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Topic: Kongregate / FIZZY.COM MY ARSE!

Couple of things, just for the record.

1. If you think Fizzy is crap, then don’t go there, nobody is forcing you
2. Developing games costs money, it is our profession. Should we just do it for nothing? How do we eat, live, drink the odd bear whilst building the games?
3. We always provide pretty extensive free versions of games, so you do get a lot for free, just not everything
4. Fizzy has hundreds of completely free games
5. You should buy the odd game every now and then. It help fund development of more games. be a contributor in the world, not a scrounger and a winger.

And thanks for the support on this folks, we’re just trying to earn a living by making games and a games website.

Keep an ete out on Fizzy too