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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

Chrome Updated a day or three ago. It’s my default for playing on Kong.
As of this update, there seems to be memory bleed issues with Clicker Heroes.
Wasn’t there previous to update.
It also seems to make loading the game take MUCH longer. Mousing over items is very delayed.
Even at lowest settings, graphics chop and freeze.
And the bleed happens even if I don’t hit the play button. Just having it in an open window does it.
Flash crashes regularly now.

I’ve been playing for quite a while, so I will try to keep with it until things improve.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ideal Progression

Has anyone noticed that at certain levels, instead of x4 bonus, some heroes get a x5 bonus? Not sure at what levels, as I haven’t paid CLOSE attention. But this might influence how some people would write out a guide.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New Development: Reincarnation

The idea is ok, but doesn’t work.
How about, if at 4100, He gains Reincarnate: Reset an individual hero to 0, gaining souls for that hero immediately.
So you could maintain most of your DPS and gain a few souls at a time to buy Ancients with, without doing an Ascension. Perhapse limit it to only himself and set the Souls gained = 4 x the number of Reincarnation.
So first time he reaches 4100, 4 Immediate Souls, Next time, 8, then 12, then 16.
Slower than full Ascension, but lets someone to slowly keep gaining power without having to start over and do the climb again.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Brilliant Finance Strategy

I had originally liked the game.
I had even planned on spending money.
Then I saw a slew of complaint about bugs making paid items disappear without compensation.
So I waited. And did my dailies.
Since then, I’ve faced people 10+ levels higher than me in all PVP. Praying for those moments I face an equal or lesser opponent. Sieges where 9 out of 10 opponents can do 1/4-1/2 my hit points per round without me ever seeing an enemy unit. Or if I am lucky, I get to see what is killing me, but can’t play any card with more than 1 countdown. Finally got a deck that could survive sieges regularly, and then there’s an event requiring Siege victory. Suddenly that deck no longer works as kings and zodiacs rain down on me. Funny how Even with all those saved tickets I can’t find anyone who isn’t using multiple big money cards.
I’ve spent over a year of hard work, and I’ve watched as the power ramp in VIP cards makes any but a couple tactics useless.
Meanwhile I watch the makers pop out new and more overpowered cards for more money. Events are often designed to mislead players into wasting time on something they will most likely never obtain. Other events further rewarding money players, when just having bought gold, they have a distinct advantage and don’t need events skewed towards them. Game balance is dead.

This is a game. Games are meant to help people relax and bring joy. This game does neither. As much as I hate to throw away everything I’ve built on here, I feel that decision was never my choice. My blood pressure goes up due to anger every time I play now. My doctor tells me I can’t do anything that raises my BP now, so I am auctioning my cards and leaving. Maybe someone else can enjoy this moneypit.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / So where are the blue dragon souls??

The problem is random generators. They are supposedly suppose to add a random element to keep things interesting.
But when you pay for some things and not others, it actually creates undue frustration.
I can understand randomness in packs. But in events where you have to earn the pieces to even build to a reward, your pieces should be set. People should know what they have to do to obtain what they need to get the goal. If they don’t people get frustrated. Too much and they quit, or become beligerant and grief the game. That means lost profits for the company.

You already have difrent ways to win parts to make a prize. Why not set them so that you have to do the easiest thing 10 times, the second easiest 7, 3rd easiest 5, 4th 4 times, 5th 3times, 6th 2 times, and 7th thing 1 time. That ensures alot of play time from your players. But I recommend removing team requirements, or VIP/gold requirements. It baits people with excess money, but that’s what your packs are for. Instead, free events should have no cost but time. Instead things that let you spend silver or excess cards will make the free players more interested, and encourage them to break down and buy a little gold to push their play area a bit more. Once they break down and pay for gold, they’ll naturally more up into your VIP bracket of sales and start spending real money. Get them addicted and pliable, stop trying focusing everything towards those who have excess.

It’s like the high stake games in a casino, they’re great for the full on addicts, but those slot machines and low stake tables are cheap, and they’re what get regular joe of the street long enough to get addicted.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Pegas blessing 3

If they were actually interested in providing for their customers, they would make the items interchangable.
All the collect x items with same number of items would work together. For instance, collect 4 flower for card, collect 4 bullets for card, ect… Make the items interchangable so that players who can’t make it to a computer to finish one event, has a better chance of completing the next. Same way with the balls/soul/horsehair. If they are the same number of items, why the hell did they rewrite code for each event? Make the item generic, and the prize you get dependant on which event, so they just flag prize availability for each period. Saves coding, which saves them money.

As for why, it is obvious. They are trying to make money, so hard they are risking killing their business. They are creating more items to spend money obtaining, then creating reasons to buy more storage as well. Most of this game isn’t designed to increase the experience of the player and make them WANT to spend money. It’s designed around FORCING them to spend money to even compete or complete even the most basic parts of the game.

After more than a decade in sales, I can honestly say that this company took customer extortion and maximized short term payoff over the moral highroad of customer service and building a brand. Alot of people would argue that they provide customer service by giving out things when they mess up. But any long term business will tell you that would almost never be needed if they just provided proper service in the first place.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Drop the minimum sell price in the auction house

They could do it like so many other companies.
Either minimum bid set by seller, or minimum bid sets to the deposit cost to post the auction.
That way if the card sells, the deposit is paid back out of the winnings. (No selling the card at a loss.)

The only reason to have it the way they currently do, is to ensure those who earn their gold, instead of buying it, can never afford to compete with whales.
That’s right. They give up balance in an effort to ensure real money is spent on their game in ever increasing amounts.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Seaport Gold Leak issue will be fixed at August 1st

Here is your solution.
Get everyone together who have suffered losses due to glitch or bug problems.
Get a lawyer.
File a class action against Gamefuse.
If it gets traction, opt to contact a DA and see about criminal charges as well.

Get it through, watch Gamefuse crumple and sell out to another company. Their workers lose their jobs and the heads of the company get off with all the money and a slap on the wrists.

Do it to the next 3-5 companies that pull this crud, and maybe, just maybe you’ll see them improve their behaviors.