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Topic: Kongregate / Quest for 65, cookie or small parade?

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Unfortunately, the only thing levels are for is bragging rights.

65 is pretty cool bragging rights though. :D

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Ochuntown (59K) Hates You! Go Away!

Man, if I wasn’t more involved in World of Warplanes I’d definitely open shop in Ochuntown to shout at customers all day long!

One piece of advice though: Ochuntown Board of Tourism = Too Friendly! :P

PS: can I take a swing at Dingo Pinata?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate needs to spend some of its hard earned revenue on a year long television campaign.

Originally posted by uuu2:

Except that companies will probably never have a profitable gain from TV commercials, and websites that have TV ads aren’t the most trustworthy.

I agree with half of that. That is, many of the products one sees advertised are of doubtful provenance (like ‘antique coins’ stamped with the date ‘14 bc’). However, I think Blizzard would disagree with you about the profitability of television advertising. It has certainly pushed WOW and Starcraft subscriptions way up.

I suspect that the crux of the problem with TV advertising is that it is prohibitively expensive — too expensive to risk an ad campaign that, if it failed, would most certainly spell financial doom.

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Topic: Kongregate / Level 1's should not be allowed to talk in chat or post in the forums.

Although I completely sympathize, I don’t believe imposing level limits would be fair or effective. Firstly, limiting the ability to post is user unfriendly and as such isn’t a very good business model. Secondly, spam is easily ignored. Lastly, level is not indicator of anything other than how many games someone has played.

If I had been blocked from posting on the first day I had this account:

  1. I’d be level 1
  2. I’d still be an adult.
  3. I’d still have had years of experience at being a chat mod, a room mod, a forum mod, and a guild/clan leader on other sites.
  4. I’d still be a nationally and internationally published freelance writer and…
  5. Not only would I never come back to this site — I would write extensively about discriminatory and exclusionary tactics I’d found here, concluding that the site felt they had enough subscribers to turn newcomers away, and as such should not be considered as a website of interest.

In a nutshell: frustration understood, bad idea.