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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Drop the minimum sell price in the auction house

They could do it like so many other companies.
Either minimum bid set by seller, or minimum bid sets to the deposit cost to post the auction.
That way if the card sells, the deposit is paid back out of the winnings. (No selling the card at a loss.)

The only reason to have it the way they currently do, is to ensure those who earn their gold, instead of buying it, can never afford to compete with whales.
That’s right. They give up balance in an effort to ensure real money is spent on their game in ever increasing amounts.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Seaport Gold Leak issue will be fixed at August 1st

Here is your solution.
Get everyone together who have suffered losses due to glitch or bug problems.
Get a lawyer.
File a class action against Gamefuse.
If it gets traction, opt to contact a DA and see about criminal charges as well.

Get it through, watch Gamefuse crumple and sell out to another company. Their workers lose their jobs and the heads of the company get off with all the money and a slap on the wrists.

Do it to the next 3-5 companies that pull this crud, and maybe, just maybe you’ll see them improve their behaviors.