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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Daily Objectives

Scale the reward with the players level and progress. If someone is level 35, has beat grinder and is over 4000, 200 silver is a joke. Sure any bonus is a good boost, but why don’t missions count towards daily missions? My Splitter used Rally a couple of times and I had 7 units left after atleast one round of ‘Ashes’, and yet no progress logged. Its only the first day, so lets see what comes up. Thanks for the effort, lets see if it is useful, or a bust.

As a point of clarification. “Win 5 battles with 6+ units on the field against enemy rivals” does that mean you need to have 7 or 8 units left? as in >6? or do we need greater than or equal to 6 units left? Could you please say “…with 6 (7) or more units remaining”

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Topic: Global Assault / Supply drops statistics

Thanks for the sample analysis. The percentages for higher units should increase as your level does, your SP need grows exponentially, but the supply decreases if anything. This inversion is the paywall that developers work so hard to create so you can pay to overcome it, sadly it drives away most players and brings an abrupt end to most people experience with a game.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Petition] Grinder

Originally posted by GrausamesGnu:

they named it “grinder” for a reason ^^

but I agree with the majority here, no one will gets hurt if people get a second chance. As stated before, a grinder at day 20 is a beast reward, while at day 40 it is “only” good.

No reason for the mission to not repeat. It’s an event to look forward to, keeping players interested in a useful goal.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Petition] Grinder

The sheer volume of times that the Grey Eagle with a Bunker Buster hits my front row Zeus with Titanium Plating while it’s marked is beyond suspicious. I’ve had all 3 of my Zeus’ assassinated in the same fashion in one match. I’ve been playing games on the computer for a long time, so I am more than familiar with the frustration you feel when you are stymied by a particular level of a game you’ve been enjoying. This is different then that, it is a much more toxic situation. The Grinder is pretty much unbeatable with the small cache of F2P units we have available. You need a lot of things to go your way:
1. The enemy needs to play it’s hand very ineffectually, which is a tall order due to the special abilities the enemy has. They need to fill rows with weak cards and hopefully not play the Crushers early and put them out of reach.
2. You need to hope like hell that your barriers and camoflage hold up while the enemy misses and marks inefficiently
3. You need to be very lucky in the early rounds with what enemies you mark. If you don’t mark and kill the enemy fast enough, they will tear apart your ezus’ and shrug off your attacks. The game is decided within the first 8 moves.

You need more luck then this game is willing to give. And like most modern games and micro-games like Global Assault, F2P has completely bastardized the gaming experience. This game is about balancing how difficult it is, keeping it “fun”/wanting to succeed and the all important INCENTIVIZING PEOPLE TO SPEND MONEY. That last point is the reason the Devs do not give a single solitary shit about how difficult something is to a F2P player if they aren’t willing to spend money to overcome that obstacle. That is a shortsighted approach in my opinion, the more happy F2P players, the more people they invite and some of the new people might pay while growing the fanbase. But alas, I am running into the paywall on another game. The abilities of P2W units is just stupid, they can hide, they will change lanes to hunt you down, they have insane armor and pierce and incendiary and retaliate and barrier all + suppress all, get that shit the fuck out of here. You’ve taking a simple concept with these 8 cards, and tried to wring to much money out of it. Instead of playing well thought out games for years of my life, I now play these disposable games for a month, forget about them and move on. This is not sustainable and it’s a downright shame.

We just want a game that is fun to play, $$$ is not a strategy, this isn’t politics, get your head out of your ass Devs, or watch the game dwindle away.

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Topic: BattleCry / survival mode highest wave

you get 100 gold per level so that is 2000 gold when you beat level 20.
I beat the solo Survival.

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Topic: Astroflux / Suggession - Pirates vs Police

Its a pretty simple fix. PVPers get their own zone. If you want to go PVP and hunt non-NPCs, you go there. Rewards and scrap drops can be higher, so you can be blue in these designated PVP zones (for moral or quest reasons), but you of course run the risk of getting stomped.

PVP gankers have no place in the PVE environment. People have a hard enough time clearing planets and getting scrap, add in level 30 PVPers with a maxed out ship and multiple maxed out weapons, it is just unplayable. I can never understand why developers insist on having this free for all environment, it only benefits the player who is willing to put in countless hours while severely alienating and discouraging casual players.

Stop the FFA.