responsible for their imprisonment and seeing them walking free and alive.

I have zero regrets bugging the entire life out of my community when a person becomes freed. The saddest thing is that they’re a very minor group of people as if you can’t tell, there are hundreds upon thousands of cases and more that we’ll never hear because it’ll never be reported or be silenced.

Tl;dr (Though I guess in SD there is no such concept of that)

Best change in your community is done by creating discomfort that leads to discussions, action, and eventually seeing the result of that whether it be a child growing up thanking you after a presentation you did in their class, a school administrator e-mailing you saying that the information you gave led them to help a child, or seeing a person who used to be a prisoner of conscience walking freely to help the voices of those whom cannot speak.

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Topic: Off-topic / Finally Completed Every Badge

Considering two years ago I was a hopeless depressed fearful mess of a person (hilariously coincides with me joining Kongregate, I know), I think it took me a slight bit of a long amount of time to find happiness for myself and to be at peace with myself. There were some times even up until the end of last year when I wished I could have gone back, maybe changed it or maybe have just said, “You’ll pull through it,” at this point I’m okay with the process of getting to myself now.

I guess another thing I took too long to do was find a supplier for my chocolate soy milk. Months without any and now having so much is glorious.

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Topic: Off-topic / what the fuck do i do

Well first off, that’s kind of a vague description as to how she ended up in your house. Is she the daughter of a family friend? A foster child? What exactly is her role and your parents in all of this? With that said it’s pretty creepy she’s taking photos of yourself obviously without your consent.

Have you told her to stop? I’d assume yes so with that, tell her to leave the room you’re in. Do you have a laptop or desktop? If you have a desktop that’s in a public space of your home that’s unfortunate but if you can, just stay in your room.

Let your parents know what’s going on.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Food Thread

Originally posted by LukeMann:
I have a packet of quinoa and brown rice,

Oh thank gawd you have food, wait,

but I want to eat my expired foods first.

Wat. Luke you’re literally going to kill me with that food I swear. Shiet dude. Can we start a Luke’s food fund for you since that’s like, oh heck no. Golly just take all of my loose change, it’s like $60 at this point now, I was going to take it to the bank (minus the quarters) but you can have all of it.

Or make an Amazon wishlist of food and send it to me pls.

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Topic: Off-topic / Serious Discussion challenges Off-Topic.


Well guess I’m not considered an adult even though I can legally vote, pay my bills every single month, have a job, and take classes? Not to mention, gasp, I buy my own food and soy milk aww yeah.

Oh well.

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Topic: Off-topic / Saturday night and you're home rofl

Don’t hate on the soy milk, at least it isn’t alcohol where you regret your entire life, destroy any chance with your crush when you embarrass the living life out of yourself, and golly the best part, wake up hating yourself. That’s what I’ve learned from all the people surrounding me at least.

If there’s anything to hate, almond milk or anything it. Holy [expletive] I knew it was a mistake to get ice cream at Whole Foods, [expletive] almond milk based ice cream.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Food Thread

Luke… you’re killing me.

Do you want some of my quinoa I bought at Whole Foods, I’m pretty sure I don’t need the full pound of it that I bought. Seriously, stale bread why.

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Topic: Off-topic / Saturday night and you're home rofl

I got groceries and I have chocolate soy milk.


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Topic: Off-topic / OT Challenges #42

  1. Ambiguous titles to articles to click bait someone, could be actually good or could be life changing, it’s never not a waste of time as long as you click it to see!
  2. Lurking on websites where either not much happens, spam happens, or nothing
  3. Refresh button, don’t do it
  4. Stalking and being obsessed with someone (or more than one person if you’re that type of person) so you spend endless hours watching for them to get online (some people may call this love) to spam them (some people still may call this love)
  5. Being a moderator

In no way is any of this related to OT, cough, lies, cough.

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Topic: Off-topic / How old are ya?

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

2. plz don’t report my age!


19 years of age.

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Topic: Off-topic / How can I get shorter?

You will naturally get shorter as you age as your cartilage gets worn out and other stuff like your spine and what not. I don’t know, I’m actually barely taller than you so I personally wish I could get taller but alas it doesn’t work that way.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is this section still moderated?

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

wasnt the whole point of you getting modded in the first place was to replace the inactive mods like what

I have no idea honestly. But no I think everyone forgets a simple thing: moderators can be on at the same time. I’ll clear some flags and then I’ll see that oh, more flags were cleared by someone else cool (or not cool depends I guess).

Call it awkward sports teamwork. Night.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Good Night Thread

Filed my taxes.

If anyone needs me, well, this bun is going to be listening to music nonstop and swiping to the right on Imgur until I pass out. That was awful. Pro-tip: don’t move in the middle of the year to a different state.

Night all!

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Topic: Off-topic / Is this section still moderated?

You got that sleep part right, I’m definitely going to pass out into dreams of bunnehs, cheesecake, and cute things. Filed my stupid taxes online and that took me over an hour since I had to keep restarting parts of it. Was fantastic wasting time searching calendars to see when I say, started school in my home state and then what not.

10/10 will do again (since you legally have to darn it).

Also I’m barely ever moderating, even when I’m posting someone else is moderating most of the time I swear.

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Topic: Technical Support / como tener kred gratis.?

Golly, well, I can say I certainly don’t understand any language beyond English, Korean, or French. But that said, this is an English only forum, sorry.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is this section still moderated?

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

bunneh ur not as ‘fluffy’ as the old bunneh

pls no

It’s because I’m shedding my winter fur right now for some soft glorious new fuzzy fur for the spring, duh

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Topic: Off-topic / Everyone should use [expletive]

Well this is shiet.

I’ll say whatever I want to say. Bam. Edgy 10/10

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Topic: Off-topic / Is this section still moderated?

Well I just got home so…

Hi. Also thanks to the peeps who moderated all day considering I got a lot of messages from peeps.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's new, OT?

Had my first class today.

For some stupid reason I completely failed to realize, “Hey I should take my laptop to this class,” and so I was the only person today there without one. Kind of awkward. I did end up setting up the laptop of someone else so that was pretty nice. It was pretty nerve wrecking at first but by the end of the class I definitely felt more comfortable.

At least with the two assistants/TA.

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Topic: Off-topic / Youtube/Video Links Masterthread

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

I used to think this trailer was awesome, but it hasn’t held up that well. Still 5/5 choice of music for an official trailer. Here

I wasn’t expecting to hear that type of music at all.

That was pretty weird.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Tinychat Discussion Thread

Yeah salty like the salt I put on my avocados earlier since I didn’t want to cook. If you call this an attack then look at the “ban” list you’ve created that’s just “purely a selling point.” I decided to reply to the posts that were there for a week or so ago in the other thread you guys had a conversation in plus it’s pretty annoying seeing my username nonstop.

Not replying any further, just figured I’d say it was pointless.


You’re the only one who cares about the popularity issue. I’m glad you’re having fun in there but seriously stop trying to act like I care about it. That’s really my final say about this, seriously thought you’d have changed.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Tinychat Discussion Thread

Uh. Okay? Guessing someone completely missed reading comprehension classes:

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

[…] I have never gone in there so I’ve never been banned nor will I ever enter it either.

Glad you’re all having a fun discussion though.

Also you just have bad timing.