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Topic: Technical Support / Cannot load Gods of Arena from front page or find the game on Kongregate

Think it was removed but they never removed the entry on the currently popular list on the front page either. Clicked on it there and would not load so probably gone.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Monthly Cards

You purchase with cash so the gem buy menu has to pop up.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Explore Rewards

What happens usually is that if you click out fast, the rewards add once at the end of the battle and once when the rewards pops up and then goes back down in a few seconds or when the counters are checked again. Also, I have seen where there are rewards listed on the side bar, but when you win they aren’t there, which is probably a lazy load once thing on the server side.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Game bug

Have you checked your bag? Once it is filled the books will be stuck in the extra slots and you have to recover them.

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Topic: RobotPet / Suggestions for upcoming updates

Fix the XP so it isn’t a simple flat XP add. Currently just starting out if you do the first mission 1-easy you get to level 4. While not a problem starting out as the XP just stacks and stacks, along with the tiny amount of drops in the infinity, the XP level of the robot just snowballs with the inability to get gear to keep going up in levels. Due to poor drops and hardly any weapon drops you are stuck at infinity levels about 1/2 of your current level if you are lucky. If it weren’t for an occasional decent daily and hourly drop, you get even further out of level synch.

A simple linear fix, if I am at robot level 4 and infinity level 1, give only 1/4 the XP to slow down the XP growth.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Hell Clear Rewards?

Not having gotten all the scrolls listed I tried one dungeon about 18 times (5 free and 13 stamina) to see if any would show up. Out of 18 runs I got one of the training scrolls listed and one skill book that was above my current star level out of a chest.

This percentage seems a tad low overall, which is why the question is asked.

Are the clear rewards shown for hell dungeons only for the first time through or just the top possibilities for that each time you clear it?

If those rewards listed are only for the first time through then, mark it as CLEARED and show the normal reward table. If not, you might want to adjust the system to give out a bit more of the listed rewards.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aviator] 24 hour market refresh too long

Unless I have the only plane in the world the markets should refresh a tad bit more often. The two biggest problems with this are the item quests are given even if there isn’t sufficient stock in the markets you have opened and the fact that opening a new market doesn’t always give the item you are looking for.

I would suggest in addition to the 24hours full market refresh. A minor refresh every 6hours. The minor refresh rules would be as follows.

  1. If the market is completely empty, add 2 item types
  2. If the market has less than 4 item types, add one
  3. If the market has very low supplies (less than 5) of more than 2 item types; remove one and restock the other.

This would smooth out game play.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aviator] Market Lists

Where is the list of last known market items for each city? If the markets don’t shift in a 24 hours period then there should be some easy way of listing that.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Bugs & Problems

There appears to be no SEND ALL button in gifts. In games where you get tons of fake friends for bonuses this is absolutely necessary.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Ask the devs!

When will arena battles be fixed so you don’t pull the same opponent more than once per arena?

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild recruitment


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Brave Tales] Ideas/Update plans

A Mark all or simple Request all button would speed things up a bit. The scroll bar for potions and hero requests can be touchy and doing 4 at a time can take forever. Or at least adding a color variation for those who have played in the last 24 hours.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Brave Tales] Fundemental Design Flaw

This game seriously misses the one primary game design component needed in all games.

“The ability to progress.”

The supplies simply are no where even close to the amount needed for a person to progress through this game.

The idea that you spend supplies to do a mission rather than gain supplies for doing a mission is totally absurd. It should be that you do the mission and get the supplies.

Each Hero needs a minimum of 250×5 (1250) supplies just to to blue gear, and this assumes that you get an awesome roll on the random crafting. A more reasonable amount would be around 2500 per Hero. And that includes no runes.

The next level of gear is 2000 each so at minimum 10000 per Hero, plus the original 2500 to get the blues to make the orange.

And don’t tell me to do the supply missions as they keep going up in difficulty without the supplies to refit the troops to be able to do them. Dieing every time you try something isn’t fun.

If you want more people playing this game you will need to make supply amounts more realistically available for all the upgrading and rune enchanting needed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [General War: Memories] Server Merge

Why didn’t we all get a hat?

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Topic: Cyberpunks vs Syndicates / Suggestions

The failure to be able to refill the health bar with cash kinda screws up the game once you hit anything that can significantly damage you. This needs to be fixed so you can use cash to heal quickly. It can get pretty boring waiting for healing even if it is fast when you have a ton of energy to spend and no way using it the way you want too.

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Topic: Cyberpunks vs Syndicates / Suggestions

Co-ops need to be redone. Currently to get to 3/7 takes at least 45% of damage which means a total of 2 people can get that. Further more the continued forcing of extra ‘e’ per berserk attack while not allowing anything but 1 ‘e’ or max ‘e’.

Thinking along the lines of getting the 3/- part in 10-12% tops and the maximum of -/7 part requiring at least 7 people joining the co-op would make it a bit easier.

Would be very nice if each level up forcing an extra ‘e’ expenditure simply added a button for that number so you would have 1e, 5e, 10e, 20e options as not to over hit the co-ops.

It would be nice if you could enter multiple of each type of co-op too to encourage co-op being distributed to more players per assault.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Suggestions

This game has WAY too many transparencies. While they look really nice, they have a the ill effect of severely slowing down the game due to the multiple layers you need to draw. If possible, turn off redraws on layers underneath, then redraw them once you exit the pop up menu that is currently being focused on.

It also seems like you are redrawing the whole inventory every time anything is modded instead of overwriting what is there with a blank slot image when you move or remove something from inventory. Make sure you tag each area to see if it needs to be redrawn and don’t redraw if you don’t need too.

Also, removing the confirmation of gem creation would really speed things up. Was nice to know a gem was made the first 5 or so times, but now it is just another multi-layer redraw slowing down the game annoyance. And when you double click due to slow speed it sorts your inventory.

You might want to allow the low, medium, high resolution that is standard in many game. The standard redraw is nice and smooth but again with all that is being redrawn (nearly the whole city most of the time) it becomes very sluggish.

I would like to see gem creation sped up a lot. This could be accomplished by adding a few check boxes for the rarities of gear and a quick create gem button that would check each rarity that has 4+ items in all inventories and convert all multiples of 4 into gems for that rarity.

No matter how good your art is or how pretty a game is; if it is sluggish and difficult or frustrating to accomplish things, players leave.

Just a few thoughts.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Confrontation WCG] Too few deck slots

So you remake ALL of your decks every time you switch from scenario to skirmish to simulation? That sounds pretty dumb to me.

Also the tiny amount of slots for the large amount of decks needed to do all the different things each day makes it a tad annoying guessing which decks to delete and remake everyday to continue the next set of battles.

The most annoying thing is the deck storage size is tiny, needing only to mark 9 card ids, trying to get people to buy extra slots seems quite ridiculous.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Confrontation WCG] Too few deck slots

This game has far too few deck slots. And considering how small the server space is for each (1 leader, 8 cards; so under 50 bytes per deck [if properly set up]), there should be a lot more.

Bare minimum you need 12 just to cover the daily arena, 5 for fortress, simulation requires at least 3, and then there are normal decks for other battles.

So a bare minimum of 20 free deck slots should be allocated per person since there is no way to backup save decks you are deleting to be recalled later.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Confrontation WCG] Server maintenance schedule

How about getting the server clock to show properly?

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Topic: Technical Support / Problem Loading games

I was having black screen problems lately on the games. I finally remembered that a while back Kong was having problems with a bunch of DNS servers and I changed the dns host settings directly for Kong. After removing the kong direct info from my host list everything appears to be back to normal with no more black screens. I do have the latest FF browser and flash update and was still having the problem. If you were here around that time and are having problems loading or with blackscreens, you might want to check if you removed the kong info.

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Topic: Outernauts / LOADING .......... (won't load)

Would be interesting to see what this game is but since they haven’t even bothered responding to any post about these problems it probably never will be. Can always get a lot of 1 star ratings for it this way.

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Topic: Outernauts / Game Freeze Bug. Stopped in loading. <- that’s where help → submit takes you too. Either my dns server is broken again and I don’t know what items to add or outernauts has set something that breaks with FF.

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Topic: Outernauts / Game Freeze Bug. Stopped in loading.

Any way to play this with FF, it gets to loading minimus orionus and stops.

Devs know why this is happening or is it just a guess and hope it works some day problem?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Odin Quest] Offical Bug thread [{(< o >)}]

Have any new players been able to get in since the last update?

I wonder if something was messed up in the formatting for server access and it stops when it finds a non-existant account that is trying to be created and then goes black screen since it doesn’t know how to handle the error.