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Topic: BattleCry / survival mode highest wave

you get 100 gold per level so that is 2000 gold when you beat level 20.
I beat the solo Survival.

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Topic: Astroflux / Suggession - Pirates vs Police

Its a pretty simple fix. PVPers get their own zone. If you want to go PVP and hunt non-NPCs, you go there. Rewards and scrap drops can be higher, so you can be blue in these designated PVP zones (for moral or quest reasons), but you of course run the risk of getting stomped.

PVP gankers have no place in the PVE environment. People have a hard enough time clearing planets and getting scrap, add in level 30 PVPers with a maxed out ship and multiple maxed out weapons, it is just unplayable. I can never understand why developers insist on having this free for all environment, it only benefits the player who is willing to put in countless hours while severely alienating and discouraging casual players.

Stop the FFA.