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Topic: Forge of Gods / Bugs

Also not getting points for this tournament.

also also, when I do the trial for ‘lots of wood’, I don’t get any wood the second time I do it.

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Which of these T2 creatures are worth keeping?

Church Acolyte: I’ve never found them very useful.
Young widow: pretty decent
Dark Sapling: This is helpful if you have at least 3 demons in your army, preferably in the front row.
Dead orc/orc the rookie: these are both very good attackers if you keep upgrading them. They’re not uncommon to win in pal’s crypt or soulstone crypt, so that shouldn’t be difficult.

opinion: I never bothered with getting elites. Yes, my army could be a lot more powerful than it is, but grinding for elites is just so tedious, I probably would have given up long ago.
I’m lvl63, I’ve been playing for 3-4 months(?), I’ve spent 0$ on the game, and I’m still having fun. YMMV

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Shadow Labyrinth 5

1) this is how I actually did it:
-Gloomwidow (on attack, 63% chance: summons Little Gloomwidow nearby for two turns): position just out of range, hope like hell the Little Gloomwidows spawn in the bosses range and that it hits them instead of something important.
-Amber Scorpion (on attack, steals 4% defence from enemies): keep him well back for a while. If you have a higher level of one of these, use it, but this is all I had.
-My warlord Morgana, a friend’s warlord Morgana, and my Wicked Witch (on attack, steals some percentage of attack): Get as many of these as you can.

What you do is use the Gloomwidow and sacrifice everything else in your army to keep the boss at bay while the witches hammer at the boss repeatedly. You will stop doing any significant damage to him in short order, but the witches will keep stealing his attack until he’s unable to do any damage to you either. Then move in the scorpion to seal his defence back down, while your witches who now have absurd attack stats just barely penetrate his absurd defence stat. It will take a whole hell of a lot of turns to wear him down, but once all his attack is gone you’ll only be able to lose by getting bored and giving up.
Also, move the Gloomwidow (and any other attackers you still have) out of range, because their attacks won’t do any damage at this point and will only drive his defence back up.

2) This is way the hell simpler (and probably more reliable):
-Zamalan, Iron Sand (on kill, increases self attack for 35%): If you’ve only got a lower stage of this monster, that’ll probably work too.

Have him as your only attacker, just load up your army with whatever defenders or stouts you feel could be helpful, only Zamalan matters. Every enemy in this stage except the boss is a total chump, just move Zamalan around every turn and have him kill absolutely everything in the stage*. By the time you reach the boss his attack will be eleventy hojillion grillion and he’ll kill it in one hit.
Just make sure he attacks first because he’ll die in one hit, too.

*maybe not everything, the last time I tried this his attack got to be a bigger number than the game could deal with, and just reset to it’s base level.

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Suggestions

The purple ‘prove your luck’ chests: In the newest update it’s no longer possible to unlock them for free at a certain level.
1) Obviously this is really annoying. They’re not even a reward anymore. It’s like ‘you won the opportunity to spend gems!’ I can do that already myself.
2) I’d like the option to destroy these chests now, the same as I have with soulstones. The success rate for the purple chests is terrible, and I always felt sort of ripped off even when I was opening them for free. If I have to spend gems to open them, I’m just not going to.


-If there are no friend’s warlords available to use, can you just leave that screen out when starting a level? It’s only use in that case is to click the ‘wake up’ prompt, which is useless and I always feel like kind of a jerk when I click it by accident.

-After you beat a level there are ~7 screens to go through to get back to the menu. Seven! That’s ridiculous. You could do it all in one, just show all the loot and XP and automatically attempt to capture the souls. Then you can click the soul camera if you’re not happy with the results, or if everything’s fine just click ok. One click and done. Making me click all the treasure chests and souls is just a waste of time, since their isn’t even an option not to.

-People keep asking for an auto-fight option to farm easy stages. I really think this is in your best interest; using auto-fight people can use up all their energy really fast, and are more likely to pay for more. Plus it makes the game less tedious.