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Topic: Technical Support / Intrenet connection perfect but chat doesnt load

clearing recent cookies might help , but other than that, do you have anything that could slow down your connection?, also , try entering chat which are programmed for games, (like multiplayer most likely got one, like dreamworlds), ive already got the same problem and that helped. if it dosnt, then try restarting your rooter device. it takes about 5 minutes and solve about 70% connection problems, you disconnect it and reconnect and wait till the internet comes back

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Topic: Technical Support / Sides and bottom of game are cut off..

Originally posted by teddyy:

I think you’re right.. So basically I can’t fix it without having a higher resolution screen? ;_;

well it might be possible to raise the resolution without changing screen, did you go in the computer options? , more often called configuration panel, well, when you go there, there is a appearence and customization options you go in it and choose , change screen resolution, then just choose an higher resolution, if you cant go higher it means your screen cant go higher than your current resolution, *just be careful if you raise the resolution too much and your computer aint made for it, it might cause lags.

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Topic: Transformice / The weirdest question ever

Originally posted by abcnbc:

Read this:

Transformice is a multiplayer flash game where you play as a little mouse out to grab some cheese and get it back to his mousehole !


i think they only go in they’re mousehole wouldnt that simplifly the question?