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Topic: Off-topic / Do you ask God to bless your food before eating?

I do indeed, good Crazy Squirtle.

And to the guy above me, HAHAHAHA! xD

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Topic: Off-topic / What was the last thing you copy/pasted?

“No, don’t call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs, and get a distress call from the Commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.” – Dwight K Schrute

I… do not regret this. Not one bit.

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Topic: Off-topic / What IF?: The Avatar Above You Was Your Real Father?

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

I guess I’d try to figure out what both my father and I were.

Can… can we get a do-over?… please?… PLEASE?…

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Topic: General Gaming / Saddest game?

Company of Myself


It would bring a grown man to tears… and unintentional weeping.

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Topic: General Gaming / "Does it break?"

Allow me to be a bit more specific.

I understand people wanting to break things such as vases and stuff, but what about that little bottle of wine, or maybe that car window? Things that usually would not hold much significant value. What about those?

Do you find yourself trying to break items that you know will not hold coins/points/usual items?

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Topic: Off-topic / I want you to...

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by jawunleashed:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:

but you just did

“I want you to… but you just did.”

“I want you to… He means that you just finished the sentence, so, we don’t need to.

You can’t pull this shit on what I just said, considering I’m quoting you."

NEVER said it had to make sense. xD

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Topic: General Gaming / "Does it break?"

I find myself kicking, punching, shooting, and bombing a lot of things
in video games, and I’ve been wondering, how many people do the same thing?


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Topic: Off-topic / I want you to...

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

but you just did

“I want you to… but you just did.”

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Topic: Off-topic / I want you to...

…finish this sentence.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the REAL problem with OT?

Originally posted by Pokerpo:
Originally posted by Zaminick:


is dat u

My name is Jaw and I approve of this gif.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Febreze worth it?

I’ve used it and it only seems to mask the smell? Any ideas on how to fix this SERIOUS problem?

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Topic: General Gaming / The TellTale Collection on PS4

Hey everyone, if you are on PS4, and love TellTale games or are interested in trying them out, I have some great news for you!

The TellTale Collection contains every game after TWD: Season 1.

What is included:
The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Game of Thrones: Season 1, and Tales From The Borderlands.

(The season passes are included for GoT and TFTB)
(Confirmed by users that have purchased it)

I just want to let everyone know that this collection is now available on PS4’s PSN for $55 (Original price of $110). If you happen to be a PS+ member, you get an extra 10% off, making the final price $44.

This is a very good deal that is only going on until the 24th of February, so hop on it if you either have never played TellTale, or happened to upgrade to new consoles.

Until next time,


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Topic: General Gaming / Camping on FPS: Perfectly legit strategy or cheap?

Honestly, camping is 100% legit.
Think about it this way, if you are legitimately in the army and you are a sniper,
you are not going to be running around no-scoping and quick-scoping.
You are going to be setting up a spot, and even at times switching spots to ensure you
have the upper hand on the enemy.
The main tactic of a real sniper is, in the game’s words, camping.
Most people complain about camping because they feels its a cheap way to get kills,
but the tactic is 100% realistic and should not
be seen as cheating or being scared to play the game.

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Topic: General Gaming / Rainbow Six Siege

Fantastic! The game looks like everything is as top-notch as, and in some areas, even better than Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. This is definently a day-one buy for me. Can’t wait to see what else Ubisoft unveils on it up to its release.

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Topic: Kongregate / Wait... How Long Ago?!

A couple of moments ago, I was messing around on my profile, when suddenly, I saw that Kongregate told me that I have been a member since December 31, 2008. I looked at my computer, picked my jaw (See, that’s a pun) off of the floor, and was shocked to know that I had been on Kongregate for five years (Six years come this December 2014)! I have had some great times over those years chatting with you all, and plan on keeping my profile going even as I now go to college.

Here’s why I made this thread, to get people on Kongregate to tell the date they joined, how long it has been, their most notable badge(s) recieved, what was the first game they played, and to reminisce if they see fit.

Kongregate is fantastic for meeting people and being able to play games at the same time is just so fantastic. I applaud the Kongregate team for creating a website that we have all thoroughly enjoyed!

Now, here’s my entry:

-Joined: December 31, 2008 (I feel so freaking old.)

-Time that has passed: 5, almost 6, years.

-Notable Badges: Two impossible badges in one day. (The Line Game/ Pandemic)

-First Game: Platform Racing 2.

-Reminisce: All I have to say is, “Those freaking chat rooms of The Valley and Echo Hall.”

You’re turn. :)

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Topic: General Gaming / 450-650$ Laptop Budget. Advice needed!

I understand how you’re feeling. I used to feel the same way, scared to make a PC. But after experimenting and trying a few builds, I realized that as long as you know what you’re doing, or if someone teaches you, building a PC can be a fun, and ultimately a worthwhile, experience. Here, I’ll make you a list of what you need, and you need to get it all in this order or else you have a risk of messing up the items that you need, and you don’t want to risk losing money. By the way, I will basically give you the parts I am using for my powerful computer, so this will run you around $800-900, but trust me It’s worth it in the end. Anyway, here it is:

-First, you will want to get a Computer Tower. This is important, because it tells you what kind of motherboard and whatnot you can get to fit inside. For the tower, you will want to get one that has many fans on the inside (ranging from 150mm to 230mm). The fans will ensure no overheating and will make the PC run faster and more efficient. I recommend getting THIS TOWER

-Second, you will want to buy a Processor. This is the most important aspect of the computer’s parts, since you will be using this to build off of. THIS PROCESSOR is my recommendation.

-Third, a motherboard is required. This is where you will be putting everything that you buy when you are complete, so everything must fit perfectly, and the set up I have, and am, going to give you, fits it perfectly. I recommend THIS motherboard.

-Fourth, you will need a graphics card. This will help determine just how great the game will look when it runs, and how much it can handle. THIS is my recommended graphics card.

-Fifth, you will want to get RAM. RAM decides how much you can have running at once, and if your computer will either stride, or buckle under the pressure (To put it in layman’s terms). THIS is my recommended RAM. It’s kind of pricey, but it’ll be worth it.

-Sixth, you will want memory. This is based on preference and does not ultimately effect the quality of the game as it runs or the PC in general. But I do recommend a SSD (Solid State Drive) and THIS is the one I recommend.

-Lastly, you will want to total all of the energy the system is using (Watts) and get a Power Source. Id you don’t have enough power, the computer will ultimately not work, overheat, and break from the amount of watts going through the system without a proper power source. The common amount, and the amount used by my PC is 750 watts. So, I recommend THIS power source.

After this, you will just need things like a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers, but that should be no problem to get and does not rely on how your PC is built. So, that is my PC. I recommend having someone older install all of this, or you think you can, try yourself (It could give you experience) but make sure you have an adult nearby, you don’t want to hurt yourself. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can show you how to install everything. So, good luck! I hope you can do this, or if you decide to go with your laptop, get what you’re looking for. :)

P.S. All of the parts I gave you have been heavily researched by me, and each should fit into the overall PC with ease. So don’t worry, everything listed is high-powered and ready to be bought and installed. Oh, and you will probably not have to upgrade for quite a long time because the parts are so good. This set-up can probably run Grand Theft Auto 5 on it when the game releases later this year for PC. And lastly, when you upgrade, you will not have to upgrade everything, you will just need to likely upgrade your video card based on the set-up I have given you. Have a great time!

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Topic: General Gaming / 450-650$ Laptop Budget. Advice needed!

Do you need to carry the game around? Because laptops aren’t usually the best idea when it comes to gaming. I HIGHLY recommend making your own desktop computer. You can build a fantastic piece of hardware that can run high-demand games, like Crysis, for as little as $600. Next, there are not very many good gaming laptops for that cheap, but if you can afford to do without taking it on the go, then a desktop gaming computer can be built for very cheap.
Recently, I had begun building a PC that is top-of-the-line for only $800. I have looked up the specs for the system I am building, and it can run games like Crysis 3 on its top settings and I probably will not have to upgrade for a great while. And if I bought this game on-line already built, it would cost over $1300! Which is why I highly recommend you build one from scratch. If you can’t build it on your own, you should find someone who can, like a good tech-savvy friend.
There is a website called,, that sells computer parts, and sometimes, they have sales that make these items VERY cheap. (They have sales everyday, but they are not always computer parts.)
So yeah, a laptop is not the best option for gaming, but while there are good ones, they are not as cheap as you need them to be.

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Topic: General Gaming / how do i convince my parents (or just my mom) to let me play M rated games

First of all, remember to always respect your parents and that they are just trying to help you and protect you. Now that that’s out of the way, let me explain something to you.
M-Rated games are rated M and recommended for older people for a reason. While some games have a much lower reason (Halo with only Blood and Violence. [The dark story is probably enough to make the game rated M]) for being rated M, others have really good reasons to not be played by children, or even teenagers. Grand Theft Auto is especially apparent. The game features some of the most realistic violence on the market, and the characters are not the most moral people in the world (I’m looking at you, Trevor Phillips). The GTA games have had a long history of being for adults only or Mature people (17 year olds) in the ESRB’s case. Other games (Like Call of Duty) feature strong or intense violence that can be gritty and hard to watch. While there may be an option to “tune down” the violence, nothing will hide the overall image. In some cases, there are games (Like The Walking Dead: The Game) that feature a large amount of Strong Language. Cursing is a problem for many people, and the reason being is that they heard people curse constantly, and this had a heavy influence on them. In the cases of many people I know, they heard cursing around them and that’s why they curse frequently. This remains true for seeing a character smoke, drink, have sex, or even kill someone on-screen. The more you see images, the more curious you will get on the activity. While this may not be true for the “killing” part, the other three can get pretty tempting to try out (especially at the “teenager” section of your life. Trust me, I’ve gone through those years already).
Overall, In your case, I recommend waiting until you are older to play M-Rated games. While I realize that all the images on the screen are just mere pixels and voices,you never know when something will have a heavy influence on you later, or even sooner, in your life (Especially this early in your life).
And if your parents won’t allow you to play the games, trust them, they probably have a good reason for not allowing you to play them (Such as “protecting your innocence” or something much greater). Also, have your parents check out the REAL reasons behind the game being rated M on, this will give your parents the opportunity to see if the game is not as bad as they think, or if you might even be able to get them in the future when you get a little older.
Oh, and don’t worry. You will always have an opportunity to play M rated games when you get older. I’m sure they’ll be making games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space, etc. when you get older. Just be patient, and you’ll have your chance. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could change your name?

I mean seriously, who WOULDN’T want their name changed to such a magnificent name?

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Topic: General Gaming / The Walking Dead The Game: 400 Days

This new piece of DLC for The Walking Dead: The Game officially has release dates and they are as followed:
Tuesday, July 2nd – PlayStation Network (North America)
Wednesday, July 3rd – PC/Mac (Steam, Telltale Games Store)
Friday, July 5th – Xbox Live (Worldwide)
Wednesday, July 10th – PlayStation Network (Europe)
Thursday, July 11th – iOS (Worldwide)
After you play it, you can discuss it here in this thread!
Now, please be warned, SPOILERS ARE PERMITTED in this thread so tread lightly if you have not played the first Season or 400 Days.

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Topic: Off-topic / wow mods r so boring

Mods aren’t very boring! They are the most epic things to ever exist! Mods make everything better! Just look at DayZ!
(Just in case you’re wondering, I do understand he is talking about Moderators…) xP

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Topic: Off-topic / Is the TI-Nspire worth getting?

Actually, it highly depends on which classes you are taking and what you are hoping to major in. If you are taking classes such as Calculus, and majoring in classes that have to do with using complex math equations, sequences, etc. then I would highly recommend it. Buying one of the TI-Nspires is highly recommended if you will use it regularly in your future career. Like I said, the future worth heavely depends on what you hope to do in your life when you get older.
EDIT: The TI-Nspire is avaiable for very cheap on places like Ebay or Amazon, I would recommend getting one from those sites. Regularly, they can be over $100 at regular sale sites and stores. Also, the TI-Nspire CAS is in color and goes no more than like $10 more than the regular (Non-color) model. I would recommend that one for it’s efficiency and dependablity. But, which ever works for your pockets would be the best. If you want to save money, I highly recommend using the two sites, Ebay and Amazon. Good luck!

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Topic: Off-topic / Quick highlights of Xbox One reveal for anyone who missed it

Originally posted by gluCROWse:

Lol look at all these losers trying to decide how to enter the NEXT GEN

I have a wii u so im already in the NEXT GEN

get on my level

As for the Wii U, the specs are currently better than both the Xbox 360, and the PS4. The only thing is, the specs are only a small bit over both the consoles. The next-gen consoles of the both the PS4 and Xbox One shatter the Wii U’s specs by an extraoidinary margin. Yes, the Wii U is technically next-gen, but with the release of the next consoles of both Sony and Microsoft, the Wii U will definently be lacking in the department of power.

I am not hating on the Wii U, in fact, I rather enjoy the system. But as far as keeping up with the next consoles of Microsoft and Sony, it will be left by a large margin comparing the specs.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever sued or tried to sue someone?

I once tried to sue a dragon in Skyrim for killing my horse, but I realized it was not an actual feature. Sigh.

I was once lawyer in Skyrim, then I took a “You can’t handle the truth” to my ego.

As for that last sentence, all I have to say is, POW right in the kisser.

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Topic: Off-topic / Quick highlights of Xbox One reveal for anyone who missed it

Originally posted by Wave_Rida:
I do not want a touch screen on my ps controller, and certainly not a sharebutton. Misclick once and you are stuck in your facebook.

Just sayin’, it is possible to turn the share button off. As for the touch screen, I believe it will be an interesting way to play games. I just hope that the touch screen doesn’t come off as too gimmicky.

Okay, I do wish that they gave the viewers more closer looks at more games and the actual power of the Xbox One. I do like the system and it’s specs, as well as its casing. But, the PS4 does appear to have more RAM compared the the Xbox One. I do in fact like the use of the Kinect with the Xbox for voice recognition, but I hope that it does not, as with the PS4’s Controller touch pad, come off as too gimmicky. Either way, E3 will definently be the turning point in the Next-Gen Console battle in a few weeks. Both companies better bring their best if they hope to win it.

As for me, I need to get a bit of information from both parties in order to actually decide which console gets my money.