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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?
Read the list.
Star Wars would have ALL of those in it’s universe (All being in Canon Star Wars media in some way, shape, or form)
I really don’t see anything in the Halo universe (I mean the ENTIRE Halo Universe) that could stack up to this.
Everything can.
We just have more boom.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Originally posted by fractalman:
Originally posted by kelt44:

Obviously Star Wars. The technology would be highly advanced because blasters were invented before ANYTHING in Halo was invented, therefore they would be more advanced. They say you can’t be invincible, but being technologically advanced by over a million years than the opposition practically IS being invincible. Suck on that Halo. Also, the Jedi would crush any army when they had millions of years to hone their skills of the force, the death star could be rebuilt, WITHOUT being vulnerable to a cocky young man in an X-wing, therefore we could destroy any planet that the opposition own. I may not know much about Halo, but I am a Star Wars GOD. SUCK ON THAT HALO FANS.

Really? Scientific advance in the wars universe?

Maybe before the republic. Maybe after the fall of the empire. but not during the time covered and mentioned during the core cannon of the movies. oh, a few improvements are made here and there, but nothing fundamental untill the yuzan vong (spellling?) show up with singularity weapons.

the problem is, the republic and empire have a very poor scientific attitude, and a poor understanding of their own technologies, resulting in no ftl improvement, only limited improvements in weaponry, a loss of sheild technologies, a distinct lack of metalurgical insight, and an industrial capacity that spirals into ever larger but weaker ships.
last but not least: their computers and targetting scanners have always, and will always leave, much to be desired.

1. General scientific attitude: (poor)
“If it isn’t in the archives then it doesn’t exist”-while she might have been refering exclusively to planets and stars, I find that unlikely. If she had been, why wouldn’t she have said “If a STAR isn’t in our archives, then it doesn’t exist”?-unless she believed that EVERYTHING had already been discovered.

2. FTL: (static)
Due to the awfull minute in which a certain smuggler treats “parsec” like a unit of time, and a few other factors, it is nearly impossible to directly determine whether FTL gets better, or worse, during the course of the movies.

We are thus forced into lesser cannon…most of which says that wars FTL is tied to the force in some fashion, is poorly understood by all engineers, and simply cannot be improved upon, except possibly by a particularly powerfull force-user, generally a Sith or uber Sith. Did I mention…it might just be restricted to the one galaxy?

3. Weaponry (superficial advances)
weaponry is one of the few things to have improved during the time of the empire. However, nearly all the improvements took the form of building a BIGGER gun, not a more compact gun with the same firepower. Matter of fact, it’s very possible the death star’s method of destroying planets relies more on anti-gravity than anything else; even so, it requir
es a massive device, and the second death star is bigger, not smaller.

Other weapons appear to have the same firepower for a given size between the republic and empire.

4. Shielding (loss of technology)
loss of compact technology occured. no significant developments in large-scale sheilds; death star more or less as big as they get.

While fighting the second death star, nobody even tried to overwhelm the groundside station via orbital bombardment, suggesting a very strong sheild. But during the battle with the first death star, a single shot from a fighter is able to cause an explostion in an occupied corridor, and fighters destroy a number of turrets on the surface of the death star. Substantial advancement? If so, why didn’t the emporer have backup sheilds installed on the death star already?

I conclude that to make a wars sheild strong, you have to attach it to a planet or moon, and then protect any object OTHER than the planet or moon it’s attached to, because you need something to dump the vibrations into. (maybe the harmonics will always be resonant with the object you’re trying to sheild or something. point is, that type of sheild cannot be put onto a ship).

meanwhile, small-scale sheilds were, quite simply, lost. Sheilded droids? poof. personal sheilds? Never seen in the entire series, as far as I can tell. Those sheilds used by the gungans? poof.

5. Industrial technlogies and capacity (goes down the drain)
At first, it looks like industrial technologies improve throughout-after all, the empire uses ever bigger ships as time goes on!
But it’s an illusion. An illusion created by switching to ever weaker materials as the machinary and infrastructure falls apart behind the scenes.

If star destroyers were built of the same material as the typical republic era ship, they should have roughly twice as much maneuverability as they actually do. If they were built out of a stronger material, they should have even more maneuverability. They don’t. They’re sitting ducks for f*n asteroids…which is yet anoter sign they’re made of substandard materials.

As for the second death star being bigger than the second? Rougly speaking, that big death star would have been about 3 or 4 small when finished, and had the material for 1 or two small death stars already present.

Assuming that industrial capacity remained the same, the emperor could’ve easily lured the rebels to an unfinished “death star” with only enough firepower to dent another death star (which is presumably sufficient to destroy rebel ships in one shot each), left ANYBODY in charge of it, then showed up with the REAL death star if the original plan went south. Or even just to panick the rebels.
But he didn’t. I conclude that he didn’t…because he couldn’t; he had to use a less efficient set of materials for the weapons, because the empire had run out of supplies. with less efficient materials, an even bigger death star was required just to house the weapon. before it finished, the tools started breaking.

Point is, the industrial capacity of the empire was pushed to the limits to maintain an illusion of effectiveness, but wound up collapsing around the emporer.

scanners and computers:
The asteroid that smacked into the star destroyer. The line “that’s impossible, even for a computer”. Sure, they have droids, but it’s rather obvious that the only truly intelligent droids come from the era of the republic-namely, r2-d2 and c-3po.
(side note: i’m not really sure how they even HAVE semi-sentient droids when their computers can’t hit a 6-meter target at the end of a canyon. Maybe all their droids are from the era of the republic. )
Republic era aim may not have been much better, but it was better.

If they don’t have very good computers anymore, is it any wonder they aren’t able to improve their technology?

Tldr: the wars universe is technologically stagnant, therefore the duration of the republic is insufficient grounds to declare a victory for the wars universe.

Ahem. 1. Those are words of an old,hubristic librarian. One person. You forget the large amounts of smugglers and explorers who scour the galaxy
2.Semi Valid,My only argument is that Han may have been lying,He also isn’t the brightest star in the galaxy if you know what I mean
3.The Death Star’s Laser broke the crust of the planet and heated the core to the point where enough energy was released to destroy the planet,The Death Star also had unimaginable numbers of turbolaser banks and other defenses, Rebel ships had excellent pilots,even then they took heavy losses. You would be surprised to see how much development went into weapons. Its not like during the clone wars everyone said “WELP, I GUESS ARE GUNS ARE GUD ENUF. HERP A DERP” They were ships from the same era fighting each other,So obviously they will be on par with each other ,but if a Venator took on A Star Destroyer,The Star destroyer would win hands down!
4.It was UNDER CONSTRUCTION. You have never seen a droideka? IF you saw gungan shields YOU PROBABLY SAW A DROIDEKA IN THE MOVIE.
5.Still the CIS and Banking clan can turn out BILLIONS of droids and Last time I checked,Durasteel was strong enough to comprise nearly everything in the Galaxy.Also,A UNSC Ship would fair worse in asteroids due to its lack of shielding. Also,You have never seen a Star Destroyer move at full speed. If a captain went at full speed into asteroids,IT would essentially destroy any ship. More importantly, You cant throw asteroids so why are you acting like the Halo ships would do better inside a cloud of debris?
6.You know alot,but apparently you forgot to admit that the nav computers on a ship can plot a course in a MILLISECOND that would take it half way across the galaxy. Not only that but Like I said, The Star Wars saga spans Hundreds Of Billions of Years, The Halo universe currently only in about 2558 or 2600.
Also,If the space forces of the Star Wars Universe are as bad as you say, I can still shoot down your ships with shots from my hypervelocity gun or my Ion cannon,Or even my planetary turbo laser, They may have a Limited window of fire,But chances are my base is around it,And your ships would come nicely into range if you wanted to provide orbital support.
Also,Mac Platforms are only built over occupied planets due to their MASSIVE power requirements,In a space battle over my turf,They are USELESS.
And If you get past that, The Republic’s SPHA-T Can just blast em out of the sky!
And Droids NO MATTER WHAT cannot be taken over by the flood,Even if you managed to take out EVERY LIVING THING IN THE STAR WARS GALAXY,The Factory Worlds can still Pump out BILLIONS of droids.Literally, We would win via tech or Attrition.
I love Halo and Star Wars,But The Star Wars tech is EONS past Halo’s