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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Extreme tracks and daily XP

Originally posted by Cupnoodle37:

Daily XP? Good idea! Up to a maximum of 1000 XP a day! 70 XP awarded for the first day you log in.(Daily XP unlocks at rank 5) The XP will X10 for 10 days onwards! And extreme tracks should reward kreds once you finish them, for kongregate users.

They can’t give you money on kongregate for beating their track. It would be impossible. The only way they could do anything like that is on their website.

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Topic: General Gaming / What would you want in the sequel of Amorphous+? (shouldIlockit?)

Pretty much what most people are saying.

Amorphus+2. I like the name.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Originally posted by hitman8:

Star wars defenetly the fighters are alot more skilled and can deflect lasers and toss cars or anyting the size of cars on them.

lolwut. The Jedi are okay but they would get destroyed by the Spartans (note previous post) Clones/Storm Troopers suck ass at fighting. They die after like 1 shot and their guns don’t even shoot straight.

Yes they can deflect lasers, good thing the only hand fired laser in Halo is the Spartan laser, which I doubt can be blocked by a lightsaber because it’s probably 10x more powerful than most any blaster in Star Wars. I’m not sure if plasma can be blocked blocked by Lightsabers, seeing as Lightsabers themselves utilize plasma for their blades…

Also, they don’t just “toss” cars. It takes them a few seconds to lift it and even then they wouldn’t be able to throw it fast enough to hit a Spartan unless they were at super close range, in which case they’d be filled with bullets anyways.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

The Spartans would destroy the Jedi. The Spartans have better reflexes, better armor, and they work better as a team. And the Jedi couldn’t possibly block all the bullets in an Assault Rifle, from multiple angles. Sure, they would take out a few Spartans, but they’d still lose.

That being said, Star Wars would still probably win if it was an all out war. But the Death Star is irrelevant, seeing as it would probably get destroyed, again.

Wait a minute, do the Flood count??? This changes everything!!

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Topic: General Gaming / MW2 Classes, Killstreaks, Etc.

Rank:29 (I only recently got the game)
Primary Weapon: P90 (I feel bad for myself I havent even gotten 5 headshots so I switch between desert and arctic whatev is appropriate ( I hate estate cuz of this
Primary Weapon Attachments: Holo sight
Secondary Weapon: .44 magnum
Secondary weapon attachments: None yet ( I hope to get tactical knife soon)
Equipment: Semtex (occasionally frag)
Special Grenade: Smoke ( I love throwing a smoke then going completly in the other direction while the opposition searches for me in the smoke, FLANK POWER!!!)
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro ( P90 reload time is incredible with this )
Perk 2: Stopping power Pro (Extra damage is needed)
Perk 3: Steady aim (trying to get pro[get pro with another class]
Deathstreak: Errr, I forgot any I guess

Killstreak 1: UAV
Killstreak 2: Care package
Killstreak 3: Harrier or Precision Airstrike ( I rarely get this, but Its all I have )
Biggest Killstreak: 8 (I know that is sad)
Well, I have many other classes (derp), they are even decent, but I get the most kills with this. My other classes include Anti Air, Stealth, Assualt Rifle (any of em), and Semi-Stealthy Sniper ( I need claymores before I can use this efficently).

That is my class(es)!