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Originally posted by kkeellee:

Please listen to dna what is telling you, he’s typing this from his laptop in the park. He’s homeless now, thanks to godlike emperor and sorann.



I respectfully submit that the people who spend past their means in this game are the same people who would find some other way to gamble away their lives. Addictive personalities don’t need reasons.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / not-fake GF mod says opal likely coming to shop

Originally posted by ghostofdna:

It’s ridiculous that they CENSORED YOUR THREAD about the Fire opal in K&L BLINDLIGHT. These people are TYRANTS!

lmao, so needy now that you aren’t in the lime-light my friend.

I do appreciate your looking out!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / All Hail the Queen

Originally posted by RebelOConner:

the text in the card is wrong. it says “Athena” and not “Queen of the Zodiac”

that card was the original Athena, but Rise of Mythos made their own Athena being based in myth, and the original was name changed, ergo the confusion on the card.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Daily Login Rewards

Originally posted by 858isaac:

read permission
online time
0 hour
register time
last visit

thats from the OP impersonating an admin

man why even troll like that? douchery to the max. tnx for the update

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Daily Login Rewards

Originally posted by blindlight36:

Floppy can you change the topic title to something like “K&L gets opals in tower and free red balls, no kidding” since a lot of ppl might not click in to get this info.


lol I wonder if I helped

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Daily Login Rewards

Hey Gamefuse. pssst

You may not know this, but your customers can use their computers to go to other sites other than yours. And we can see magical and wonderful things, like that the folks over at K&L get a RED BALL as on of their daily login rewards. So I just wanted to say thanks for that extracting, errr blessed dragon that we get here. I applaud both your generosity and your estimation of your customer intelligence!

edit interesting, way to step up

double edit Seems that may have been a troll…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [bug?] Hermin's wing cant block flying

My favourite is when you appear in league naked of armor and horse, and can’t use your rune

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Gamefuse - "Atheist" Quest?

you do realize it is just a bad translation, right?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Top idiots in the game

Pinchfire has been whining like this for a long time.

I have no idea what his in game name is, and he never talks about playing, just mindlessly obsessing over other players.

Now that I think about it, that is sort of creepy.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Ultimate Skills

Originally posted by karsot:

these cards will kill the metagame, players who can’t get them will just have no hope to compete anymore.

compare the new warrior skill with arma:
-hits opponent’s units only VS hit all units
-and free bonus: can kill velyn (that will leave the metagame probably, for gringheist, since it’s purpose was mainly to prevent arma)
The card is broken, good only for little kids who don’t like challenge, and wants to kill you without effort just because they paid to have strong cards, so they can play them in random order and still win and think they are strong.

i think in the future, warrior with the new skill will be the dominant class (both for controll and spike, spike will probably play 1x the new skill, and controll will obviously play 3).

2nd best class will be priest (call of power+red kings+inspire, refuges to survive spike, and the new buff to have auto-win as soon as you play your 1st king)

3rd will be ranger: time to die is a nice add, but has way less effect on the outcome of the battle than priest’s or warrior’s new skill.
they also have a chance to counter priests with disinformation, so they can still hope being competitive.

4th will be mage, he will play with the good old skills we have now, and get no upgrade when every other class gets one.
he will die easy to warr spike (new skill, i clear your board, i spike you)
he will die easy to warr controll (warrior can clear your whole board 3 times, without damaging his units…good luck to win that)
he will die easy to priest (king or callista, new skill, gg… you can’t pet, you can’t purge, your nukes don’t hit hard enough, you don’t have dinsinfo…you just can look at him kill you)
so controll mage will lose hard to anything, only decent way to keep playing mage will be to spike…oh wait, mage don’t have buffs, only wings. so mage’s mizf hits for 8 max, 16 if crit (and an amaaazing 20 if it’s a godlike mizf crit) while ranger and warrior can get 30dmg on normal/60 on crits.

mage will be a dead class ok, now there are 2 other big problems:
1st = these cards are strong enough to give you an incredible advantage (if play them, and your opponent don’t have them, you almost won from start)
2nd= they will most probably be P2W cards available only on vip5+packs…so F2P players won’t have any and will be doomed.
the new balance of power between class will be
1:whale warrior
2:whale priest
3:whale ranger
4:any mage, or F2P player without the new cards…

What F2P players wants is to have some decent chances to compete against cashers: they are at disadvantage, but it’s an interesting challenge, and they can hope to win sometimes, and be proud of their victories.

Imagine playing chess against someone (with same strenght in chess than you)
He have normal board, you start with 1 knight only instead of the 2 usuall.
Very hard and challenging for you, but still interesting, and if you do your best you might win.
That’s what P2W model should be.

Now imagine playing chess (still with someone with equal strenght)
But this time, we remove your queen and your two rooks.
Would you play? Me no, i would just leave.
That’s what rise of mythos’s P2W model is going to be (it was good model at start, and each updates goes further on advantages for cashers)

F2P players mentality is different from most cashers mentality.
F2P want fairness and challenge, P2W want easy win.
If it’s too hard for F2P, they leave.
If they leave, small cashers will became the weakest players, be unhappy and leave too (they spent $50 on game, and keep losing to players who spent more, and they don’t have their easy wins onF2P anymore since F2P players left)
If small cashers leave, medium cashers will become the weakest and leave too…then huge cashers will be the weakest…
at the end a few whales will be left alone on dead servers, everyone trying to spend more than others to get better cards and it will become a whallet war…untill they get bored to face same opponents again and again, and leave too, then game will definitevely die.

the more they bring new OP cards, available for cash only, the more they accelerate death of the game (but they don’t care, they just want your $), when game will be dead they will make an other one and restart.
if you like the game, just hope these new cards comes the latest possible (and even better, if we could just stay at 1.5 and never get 1.6…i’m afraid 1.5 is already too much to keep F2P playerbase, especially since they did not put the legendary upgrade stone on tower, and whales starts to get godlike upgrade stones)

For myself, i play since 1 year, i’m a ViP0 F2P player, with F2P mentality (no point to win because you paid more than your opponent, and proud to defeat cash shop guys and their kings with the deck you worked hard to buid)
I had low money before (now i have more since i found a good job) but i will still never pay in any P2W game…i just don’t see how i could enjoy any game this way (yay i paid $1000 i’m stronger than you all…not for me thanks)
I have nothing against players who do that (also these players are needed, since game would die without their money), but F2P players are needed too, excactly like cashers are, so some of them should stop being so arrogant and say stupid things like “it’s thanks to my money that game lives, you should be happy that i defeat you, and thanks me to be able for playing free”
Next time a whale says something like that, just answer that it’s thanks to F2P trying hard to defeat him that game is still alive.

Anyway, i managed to grow in power and rankings, from out of rank on 1st seasons, then top 200, then top128,top64,top32.
I did it by saving gold, and spend on great cards that helped to grow in ranking: cain, yumi, fenris, and some others…each of these for 1k gold max per card.
But now the power gap between P2W and F2P is just too huge, and the cards too expensive.
Take zeus for exemple, he became a standard in top rankings, everyone have it.
My guildmates suggested me to get my hands on one to stay competitive…sure, as F2P it’s really easy to save 7kgold for 1 single card…
7k gold it’s maybe the total of gold a ViP0 would get in 1 year of play, let’s say 6months if he is very active.
The time he gets his zeus, new strongers cards will be here, and whales will have them.
We will tell the F2P to get these too to be competitive…15k gold this time…1year later he will have his 15kgold for the card, that will already be too weak for top rankings metagame since whales got lots of stronger cards by the time.
At a point it’s just impossible for F2P to stay on the race, and i think we already reached this point.

My ranking started to go on the good way: top 200→128→64→32 before 1.4
now it has reversed: top32→64, and probably 128 soon.
6 months like that and i’m out of top200.
I will probably leave this game before.

lmfao. What a crystal ball! Since you can see into the future why don’t you tell us about something useful? I could use an edge betting the line on the ballgame tonight

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / WARNING: Censorship + Don't Spend Money On This Game + New Hax GOLD DUPING & ACCT HACKING

Originally posted by ghostofdna:

Keep drinking that koolaid.

Everything will be okay.

I love you dude, but you are more coming off petty than trying to help.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Improper means face IP banned

Originally posted by blindlight36:

I saw some ppl who paid bribes to obtain benefits, and I saw some devs that lured the ppl into paying the money and misrepresented the benefits, then I saw the ppl go and lure other ppl in paying money for the stuff they were lured into paying money for. Also I think my guild might be witches, they have ‘hell’ in the name. Also TheGil saved up way too many damn things that he doesnt use, that can’t be legal can it. Also everyone in the forum, myself and dias for not having a life. Also all the free players who cheat by beating ppl who spent more than them, and the rest who play fair but complain too much. Also everyone who has traded 4v4 wins for points. Also the RNG. I think that IP ban should cover everyone, have a pleasant life :D can I have my reward now?

Sure. You are a douche who has been used. Now your reward is to go away to the land-fill.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Hacker

oh, almost forgot! thanks for hurrying :)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Hacker

Originally posted by blindlight36:

finish my dailies too plz, thx dear

lol should have asked.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Hacker

response to your response

The problem with the way you are going about this is you are making people lose faith in the game and not want to play at ALL, not just now, they won’t want to play or invest in playing if you keep doing this stuff in public. I am sure kong would take you serious if gamefuse does not.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Hacker

Can you hurry up with whatever you are doing on my account?

I wanna play some tonight before I go out.

Thank ya.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / For Lelianita----YOU WERE HACKED

being hacked again atm.

This guy is no one’s white-hat hero, it’s pretty obvious by now he is just an attention troll who loves himself like a true script kiddie. If he truly cared about the game he would go about this as an adult and not try to ruin people’s fun and basically wreck what is left of the game.

Good job, way to go, you are a big man, we all quake in awe at your magnificence, you are truly the god of hacking, you hacked a flash game, NSA will be falling down to recruit you, in fact you should go check your email the offer might be there right now. No, really.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / rushers and spikerushers unite

Originally posted by pineappledog:

Was in a 2v2 today. We faced rushers who got lucky with crits and beat us, so threw anti rush decks on and went back to face them, warrior/mage for them, priest/mage for us. There are a couple of unit interactions in the first few rounds but nothing major, generally we are just filling lanes. turn 7 comes….(l1 is refuged, l2 has 3 units)l3 has 2 bodyguard angels in it, both get petted,hb totem, mifz with 3 enc’s two attack runes goes in back row, 2mil charge, wings, crit, my partner is dead.

The fact that there are parts of rushes like that, that a monkey could execute and there is no possible defense against, is why rush needs addressing. The easiest strategy to execute that there is no real/possible defense against is the most effective, its madness and its killing the game.

And for all you people who cry “but im vip0 i cant compete vs whales i have to rush” thats total BS. If at vip0/1 and you can get mifz’s, maia’s etc, a set of epic/leg skills then you have the means to make a control deck.

you could use walls. they don’t move. or have your mage pet creatures right against you. mage/warrior is pretty specific

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Best Card

Tariel I would say, even now with Sorann put in decks specifically to stop her.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Reasons players might leave ?

piles of forum trolls.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Attention pls! About the Fire opal

Originally posted by Lelianita:
Originally posted by Tobbe73:

Another curious question: Does this gold rush (spend 30K gold to get Fire Opal) event count as “get Fire Opal for free”? An answer would be appreciated so that we could slowly find out what is meant by “free events” so that we can adjust our expections…;)

This gold rush event is not what we meant “for free”, it has nothing to do with what i said in this post. lol Actually we are still designing that free event and will come out soon in the future :)



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Topic: Rise of Mythos / For Lelianita----YOU WERE HACKED

Originally posted by Chopper91:

You guys do realize that this may be a kong problem lol

I do, that is why I let them know as well.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Known Login Issues] PLEASE READ


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Happy Birthday Rise of Mythos!

Originally posted by Vik7or:


you evil man


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Get Your Grave Rewards

Originally posted by Xeye:

Haha, you guys actually spend money on this. xD

Yes, otherwise you would have no game to play. I think someone needs to take economics 101