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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Topic locked

Listen, Saint’s an ok guy. Did he take advantage of certain shady dealings in the past? Yeah, probably. Is his place in the game solely by skill or by his own wallet? Probably not. But it doesn’t change the fact he has done a LOT for the community, helping the devs clear up some of the exploits (even if he did use them first), his twitch stream, his tireless devotion to the game

So, yeah, I give him some slack, I sort of see him as a special case. I imagine a lot of people do.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Alt. accounts

everyone knows Oplol was the best free player ;)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Good job screwing over non-payers again

Originally posted by TommyTheKiddy:
Originally posted by Soleil_Noir:

Surprised I actually agree with Karsot for once.

It’s not an understatement to say that RoM is a microcosm of real life: money is power and those with no money are powerless.

Crying and complaining here won’t do much because,

1) The paying players don’t give a shit, and
2) The free players are powerless to do anything

Plus the fact that the Publishers (Gamefuse) rarely listen to our concerns; and even if they did, they would need to convince the Developers (Chinese Game Owners) to enact our suggestions, which would cause changes on the Chinese version of RoM since the meta there is so much more advanced than on here.

So there are major hurdles in the way for any sort of change, much less compromise.

This is how life works. You can’t bargain for goods at Wal-Mart when you don’t have enough money. Almost buying it doesn’t count.

We can still make fun of them, whales are pathetic and im satisfied by spreading what they really are, manchilds who feel good winning in a kids game :)

The irony of your name is the only saving grace of this hot mess.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Good job screwing over non-payers again

Perhaps it pays out when the event is ended? I was wondering about that myself

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Server Merge Plan & Maintenance Patch Notes for August 12th

Originally posted by lol0lo:

in chinese serv, the thing is called… BLACK OPAL fragment…. nice downgrade of content for us here lamefuse

man that i what inflation.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / ralk sold out

Originally posted by dnaimagery:

blindlight took this wayyyy too seriously no but seriously I’m playing summoners wars on mobile its crack but no 2v2 still waiting for something to fill the gap that rom/tyrant was

oh on mobile it would make a hell of a lot more sense.

Why don’t you check out the game golgo is trying to get people to go to?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / ralk sold out

Originally posted by dnaimagery:

sweet baby ralk getting black opals on the back end for keeping the whales happy you heard it here first

p.s. anyone play summoners wars? pretty damn good ive been hooked for almost a year now

p.p.s. this game sucks…your money

p.p.p.s. the devs suck…hotdogs…& wieners…at summer bbq parties more

p.p.p.p.s. bet they remove this post, in fact i bet ralk removes this post YOU TURNCOAT! sobs i…we…you…me…used to…sobs uncontrollably, runs into the dark of the night as it rains before saba or whoever shes banging now gets jealous

…mmmm k laterz

Jesus that game is horrible. That was a troll move.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Try Coraabia

I feel like you can’t find enough competition there and are trying to find players.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Invite Codes

go away 9 post golgo.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rewards and PvP for KG -1

Originally posted by kkeellee:
Originally posted by Mardoek:
Originally posted by Pinchfire:

For me the game started when it was Kings & Legends. Stone Ruins was the first ever and is still the biggest and most powerful in the entire game. Bringing Chinese version to the conversation is absolutely idiotic as it is not the same game and will never be.

yeah but kong wasn’t the first Kings and legends site… stony opened 2013, first kings and legends server some where in 2012
so please stop mentioning this… on my server there is a whale with 40 godlikes and 6 awakened(5 elites) and he doesn’t even play a year(no match vs strongest stony whales obv but they play longer)…. money replaces time

european servers have much better pvpers than stone. cant even compare. vip0 jilanea would beat power/control 90% of stone whales. ;)

Hilarious. No. When you face the strongest decks, you learn better strategy. If you are a free player on a dead servers who got cheap and easy rewards through lack of competition, then you in fact are not really a ‘free player’, you are a player that gamed the system. And you are still facing inferior competition. KG-1 is the strongest server by far, both in terms of overall power and in strategy. Too bad we did not have a playoff system that could show you this truth.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / You know your addicted to Kings and Legends when.....

..when your bookmark to the game still says ‘Kings and Legends’

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / You know your addicted to Kings and Legends when.....

Originally posted by Poffiest:

you know you’re addicted when you play more than 1 month because it’s such a shit game >.>

a good game with shit developers would be a more accurate assessment. The game mechanics themselves are pretty solid.
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Topic: Rise of Mythos / how do u counter a ranger pan deck?

Originally posted by TheDarkSide15:

HEY DOES ANY ONE KNOW MAGICAN works? If it switchs buff and debuff, what happens if none of my creatures where debuffed? would i still gain opponents choosen one for example?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The Wheel and us Priests....

There are things that aren’t exactly shield ward as well that do the same thing, like the High Flame

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / You know your addicted to Kings and Legends when.....

Originally posted by Gambaro:

Addicted, if you…
… answer the trolls in the forum.
… report bugs in the never dying hope someone finally would care.
… create card ideas and discuss them with other players.
… have your girlfriend yell at you, because the challenge takes so long.
… leave a challenge, because one of the players is afk or on auto.
… play rush, because it increases your score faster.
… are willing to sue Gamefuse because of ‘false advertising’.
… enjoy counting virtual gold coins more than looking at your account balance.
… are afraid to leave your house without an elf carrying a spear.

These are still hilariously true

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Mischievous Cupid error

Originally posted by Spirrowmint:

Hello Gamefuse!
Please make this card 100% charm!
Or… return all the gold and silver I used to get the card from the event.

Are you trolling on purpose Spirrow? It is hard to tell here.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The Wheel and us Priests....

Originally posted by tomdo99:
Originally posted by DehNutCase:

If purge could be considered a hard counter to chosen one, then priests do have a hard counter to wheel.

Shield ward.

Buffs on shield warded critters can’t be removed by wheel because wheel removes buffs via a debuff. Now, you might say but shield ward critters aren’t as good as other critters (Raziel v. Calista etc.), but purge isn’t anywhere near the level of a mage’s other spells, either.

A CO that’s out for one turn already added 3 dmg and healed for 4 and possibly removed a debuff. A CO that’s out of two turns added six dmg and healed for 8, which is way more effective than say, the 2 piddly dmg a purge does when ‘hard countering’ a chosen one.

Purge counters chosen one about as hard as sorann counters a virtuous champion.

how is that a priest counter? mage/warrior/ranger can also use shield ward so what you’re saying is kinda invalid as i was talking about skills.

what he means is a priest can use more shield ward creatures (assuming he has them) in the lineup so that you can still pack a bunch of HH, Sanc and CO and be confident even with wheel out you can still buff things. It’s not really a ‘hard’ counter, but it is a strategy to mitigate the overall effect of the Wheel.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / how do u counter a ranger pan deck?

Let me get this straight. You use Pan/Swift Death and are asking for people to tell you ways to counter it for what reason..? To make your deck even better? lol sure I’ll bite.

Best solution vs swift death spam is to use anti swift death cards in your mix, or use a reasonable percentage of good low cd to get something on them so they can’t wait to set up a mutiple swift death combo on you, they will have to respond earlier. Something else I like is nimble, it really tends to mess with them, if you can get a few nimble things on the field they can’t do much except use creatures are a response, the key is to stay alive until their deck runs out of steam. This can be problematic sometimes when their decks play things like high priestess, but generally that card isn’t as prevalent and can be a dead draw for your opp if they get it early, there are only so many spots in a pan/sd for extra gimmicks.

Bottom line; If your opponent gets a great early draw and his swift deaths mastery a bunch there isn’t a lot you can do about that if you don’t have anti swift death in hand, it’s the same principle as fighting rush and getting a pile of high cd cards. Such as it goes in card draw based games.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Best Class?



Interesting how we still haven’t figured out the best class yet.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by undertakeur:

I would like the chance to get the ULTIMATE KARMA again please.


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / I wonder what would happen if...

..Pan got nerfed?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The High Priestess

Originally posted by karsot:
Originally posted by DehNutCase:

If you don’t want to play the rush side of the match up when the other side has better late game, just lose. In every match up, there’s a deck with the better late game, and the deck with the worse late game, the second one has to rush or die, the first one needs to stall the game until late game.

If you want to have fun more than you want to win, then just always play your deck as control, even if it’s obvious that the other side has the better late game. If you want to win more than you want to have fun, then play the rush side of the matchup when you face someone with a better late game.

Note, that isn’t to say you have to modify your deck to be aggressive. It’s not a deck construction issue, but a play style issue. As the rush side, don’t bother saving cards for the optimal situation later, because optimal only means you gain a bit of card advantage in exchange for tempo loss, which you can’t afford because high priestess is the mother of all tempo loss for card advantage cards. (0/5 loses you so much tempo it isn’t even funny, because you paid a card to do jack shit for 30 turns.) Attack weakness with strength, a high priestess deck tends to be a slow, grindy sort of deck that relies on removal and a few early threats to death with your early threats while waiting for the high priestess + arma or high priestess + LTempest comes out and seals the deal. Note that the combo is two cards, if you can’t gain enough board advantage to win when the other guy decided to slow roll two cards for the entire game, you failed hard.

As ranger, getting threats out then substituting easily deals with the threat of an Armageddon reset. (And petrify doesn’t matter because you have more creatures than they have petrifies, thanks to premeditation.)

As mage, I hope you packed hermes or virutous champions or SOMETHING, because you need to stuff the other guys board and then make him cry. (If you get 4 things to face, you win, if they petrify, your stuff stays there with +14 hp, meaning your opponent won’t have any spots to deploy. If they LTempest instead, it won’t be a guaranteed kill. Most things that matter tend to have a hair above 13hp. 14 hp virt, 15 hp fenris, darius grows out of range if it gets even a single hit. On the control side, caitlyn is very meaty, soul doesn’t give a damn about magic dmg, rebel laughs, taurus grows, odin is odin, etc. Winged rulk mvp here, surprise 32 effective hit points guy in your face isn’t a fun place to be.)

As priest, you have chosen one, or sanc + touch. (The latter combo needs a fast, strong threat, like a rapidly growing virtuous champion. Though GL darius or anything with heroic 2 would work well. Basically, if it can kill in 6-8ish turns by itself, then it would work pretty well.) The priest v. mage matchup is very hard for a nonwhale priest, by the way, because mages have more petrifies than you have touch. (I, for example, run three petrifies even in my rush deck. My control deck runs even more, because it has 3 meditations and no other skills, expect 9 petrifies even if no bounces happen.)

As warrior, you’re already rushing, so High Priestess decks won’t be a problem. (Control warrior has a harder time, but if you run many conscription and few spells, the creature advantage should let you clog his board without a problem. It’s still a very bad matchup, though, since warriors rely on creatures the most, meaning you need to have a really whale set of creatures.)

tl;dr doing what your opponent hates is the key to winning, and High Priestess decks hate it when you play strong, early threats that are fast and difficult to remove. (If it reaches face in 2 turns or less, then a High Priestess deck hates it.)

For warrior already rushing, OK high priestress is not a problem.
For rangers (not the spike one), it’s OK too, that’s already how they used to play VS power (premeds, spam units, try to overwhelm the board)
For priests hmm…CO you can forget unless you are a whale.
sanc+touch combo why not.

For mage now…please explain me how a non whale mage (without high priestress) can win VS a whale mage (with high priestress)?
your virtuous champion, darius or anything else+hermes wings is not the solution. you will never do 70 dmg this way.

I’m myself ViP0 mage, my deck is of course not perfect, but i built it all by myself, and i really like how it works.
It’s a “balanced” deck, with lots of very strong defensive power units, but very few offensive units.

I have a very strong early game defense, and 75% win rate VS spikers, even VS the ones in top rankings.
But i have enough power to fight on end game, in facts it’s the original design of the deck: stall, try to reach endgame, and win on endgame.

With high priestress, how can i win?
Put my stall units in play, and hope that with some miracle they will kill?
I play cain, caithlyn, smasha, yumi, ariella, elven legionnaires…and i hope opponent won’t have enough defense to handle it?
Don’t make me laugh.
With high priestress, i play jaarax, it’s my only counter.
If opponent draws high priestress before i draw jaarax, it’s lost.
If jaarax is killed before he puts high priestress on cemetery, it’s lost.
If opponent have 2 high priestress in deck, jaarax must come before the 1st one is drawn, and must manage to kill both high priestresses before being killed. Chances are maybe around 0.01%

1 single card, 2CD, legendary, and my whole deck of 30 cards with some godlikes and 1 awakened is defeated…
Only way for me to win vs high priestress is to destroy my deck and build a new one from crap.

I have a defensive mindset, and i built my deck around this defensive idea from day1.
The concept is simple: if my opponent can’t kill me, i will win.
I try to survive early game, and win on end-game, with card advantage.

More than 1 year before the apparition of high priestress, my deck was designed this way (with weaker cards of course)
I played a lot, lost a lot, learned from my defeats, and modified the deck to find the good balance, to get a strong enough early game to survive rushers, and a strong enough late game to win VS power.
Deck is still not perfect, i have a few weakpoints remaining and i’m working on it (my main weakness for now is lack of sunder armor, but i’m working on awakened elven legionnaires)

In facts, from the very start i’m playing and improving a mage “high priestress” deck, but without high priestress.
High priestress would be so stupidly OP in my deck, i would skyrocket from top 64 cross to top 16 cross with a single one in my deck.
But i’m not whale, i don’t have this card (and i don’t want it since it’s way too easy to get card advantage with it, it’s not even fun) and as consequences, i have 0% win rate vs guys using this card (well, maybe 0.5% or so, but i turn this into 0% by surrender turn1 and try to get another opponent)

It seems you have hitched your wagon to one strategy. Maybe instead of surrendering against said High Priestess decks you can try and deploy your cards differently, try adding or subtracting things, and just have fun vs them? If you are going to lose anyways (as you say) then you might as well try and gather data in an effort to figure out the best way to get over this hurdle. These things are never easy.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / heavenly help unbalance skill

Originally posted by Rotjog:

Besides the point of it’s possible imbalance, when are they gonna fix the fact that HH stacks with Faith / Believe while it obviously shouldnt?

Faith & Believe: When this creature cures a CREATURE ….

This is RoM. Translations not guaranteed™

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Take The CITY DEFENSE Pledge

Originally posted by TheSilverRam:

You’re completely missing the point floppy. If you read the pledge, you didn’t comprehend it.
The player who’s defense you beat loses nothing by being beaten and gains nothing by a successful defense. That player is taking up your valuable time for no reason. And how do you feel the other 25% of the time?
This is not about wining and losing. It is about you treating other players the way you would like to be treated.
Protest this ridiculous system by “opting out”. Remove your defenses.

naah, I just added Ferena into mine. Let’s make it harder :)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Take The CITY DEFENSE Pledge

I have maximum levels of battlement defence, so I face top defence, and I win over 75% of the time without hassle. How do I do that? I simply use my angels reputation deck. The bodyguard and cure of the angels mitigates most of the early hero bane (which is the major problem most people face) so you can live long enough to set up a defence. You don’t have to be THAT simple about it, just remember angels with bodyguard are your friends.