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Topic: Reactor idle / Gas Burner Vs Nuclear Cell

Originally posted by Daniel_1991:

I’m wondering why there is no boilers setups here. Here is my gas setup.

Boilers generally just take up too much space. Here is my setup for Village and Region with burners (I just unlocked Region 5 minutes ago and spent my money to get comparable upgrades to my Village):

Village (9.22 million per tick):

Region (14.92 million per tick):

I will likely swap to nuclear soon but the upgrades for generators are getting costly without Gen3 so I may just wait for my research to unlock Gen3 and continue upgrading gas a bit more.

Been an hour since I posted this – Region is now producing 30 million per tick with the same layout (but a few more advanced research centers in place of some offices since I got the office upgrade) with the following upgrades:
Lvl 9 Office Sell Power (up from Lvl 8)
Lvl 12 Gas Burner
Lvl 48 Generator Effectiveness

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / PR2 Tourney

I’m definitely entering.

Name: ptgdevd
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