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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Evil game...

It is satanic! It means bahomets- a demon worshiped by Illuminati. Summoning elfs and humans has nothing to do with real-life demon summoning symbols!

Open your eyes!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Evil game...

Are you guys simple minded or what?!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Evil game...

Why are devil pentagrams all over in this game?

Normal draw→ in background you see a pentagram, symbol for the devil.
In the background of the rewards from boss fights/map missions, etc you can see a devil pentagram. Why is that? Are the developers satanists?

You can ignore as much as you like to, but that won’t change the fact that this game is filled with devil pentagrams! They could easy replace them with something normal, so why do they keep it (the pentagrams)?

And , should it be considered “normal” to play a game filled with satanic symbols?!

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for an artist & animator for a war RTS/ Defend the castle/Castle wars/etc

Requirements: He/She must do the animations too.
Macromedia Flash Pro 8

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Knight class
Weapon_1: Sword and knife
Special®: Stabs with the sword in a frontal attack and cut-throat attempt on enemy with the knife
Weapon_2: Shotgun
Special®: reload

Special skill_1: Reflect-for a short amount of time, reflects all bullets (does not reflect melee damage)
Special_skill_2: E.M.P (disables mines, turrets and shocker’s shields for a short amount of time)
Grenade:Smoke grenade/blur vision-Allies covered in smoke are harder to see, also targeting is disabled for the ones aiming at the ones in the smoke.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / User-made class

Knight class
Weapon_1: Sword and knife
Special®: Stabs with the sword in a frontal attack and cut-throat attempt on enemy with the knife
Weapon_2: Shotgun
Special®: reload

Special skill_1: Reflect-for a short amount of time, reflects all bullets (does not reflect melee damage)
Special_skill_2: E.M.P (disables mines, turrets and shocker’s shields for a short amount of time)
Grenade:Smoke grenade/blur vision-Allies covered in smoke are harder to see, also targeting is disabled for the ones aiming at the ones in the smoke.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / rank every class from best to worst



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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Pro Match schedules

Make a web page in which we can signup for fighting. Something like this:

Also, we should train the noobs via tutorials and video tutorials.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Small counter tutorials

I play most of the time with shocker and I saw that especially for noobs, it’s very hard to counter. So I will give you these small tutorials on how to counter different characters. Perhaps it helps :)

Counter Shocker (defensive class, very good at defending/capturing , best with allies around, greatest skill: stun)

I usually make a shield on the capture point and place some mines around in the shield.
The best counter for Shocker is: Gunner, Assassin, Shocker, Tank, perhaps Tech, Shocker

1) Counter Shocker with Shocker.

Go inside his shield and plant 1 mine near his shield pilon and the other mines in some other places. When the bomb will explode, the shield will be deactivated.
While you put these bombs, use your stun and plant yourself a shield. Also, your gun should be the one with electricity to restore some of your armor in the process. Sure, you will certainly die, but you will: 1) destroy enemy shield 2) defeat some enemies with bombs.
Also, when using shocker, be sure to use orb caster to cast orbs aiming to the capture points to which you are going. this way you will hit any enemy that gets there before you.

2) Counter Shocker with Tech

This might be very hard, but when playing vs shocker and especially if around him are some of his allies, your objective is to plant mines in the same area to maximize damage. For that, enter in enemy’s shield and plant lots of mine, plant turret and heal turret to heal yourself, when your hp is <80%, use heal.
If you planted the mines (all 3) , your enemies will fall.

3) Counter Shocker with Assassin

Go invisible and look first for mines. Mines stun you, so you must be cautious.
Reach shocker’s shield pilon and use kyfoon, then poison them all with special skill, then drop bombs to make them attack themself.

4) Counter Shocker with Gunner

Use your main weapon without targeting- because when you use targeting, its firerate drops a lot-and shoot from a good distance the shield. You will need a few rounds, but you will take that shield down. If he plants another shield, then destroy it too in the same way, then use sniper to clear enemies off or engage in close combat and use grenades and. Tip: Fire grenades only if 1)enemy will reach ground soon (is flying, will reach ground) or 2) if enemy is on ground, or 3) if enemy is really close and you have little hp and will die anyway.

5) Counter Shocker with Tank

Before entering shocker’s shield, use invincibility because shocker has stun power and bombs that stun and if you get stunned, you will die. So, use invincibility and hammer and go inside the shield and use hammer’s special attack which stuns a bit, then destroy shield’s pilon and attack with the hammer the close opponents, especially the shocker. Use grenades if enemy is not too close.

I will make other tutorials if you would like to. If not, this is it :) Hope it helped a bit.

Counter Gunner (offensive class, very good at capturing, destroying shields, sniping , best alone, greatest skill: precision)

Gunners are a huge pain when a good player controls them.
The best counter for Gunner is: Scout, Gunner, Assassin, Blaster, Blazer

Tip: When fighting gunners in close combat do not stay on ground. Try to fight in the air so that his grenades won’t hit you.

1) Counter Gunner with Gunner

a) Both of you are on ground: Shoot without target on so that shooting speed is faster=>damage is greater. If you have less hp than him, while you shoot, go closer and use kick on him. Then shoot using targeting (right click).
b) Both of you are in air: Press space while you shoot with target on to fly higher, and then shift to fall. This way his bullets will hit you less likely and you gain some advantage.
Use grenades when he is approaching ground, and if you hit ground, use precision to increase your probability of hitting.

2) Counter Gunner with Scout
Scout is a unit made for speed. Go near gunner as fast as you can, plant a mine near him (the gunner will not be able to focus aim now) and go around him, shooting. Press q for super-speed. You can fight him on ground, in which case, you can use the special attack with sword. If gunner is very close, use thunder kick to stun him for a few seconds, then
lock target (rightclick) and shoot.

3) Counter gunner with Assassin
Best way to counter gunner with assassin is to attack him when he camps. Go invisible near him and use kyphoon and poison skill. If he flyes around, use needles (gun) and then leap in space (press space) so that the gunner will not be able to touch you. You will poison the gunner time after time, ’till he dies.

4) Counter Gunner with Blaster
If gunner is far, use rocket launcher, if it is close, use minigun and skill to stun him. If you use micro-munitions, fly first a little into the air to minimize the damage dealt on you by these munitions.

5) Counter Gunner with Blazer
Use heat ray at distance and try to attack the gunner in closed areas. Blazer is pro in closed areas, but not too good in wide areas. Also, use radiant haste to deal more damage.
In closed areas use firethrower.

Counter Blazer (offensive/defensive class, very good at capturing, destroying more units in the same time, greatest skill: radiant haste)

Blazer is great in close and medium combat but quite lame in long ranged combat.
He is best in closed spaces and worst in wide opened areas.

Best units to counter Blazer: Blazer, Scout, Gunner, Blaster, Assassin, Tank

1) Counter Blazer with Blazer In long-ranged use ray gun and try to approach him. When you are at medium distance switch on firethrower and use radiant haste (skill), then focus target and keep your distance as close as possible. If he is on ground, throw grenades and be sure to be in air, if he is in air, grenades are useless.

2) Counter Blazer with Scout Throw grenades near him, if in close combat, focus target, shoot and use speed skill. Move from left to right. Blazer will not be able to touch you too much. If you are near him, switch fast on sword and deal the critical blow (press R)

For scout, speed can be used for escaping too.

3) Counter Blazer with Gunner
Use sniper at distance and be sure to move so that he will not hit you with the heat ray. In close-combat, try to stay in air, use grenades and shoot.

4) Counter Blazer with Blaster Use rocket launcher as much as possible, when in close-combat use micro-munitions and minigun

5) Counter Blazer with Assassin
Use needles and , when attacked go invisible and run. Use poison and run, special attacks and run. Use hit and run tactics.

6) Counter Blazer with Tank
Go in close-combat and shoot the blazer, when shield is down and life at 75%, use invincibility. During fight, use grenades to push blazer away.

Or, you could use NarejEd ’s strategy: Better counter against Blazer with tank:
If they’re in a relatively open space such as the middle of the shuttle in shuttle bay or on the ground in moon base, slide towards them using shift while shooting with your gun. When you get relatively close, jump over them while dropping a bomb. After the bomb hits, and before they can recover, hit them with comet rush. While you’re still pressed up against them, switch to mauler and strike them once or twice, depending on their remaining hp. Finish with mauler slam.

It’s highly effective, and costs only a single bomb and a small sliver of health when performed correctly.

Counter Scout (offensive class, very good at taking down units in wide areas, kill snipers/blazers, best alone, can be used in group with other Scouts to maximize the attack strength, greatest skill: thunder kick (stuns enemy for a few seconds))

Scout is very good at persuading the enemy, in medium and close combat, but worthless in long-ranged combat.

Best units to counter Scout: Scout, Gunner, Assassin, Tank, Blaster

1) Counter Scout with Scout: Try to fly above enemy scout and use your gun, with target locked-on, to damage the opponent. Try to get as close as possible to throw a mine near him so that he cannot lock target on you. If you two are close to the ground, or if you are very close to your opponent, switch on sword and do not focus target, just aimless hit with the sword, while running around your opponent. If he is in your face and you are sure you can deal a good blow, press R (special attack with sword); use it especially if the opponent has no shield and low health.

2) Counter Scout with Gunner: Press Q (use precision skill) and lock target on scout and shoot. When scout is close, it will usually use a grenade. If he does that, jump into the air and run from there. soon you will be able to lock target again and if the scout persuade you in the process-bad for him, ’cuz your bullets deal more damage. Just lock target and shoot. But, if the scout switch on sword and tries to attack, wait until he is very near to you and use kick. That will stun him. Then, target him and shoot (you will not be able to focus target, but you can target him anyway, moving your mouse over him.).

Tip: When shooting normally, drag slowly your crossfire down because when you shoot it tends to go up. This way you focus on target.

3) Counter Scout with Assassin

Use poisoned needles in medium -ranged combat, then go on ground, and go invisible. If Scout comes on ground too, go near him and use poison, then shoot with needles/use kyphoon (depending on range). Also, confuse him, just in case.

4) Counter Scout with Tank

You must lure the Scout near you. To do that, use your main gun in medium-ranged combat. When scout is very close, use invincibility and hammer if possible. Use grenades too.

5) Counter Scout with Blaster

Use rocket launcher for long and medium-ranged fighting, and when he is close, if he is on ground and uses grenade, just fly above him and use micro-munitions, then get a little far from the place with the grenade and continue shooting him with rocket launcher. If he does not place bomb, you should better use minigun.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why does Kongregate suck?

Newgrounders leave value feedback at my games, but kongregats leave worthless feedback.
That’s what I hate at kongregate: player’s reviews.

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Topic: Battle Conquest / mVp is bullsh*t

MVP is good . I see no problem at it.

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Topic: Battle Conquest / Keep friends close ,enemy closer

It happend that i fight side by side with an holy general againts an holy army.

*happened *a *against *a

“looks like the “bug” keep happening.”


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Topic: Battle Conquest / Survival mode


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Topic: Battle Conquest / Undead Archers

Indeed! Undead archers need more units! (18-20)

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Topic: Battle Conquest / downgrade

downgrade is worthless;it should be removed!

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Topic: Collaborations / Turn-Based Strategy: Playtesters and Artists Needed

Use for playtesting and more.

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Topic: CS Portable / Horrible lagg

From some time, the game laggs a lot. I cannot play it any more.

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Topic: Battle Conquest / Update 10-4-2013

Please add full screen to the game full time, add speed button for battles vs the Ai, perhaps some new tracks when the enemy is inferior/superior in numbers, allow us to select the option to remove fast the bodies from the battle zone so that there will be no lagg, make the unit healing faster, or if the healing takes less than 5 minutes, let us do it instantly by pressing a button, make the hero unit look different than the rest of the units, re-color units with lighter colors so that units would look more realistic, fix the “walk through objects” bug that affects battle gameplay, lower the penalty of losing in pvp as much as you can, add difficulty for cooperation (it is too easy), add a “castle defend” map (surival-10 waves, each player has a maximum of 3 legions, max 3 players). Improve it as much as you can, it is a great game!

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Topic: CS Portable / Reviving *AMF*

Hehe. Awesome :D

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Topic: Collaborations / I need an artist! topic

Found artists. Thank you all for help.

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Topic: Collaborations / voice actor looking for projects!!!

Elijah is a very good sound actor! He does a very good win/death sounds.

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Topic: Collaborations / I look for an action script 2.0 coder

I need an action script 2.0 coder, not action script 3.0 coders!

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Topic: Collaborations / I look for an action script 2.0 coder

Who is OP? Also, I do not want to be in a team of someone else, but someone else to be in a team of mine.

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Topic: Collaborations / I look for an action script 2.0 coder

I want 2.0 coders, not 3.0!

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Topic: Game Programming / Learn AS3 instead of AS2.

Perhaps, but after I will be a pro in 2.0 I will think about moving to 3.0 ’Till then, I will use it.