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Topic: Kongregate / [Announcement] Check out some new features!

Hehe good laugh today, guys. Thank you.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I would like a “recently played” category under the games tab, so that when I forget the name of the game I was playing last week before I got distracted by life, I can just see it under the tab and load it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Point and Click Game Ideas

Okay, I just played Who Killed Jim. I thought it was pretty funny in parts. The pace was a bit awkward in terms of how easy it was to determine the killer and finish the game. Players need a bit of a challenge before they like a game. One of the biggest reasons your game didn’t do too well is probably that it is over so quick. You have some funny stuff, so people want more. And throw in a lot more stuff that has nothing to do with who the killer is, or makes people think the killer is somebody else, so that people have to do more work to reveal the mystery.

Simplicity is fine, and I get what you are doing from a comedy perspective (and I do think it’s a fresh approach), but mystery fans like to solve mysteries, so it’s almost incompatible with the primary market for this game.

That said, I think it would be great to make a mystery game like “who cut the cheese?” and maybe set it in a classroom full of distinctive “Clue” like characters. The professor lies dead at the head of the classroom, and you play the Dean, who needs to find out how the professor died (it was Death by fart), and who is responsible. Most of the students may be responsible given the evidence on their desks, or what is revealed when you talk to them, so it will be difficult to find out who, but the joke has staying power, and there is still a real mystery to solve.

Just an idea.

Some general notes:

Alternate endings are a great way to improve a game’s appeal

I think it would be a mistake to abandon your approach. It’s what makes you who you are, and what will give your future games originality and appeal, so they will stand out.

Don’t try for high ratings. A high rating is just a by-product of a good game. Spend all of your effort building and improving the game itself.

Sound is very important. With just a few specific sound FX, you can really make a great professional impact with players.

PM me if you want to work on something. I’m a sound professional specializing in comedy for radio. It’s what I do, and I’d love to be a part of making something funny for the online video game culture.


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Topic: General Gaming / I'm sick of point-and-click

I really enjoy a good point and click game. I like the casual pace and puzzle solving, while I find many games based on timing and reflexes to be quite boring. Really it’s all a matter of taste. I would disagree that nobody is advancing the genre. If you look around on Kong, a lot of point and click games are advancing the genre. For example, check out Bars of Black and White or How to Raise a Dragon by GregoryWeir; Ghostscape and the Being One series from Psionic3D; or Nightmares of Leia Ray by Luksy. They have some pretty innovative approaches. Pretty good artwork on most of them too.

Granted, pixel hunting is a terrible experience, and when people make point and click games which are unsolvable using clues within the game, or the inventory is buggy, I hate those too. But you really can’t blame the genre for bad craftsmanship. That’s like saying all rock music sucks just because Nickleback does.