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Topic: Rise of Mythos / When the levels stop...

Lords of Avalon has hit max level. What is the next step?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Spike Rushing in Tournaments and a Note to the Devs.

These are the distributors of the game, they are not the actually programmers, they can’t implement the things you want banned. And if it did happen then extreme power would win every time. While I commiserate with you (the timing of this missive indicates you probably just got spiked in showdown), there has to be a viable second choice.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Spike rush

Originally posted by kevinke6:


priests are more of a 2v2 class which is the main focus of this thread. 1s spike is stupid and doesn’t work.

priest refuge+inspire and its easy from then on; it gets increasingly easy for priests to beat spike

just about every single point in your posts constantly fail.

1. warrior buffs are stupid, only unless if he is spiking, thus rendering your first argument in paragraph 2 incorrect
2. mage can wing a fenris? refuge can stop both, wings or not, any time
3. only smites and RJs eh, sad sad attempt at a point-what about sanctuary? refuge? inspire?
4. New demons, assuming you are referring to the ones with immolation, are in my opinion, terrible cards. For their cooldowns, its pretty easy to summon a tankier card, whether it be something like lawrence to zeeva to soul
5. your server is a new server, classes in rankings count for little because you have not reached end game yet
6. its not proof of your accuracy. this is a classic example of using nonstandardized statistics to “lie”; with 8 warriors on your set, this is in fact an outlier when compared to older servers that have 0 warriors in top 30 cross 1v1
7. your I"M ALWAYS CORRECT" attitude dispels your “I like a challenge statement”. I understand it could be that it is because you are so inexperienced and only level 47, that you have not acquired good priest skill cards yet, or somehow, have never seen a sanctuary before, but if not, it seems like you have already given up on a good priest anti without even brainstorming properly
8. you are not above average in skill; skill is something that goes across servers, thus you need to be compared with other servers, which in turn places you far below average

put in some work, some thought, then consider refuges high return rate and bounce potentials. 1 lane total lockdown is something no other class can do

with these new demons with assault, warrior buffs suddenly look interesting again

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Spike rush

Priests do fine these days, way too many good skills.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / OK, so while we are waiting...

Originally posted by jooe15:

No, but I can tell you this games big downfall.

new servers for new players, these new players even free players have a chance at the best rewards in the game because the server has less people. Old servers loose players and become dead, however a merge is not possible as a free to play on a newer server has such a huge advantage over the older players. — Regardless who you give the reward to the other server will complain, however counterintuitive this may seem the oldest of the server in the merges deserves a way way way bigger compensation then the newer server — they deserve more then game fuse will ever give, however the new server will also want bigger compensation because they suddenly went from top 200 to well, down to below 1000, — however you have to take into account they deserve to be lower because some players on older servers have been playing 3 to 10 times longer then them. Either way a merge breaks the game, and without a merge we loose players in each server.

Lose man, LOSE.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Minor Recharge Event -【Lettice Twinstrike】

With 2 attack how does this card not have some sort of magic or sunder damage? Seems like a filler card, good for an all elf deck maybe.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Update]Experiencing Lag and Disconnections

Originally posted by viiviwagner:
Originally posted by legendarypb2:

hmm new bug where are all of my Equipment Oo

Oh my god clean up your inventory

You have 5 total posts on kong and this is one of them.

I now picture you as a giant bottle of cleaning agent.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Update]Experiencing Lag and Disconnections

lmao, you have to be from an elder time to understand the DNA reference. It was in jest, I assure you he is not that nefarious.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / soul summoner where the beast

Originally posted by dias17se:
Originally posted by Stratocumulus:

Storm Lizard King for certain, since they give Boss Ragnar for Ogres and Goblin Adonis for Goblins. For the card starting out at Epic, it is likely the Cerberus Hegemon like Finale Matters said above.

I am more curious why they weren’t added yet? I assume it was a mistake on their behalf, but there might be an actual reason for it since they didn’t even add it during one of the past maintenances either.

hmm not true, they don´t give war totem but lionroar

If they gave totem, everyone would be grinding for just that right now

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Update]Experiencing Lag and Disconnections


who cares that much about RoM?

Just think what kind of real money this person could be making instead of being a foreveralone messing up a few gamer’s private addiction.

It’s pretty funny, if it wasn’t so sad. I wonder if this is another one of those white knighters, here to do good for us whether we want it or not, or if it is DNA trying to shut the game down now that he is a ghost ;)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Anyone else get angry when they lose?

I think we all have been pushed to the limit some time or another by the RoM rng.

I have gone Golgo before myself, I admit.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bots for PVP

or they could just, you know, merge servers

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 2v2

It is pretty boring in the end. Played 5 sets of 2s last night, 3 ended up being against top 20 spike rushers. I would much rather face MacDrum and Aang playing power than a set of lvl 60 free players (let alone the whales doing it) playing spike. At least if I lose I am not losing to luck, and will have a fun match trying to beat them. Please spare me the tired canard ‘spike rush is hard’. It’s monkey level.

And yes, I know the key to 2s is finding the balance between, and I know how to do it, but for the rewards I get in the end, the frustration simply isn’t worth it to me.

I don’t play 2s for this reason for the most part, and I bet I am not the only one.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Celestia is broken

Originally posted by xjoshx84:

The card text says “When this creature cures a creature, it gains +1 Attack”.
In actuality, it gains life, not attack.
I realize it’s insane for me to think Gamefuse wouldn’t sell me something for $100 that didn’t work as promised.. but it’s pretty shitty, no?
+1 Life is not really as helpful as +1 Attack, especially as she already has withdraw.

If any GM reads this, I’ve submitted a ticket as well and would love a response.

It’s +2 Life not +1, so hey, there is that.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Undead are dying

It seems with the plethora of good holy cards now (and the fact there is no real drawback to using extra holy damage in decks) that our poor undead brethren are fast becoming obsolete. Soulbound and Skeletal are being phased out of most competitive decks I see. Is there any way to reverse this tide? I will miss seeing a skull or two grinning in my lineup.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Still no Fire Opals in the Tower Shop?

GM stated it wasn’t going to happen, and stated it after the message you saw. Although you didn’t know about it until today, I would hope the frustration lies more in the multiple platforms the GMs use to communicate rather than the fact the Opal is not coming, and probably won’t come, because of the havoc it caused on the Chinese server

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / judge aleksandra: 'last call' not working?

Originally posted by tomdo99:

shes one of my favorite cards, i actually run 2 of em.

nuwa is still a better option though but she doesnt have the heal.

Nuwa is not a better overall option.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / What's your main class?

Originally posted by Cheesecakeluv:
Originally posted by jooe15:
Originally posted by ShubhKing:

I started as warrior…. then got devastated by OP sanced priests..(withover 60%+ priests in my server at that time) then went to ranger to outpower them. stayed ranger for pretty long..moved to priests mainly because most event bosses required priest sancs.. and was too tired asking priests to come help(like RDL,AD,KMs)… and now am trying mage… ranger and mage seems best for me.. hve 30+rep in all classes except mage cuz i changed jst this season.. :D :)

sanc is not OP, and it never was it is way worse then a few other skills. Swift raid is most likely the best skill in the game still. It just happens to be easily obtainable. If Swift Raid was available in PVP shop im sure people would complain how it is OP, but once again it is not, they are just fairly strong skills. They do supersede other skills, but not by as much as people claim.

You’re comparing apples to oranges here. Swift Raid is only op in 2v2 spike, it is absolutely useless in power, and not at all op in 1s rush. Sanc is not only amazing in power, but is the only thing that even allows priests to rush 1s without the power houses you inspire out dying too fast to do a sufficient amount of damage. Sanc is easily the most op spell in the game. The thing is, priests don’t have a lot other than sanc and inspire. They don’t have any good dd, so they really need something like sanc to give them that edge up. But at this point in Stone Runes/Snowy Fort, sanc is single-handedly making priests on par with mages as the best pvp class. This is coming from someone who spikes as a ranger and powers as a priest. I have a better win/loss ratio as a priest, you just need the right cards/strategy to make power work in this game. It’s not impossible, and raid, especially in 1s, is very beatable.

Plus sanc is about a billion times easier to get than raid unless you’re very lucky. I’ve played for a year and have yet to find a raid in fuse. I could have gotten 3x leg sancs 10x over by now with meddles. But I guess that depends on how much you pvp (even on a f2p account I could have gotten 3x leg sanc by now, though).

RJ is not good dd? And you may have a better win loss ratio as a priest, but perhaps apple to oranges might apply also to your cards vs his since I know the plethora of god-likes that reside in your stable ;)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / *** New US Server ***



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Topic: Rise of Mythos / To GameFuse - Having Officials Removed

We have the same problem in LoA, an officer who recently retired cannot be removed.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Event Preview for 8/1

So what you are saying is we have to buy 10 000 gold in one day to get the Hermit, otherwise the board resets unless we pay a vaguely defined
‘Buy Truce’?

Yeah, sounds like a deal.

edit: I just looked at the card. meh, especially for these strict rules.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Champion Packs

Is it bad I sell them for the silver?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / World Cup event continues?

…and not that you were the catalyst, but since the ball event is now gone, I am blaming you! :p

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / World Cup event continues?

Originally posted by pablojacon:

Should we expect another chance to redeem our World Cup event balls?

I feel like you should just shut the hell up for now and let things ride :) I for one enjoy free silver

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / balls event

Originally posted by dias17se:

No need to go full caps lock.

It´s a flash game , no one wants to work 6 months/1 year for 1 card. Specially when the game won´t even live that long. It´s not about instant gratification , it´s artificial delaying of the game, and totally unjustifiable.

People are willing to work for 6 hours a day to get a handful of gold. Look at the numbers on this.

I’m not sure you are making the point you thinking you are making.