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Topic: Off-topic / How girls get all the priveledges

Ahaha, tounge-in-cheek is the cure for everything! Except people that take themselves too seriously I guess, but who cares about them.

Necro, don’t worry, I’m not emotizing. It’s a joke, I know I’m not an idiot. Thanks though!

Seriously though… well, kind of, you got me, Hayseed. I’m sure there’s an example he could have cited somewhere. Point ceeded. I’m about done here, I think I’ve squeezed all the fun out of it I can, since I don’t like old material. But I’ll still be lurking… always lurking. Oh yes.

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Topic: Off-topic / How girls get all the priveledges

Wahaha. Eggy is awesome.

Jesse, do your homework. IF I hated women as much as you say, I really wouldn’t give a damn about having a relationship with one, so you’d be wasting your breath. Fortunately for you I DO like women (though cooties are still gross), so while your argument is nonsense, it still hurts my feelings. =( Actually, not really. I’m just trying to make you feel better about not making sense.

Hm, Hayseed… you’ve got a point. Could be that it’s hearsay; I sure can’t prove otherwise. Seems pretty important to him, though, hearsay or not… I was in the chat when he was instigated to the point of posting this thread, so I kinda sympathize. Idiodicly, I suppose. SOMEthing obviously happened to get him and the other… idiots, was it? that way. So you can swear by reports and statistics if you like, but the fact is in a small town steeped in PC values, hearsay like that can go a long way. They also don’t tend to get into the paper. Anyway, I don’t think the story is even important, which is as good a reason as any to dwell on it, right? He was using it as an example, a tool to more clearly show what was actually pissing him off. Missing the point on purpose to win the argument, that’s something that pisses ME off about women! Men too!

Ah, hell. I’m an idiot, so I’ll get back at Jesse by trying to do his homework for him. Or her, I guess, what’s the difference. I’ve said it before and here it is again… I’m a bisexual male with a female preference that lives with a homosexual male. We’re on and off engaged, have been for oh.. three years now. I’ve got some deep seeded gender issues, to the point of having developed a secondary, female personality and the need to use it. This is mostly on the web, since that’s where I spend most of my free time and it’s much easier to play the part in that fluid environment. I might joke about gender roles and everything else too much for most people’s comfort, but I don’t think you can get much more of a rounded view than mine. Probably why I find all this BS so damn funny…

Feel free to argue and prove me wrong. What do I know, I’m just an idiot.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

The main thing that annoys me is how big your fanlist can get. If you fan someone and they friend you, they should come off your fanlist. Think of all the space that’s being wasted, since EVERY friend you have is double posted on either your page or theirs. Pretty wasteful if you ask me.

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Topic: Off-topic / How girls get all the priveledges

Sigh. I’m tempted to go off on a totally inappropriate tangent and string along a bunch of sexual cussing just to get this thread closed… actually I started to, but thought better of it halfway. Probably won’t do anything but get me banned. Darn, and it was gonna be SO cool.

Also, to those of you bashing on Boo for statistics… it’s his hometown, and with a trend like that it’s probably a small one. It’s likely something he’s experienced or witnessed personally. Good show for harrassing him over a trauma like that, please die.

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Topic: Off-topic / How girls get all the priveledges

Two similar looking people walk out of the mist, one male, one female. Both are blond, blue-eyed, 5’8’’, and in their mid twenties. The woman is dressed in mostly black: a knee-length trenchcoat, grey slacks pinstriped with black tucked into tall faded black boots of uncured leather, and a dark blouse with white frills at the neck. She carries a red file folder in her left hand. The man wears a bright red vest with a flame motif at the hem, left open over a light brown undershirt, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, and beaten up hiking boots. He carries a brown notebook in his right hand. Their empty hands are interlaced with each other as they step forward and take a moment to review the goings on.

They look at each other. The woman shrugs, rolling her eyes. He man snickers and grins. They free each other’s hands, then the man crosses in front of the woman, strolling over to the female side of the battlefield. The woman watches him go for a few moments, then stalks off toward the male side.

They arrive at their respective targets at the same time; the woman’s strides were belated, but longer. As she arrives, drops the folder into the mud. She then draws a pair of daggers from her belt and proceeds to sweep each through the air once, the motions synchronized, parallel, and in opposite directions. With her southward stroke, she decapitates everyone on her left side. With her northward stroke, she eviscerates everyone on her right side. As they fall, bleeding and dying, she turns her back on them and returns toward the centre of the field with measured steps.

When the man arrives amongst the female side of the battleground, he smiles at them, spreading his arms. “Can’t we all just… get along?” he offers, smiling wider still. Most throw sharp remarks, some throw stones. As he shields himself from their assault, raising his arms, he drops his notebook into the mud. A thunderclap sounds in unison with that wet splat, and he begins to change, bone, muscle and sinew snapping and creaking as he transforms. The women no longer feel secure in their numbers, but it is too late for remorse; before them now is a bloodlusty ultraorc, a creature beyond reason. It charges into them, rending them apart with it’s bare hands, smashing them underfoot, and mutilating them with its cruel jaws.

The woman looks on as she wipes her daggers clean and sheaths them under her trenchcoat. Gruesomely inefficient, but far more entertaining than her method; she would voice no complaint as she watched the spectacle of brutality.

Finally satisfied after those who would not or could not run have all been mashed to visceral red paste, the ultraorc bellows victory to the heavens. They had become overcast quickly as the battle began, as though the gods had pulled the blinds on the awful scene. Dripping with gore, it lumbers over to the still watching woman in the trenchcoat.

“That wasn’t bad, but less fun than I expected,” she surmises, plucking a scrap of flesh off her companion’s knuckle.

“Mruh. Fun…” grunted the ultraorc. The woman laughed, took his hand, and led him back into the mist.

Spellcheck THAT, bitches!!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Female Gamers

Okay, here we go. I’ll start with the less important stuff.

As for the honour of name and J.K. Rowling, Phoenix… well, I’ll just call you Foenix from now on, since that’s how one would pronounce something with o before e. And you’re exactly right unproductive, it was a Thou Shalt Always Kill reference! Good job, gold star!

I deflect your spelling with a creative license anti-magic shell! Eat that! Plot, character, drama, all that stuff is waaaay more important than spelling and grammar… otherwise all the great novels would be written by computers and coders… the horror!

My point is… well, nothing really. I’m just telling a story I think is pertinent to this topic which happens to be biographical. Take whatever lesson or point from it you like.

OKAY, on to new business.

I kind of agree with oddball. Guys are more disposable than women for the simple hardwired reason that if one tribe has 1 male and 5 females, it will flourish, where a tribe with 5 males and 1 female will flounder (plus the guy will be a lot happier in the first tribe). Now, I also believe men are stronger than women… if brute strength is what we’re talking about, not taking into account flexibility, speed, balance, and such as that. A male bodybuilder is WAY bigger than a female one, for example, and a guy tends to get better results bulk-wise when he works out than a woman will. What this has to do with female gamers, I have no idea.

Honour, though… hm, that’s an interesting topic. Kind of vauge, though? I suppose a faithful woman earns more honour points than a faithful man, and a protective man earns more honour points than a protective woman, but they’re good qualities in either sex. I suppose the only big divide is virginity… that’s a huge honour thing for a female, and anywhere from meaningless to negative for a guy. Chivalry may be dead, but it still haunts society with great force. I dunno, it isn’t my forte… thoughts?

Men in women’s bodies! I live with one! He has very feminine personality triats, right down to an underdeveloped adam’s apple and the accompanying high pitched voice. Bypassing the mental, emotional, and spiritual standpoint for a moment, there ARE hermaphrodites, and there ARE XXY and XYY human organisms, that is a scientific FACT. It is proven that XXY’s, while mostly female, DO have more muscle tone, deeper voices, more masculine social traits, and heightened levels of testosterone in their bodies than a normal XX female does. XYY’s, while mostly male, DO have more feminine social traits, higher voices, and higher levels of estrogen in their bodies. There are also theories that they experience PMS, emotionally if not physically. These are scientific FACTS.

That’s without the support of my own experience stated earlier, where I developed a female personality outside of a biological pull. I’ll also leave those born into the wrong gender body out of it for now, since that delves into an area science has a hard time defining. Sticking to the proven biological facts, do you have any viable argument?

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Topic: General Gaming / PS3 is the king

What a solid, well capitalized point. It sucks because it sucks… that’s about what I’d expect from someone who doesn’t like the game. Go back to playing Smash Bros., foo.

I like the Wii too (and Smash Bros., shhhh), but I don’t have one myself. I play when I visit my kid brother. Not a fan of the 360 though, it’s glitchy and Microsoft can choke on a toaster. I think Nintendo has the better portable in the DS, but PS3 is the better console. Mm… I think the DS beats the PSP by more than the PS3 beats the Wii, though. Nintendo wins?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Female Gamers

Okay, time to throw in my three cents. First off, I’ll identify myself as some one has and does pretend to be female online sometimes. I don’t mean just playing female characters or acting kinda girly, I mean that over my dozen or so years online gaming and roleplaying I’ve developed a quite convincing second self with a different personality, past, and gender. Usually this remains in RP… I’m well aware this second persona is NOT me, but a the same time I welcome its presence. It helps me to express and explore things I normally couldn’t from a mostly safe distance. It has, a couple times, spanned out into an Out Of Character relationship, once blooming into a two and a half year commitment with someone of similar gender confusion, though she was actually female and her unrest was mostly with her sexual preference, not with her own identity.

I’m sure a fair number of you are creeped out by now. Allow me to explain how this developed; it may give you some insight into the whole male/female ambiguity on the interwebz. I’m a writer, though I don’t get paid for it. I have the talent and have been using it as long as I can remember, first in school and then as a hobby and soon after in roleplay once I discovered the internet in my preteens. After a few years developing my playstyle and getting a handful of characters I could write in the voice of as easily as I could my own (sometimes easier) I branched out from playing strictly male roles and tried a female. It was a pretty shaky attempt, but I had fun. I didn’t notice being treated any differently; then again, it was a shaky attempt, and people knew I was playing a character – some knew the player personally already – and weren’t that interested in who was playing the female on the whole. I was pretty young then, too… 14 or 15. Maybe I just didn’t pick up on any special treatment because of that.

Funny story… the second female character I made was better… and though I still didn’t notice she was treated special, there was a person she got a bit attatched to and I played with a lot. As it turns out, the player, once I got to know them, was a female posing as a male! I thought it was pretty funny, as I found this out some time after we’d stopped RPing together and she told me OOC that she was a guy. I hadn’t done any OOC masquerading as a female when we met, but by the time she told me she was faking I had… actually, it was kinda soothing, as she told me not long after I broke up with that preference confused girl I mentioned earlier.

So, while I expect there are more guys pretending to be girls, girls do the same trick sometimes. And like it was said earlier, if someone can keep the act going convincingly, they deserve to be treated like they act. It’s obviously what they want since they’re putting all that effort into it… so why ruin their fun? It doesn’t particularly matter unless you know them RL or want to meet with them or something… even then, I think the importance of their true identity is rather small. It’s one of the great things about the internet, as Fry would say: ‘I can say whatever I wanna do.’

A lot of people don’t accept that, though. One of the reasons I started the OOC masquerade is that I became quite fond of playing female characters (I’d say about 25-35% of my active characters are female), but when I got to know someone OOCly – which is inevitable if you RP with them repeatedly – I would be shut out after telling them I was a guy. So, I just stopped telling them, you know? Then I could keep playing my female character with them and continue the story.

I don’t mind the disparity both RL and online between men and women. Some of it is pretty stupid I’ll admit, but I doubt it’ll change much and it’s pretty funny most of the time… to me at least. Men and women are different, duh, and though some of the colloquial preceptions of what those differences are being wrong most of the time (women shop more, men are dumber and lazier, women can’t play shooters, men can’t play Sims, etc.) I’m not about to refute them. I’ll poke fun at them, laugh at them, and exadurate them for my amusement (just ask that lovely example of an Interweb Female, BassChick), but I’m not going to fight them. They’ll be around forever in one form or another, so why make it harder than it is?

Finally, the penis thing. I think… Pheonix (thou shalt NOT spell Pheonix P-H-O-E-N-I-X!!!) is mostly right. For the most part it’s harmless posturing and joshing, same as women and breasts, I guess (actually I have no idea). However, like any joke, some people take it too seriously and actually think having a 5 inch dong or being Asian is ruining their life. That’s the target market for all this The Penis Mighter crap… and even a small part of the entire male population is a big market.

Also, mine is bigger, and I have three of them. The top one is prehensile, and the bottom one is chocolate flavoured. Beat that, boys.

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Topic: Off-topic / How girls get all the priveledges

This post does not accurately represent my opinion! I’m with Boo, though in a tongue in cheek way. I think most of what he’s saying here is true, but I’m fine with it. It’s pretty funny. I think a lot of socitial things are funny though…

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Topic: General Gaming / PS3 is the king

Rawrg, why does everyone hate Lair so much! I love that game. Granted it’s a renter because it’s short, but it’s a damn good game. Are the controls too hard for you or something? Bah, so they’re a little touchy sometimes, so what, it’s to be expected in a release game with a new control scheme. They definitely don’t ruin the game like most say, and for those with the patience (and intelligence) to get aquainted with the controls, it makes the game better to play with the sixaxis.

Reviews are unreliable, the end.

Though I’ll admit Heavenly Sword was a letdown, I’ll give you that…