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Topic: CS Portable / [official] clan <Z.H> (Zoombie Hunters) OPEN TO EVERYONE!closed

I saw this forum pop up as a message in my friends’ status updates. Is csp worth investing time into, in your opinion?

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Topic: CS Portable / [official] clan <Z.H> (Zoombie Hunters) OPEN TO EVERYONE!closed

This is a kong game you’re clan-recruiting for?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Wasteland Empires] Water Tower Placement

You really expect nuclear fission materials to just jump in your pocket? Cmon now man. This is the APOCALYPSE! Machined materials you need will most likely be too trashed to use which is why you don’t find them so often. The people who used to know how to make them? Dead or forgot how most likely. nod nod

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Wasteland Empires] Bugs and Suggestions

Kane, you shouldn’t have replied to Troll Marine. If he didn’t read your signature in your first ‘official’ post, then he really doesn’t need to be acknowledged when making stupid statements. Just saying.

For Marine. Allow me to point out a post.

Dec 13, 2012 8:08am
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Hi everyone,

we are looking into this issue with the friends list. Thanks for your patience while we look into this.


Wasteland Empires Community Manager

Notice the word right above Wasteland Empires Community Manager? That’s right, you guessed it. KANE!! :D I even italicized and bolded it for you so you know what the heck I’m talking about.

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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

I’m damn proud to be an archer. I can pretty much kill off everything up to five levels above me. Granted, I’m only level 29, but still man…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Change the description for the fighting skills, they are currently misleading. They increase damage per hit too, not just accuracy.

Kevin,, buddy, that’s an obvious given.

If you’re more accurate with something, you’re gonna hit more often.

If you hit more often, obviously you’re gonna get more damage on target.

Just Sayin’.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Deathmobile upgrade still possible?

The point? Hmm let’s see.

Oh I got an idea.

First point.


Tankanidis made that lovely point quite clear.

Second point.

Raiding other people! Cause let’s face it. It’s both saddening and hilarious to get the various replies one might get over kong and ingame.

Third point.

Did you notice that as you level up buildings, sometimes they visually change?

Try complaining less and choosing one, some or all of the above.

I know I am! (ALL)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / we demand more nails !

Zax, Tool Boxes are your friend. Yours too Spree. They contain metal, bolts, nails and rivets.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Problems

At first, there was none. The first structure it told me to go explore was exploreable. After this, any time I try to explore any ‘other’ structure, it sticks me in a perpetual “Preparing To Enter Area” load screen. You know, the one with the flipping timeline.

I’ve tried everything I could find on the forums to fix this. Switching browsers (Chrome to start, Firefox, Safari, MSIE), clearing out my temp folder, deleting cookies, restarting computer. I even went so far as to go to I had the same exact problem at that site.

This is cause me severe hampering of my gaining of exp. I can still do them on auto, but it’s causing my survivors unneeded injuries. I would appreciate any help on the matter. Feel free to reply either here or send me a shout/message.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Quality Gifts for a Quality Game! (unlocked)

I think it’s kinda rediculous to vote an ok game one star. It’s not exactly worth five stars either though but voting it one star because they’re rewarding people who vote is kinda bad gamesmanship.