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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Where do you sell cards?

Thanks. That was driving me crazy! I knew it was right in front of my face somewhere. A blind spot by definition… :P

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Where do you sell cards?

One of the game tips says to sell cards you no longer need.

Where? Other than the option to collect or sell a card when it is initially offered I can’t find anyplace to sell cards. Any hints?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Lost the ability to mouseover for details

I’ve found that closing all windows and restarting the game resets the game so mouseover works again. I also assume it has something to do with memory.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Got 2000 of everything.

I don’t know if vvd2020 hacked the game or not, but I do know this: you can complete all of the achievements in AdVenture Capitalism right now, today — if you spend enough kreds. I’m currently at 2k of everything except newspapers, car washes, and pizzerias…. and at 1850+ for those three commodities. I didn’t cheat. BUT I did spend money! I’ve increased the multiplier, bought a couple of time warps.

And while there are some who might argue that spending money is cheating, I suspect HyperHippo Games appreciates the custom. ;)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Why do you think idle games are so fun?

Thanks for posting this, Tom. Like you, I am endlessly fascinated by game theory and design. As for this game, I think there’s something unusual going on here. I think that it’s a simple thing, but it has the potential to change the face of gaming.

Why does AC have such an avid following? How is it possible for any idle game to get 5m+ plays in such a short time?

Certainly the responsive and helpful devs have played a large part in it’s success. But many games have helpful and responsive devs: I’m not saying it’s not great – because it is! But it doesn’t explain the game’s success.

Nor does ease of play. For AdVentureCapitalist is actually not the easiest game to play. It is as easy to learn as any idle game, with about the same progression from simple to complex, yet there are some issues with the physical manipulation of the game that detract from it’s overall enjoyment. Difficulty with the number of upgrades and the awkward manner in which upgrades and manager screens are manipulated seem to be the most common complaints.

The music is fun and easy on the ear, but there’s nothing groundbreaking or particularly compelling about it. Ditto with the graphics: looks nice; it’s not exactly Degas, but it doesn’t need to be.

The humour is perfectly positioned in that it is amusing and unobtrusive, but will elicit a chuckle or two to those who ponder it. (That is a professional assessment btw… I was a gag writer for years so I know whereof I speak. :P)

I think that a lot of the game’s success comes from all of the things mentioned above, but there is one last thing… one facet other games lack. And I think this is not only the secret of AdVentureCapitalist’s success, but may well become a new trend in gaming.

I refer to the Reset Reward. The concept of rewarding a restart is counterintuitive to basic game design, but HyperHippo Games came up with a way to do it that makes it not only make sense, but makes replaying the game fun and progressively more rewarding for each restart. It’s brilliant. It’s as if in a kingdom that had only tasted bread, someone brought cake for the first time. :)

Now imagine the Reset Reward concept applied to … well, just about any game! How about games that have a reset reward… of increasing tower range/damage in TD games; to make you faster/opponents slower in race games; greater income generation in rpg; longer time to solve in puzzle games; higher jump in platformers…

The application of this simple concept is breathtaking in it potential because it makes any game imminently more playable. For one thing, it guarantees eventual success at a game — which, incidentally, means devs could make their games that much more devilishly difficult for hardcore gamers! The new brag, “I finished it on hard with zero restarts.” and the response, “I’m not that good. I restarted three times on easy!” alone would automatically increase the number of plays by a significant amount. Assuming the game was at least moderately playable game plays would be dramatically increased. Think of how many more game plays perennial favorites like Cyclomaniacs, Kingdom Rush, or Burrito Bison’s Revenge (to name a few) would get!

I really think that it’s this concept of a reset reward that fuels the engine of AC’s success. I expect to see other games utilizing this concept soon.

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Topic: Kongregate / Quest for 65, cookie or small parade?

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Unfortunately, the only thing levels are for is bragging rights.

65 is pretty cool bragging rights though. :D

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Ochuntown (59K) Hates You! Go Away!

Man, if I wasn’t more involved in World of Warplanes I’d definitely open shop in Ochuntown to shout at customers all day long!

One piece of advice though: Ochuntown Board of Tourism = Too Friendly! :P

PS: can I take a swing at Dingo Pinata?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate needs to spend some of its hard earned revenue on a year long television campaign.

Originally posted by uuu2:

Except that companies will probably never have a profitable gain from TV commercials, and websites that have TV ads aren’t the most trustworthy.

I agree with half of that. That is, many of the products one sees advertised are of doubtful provenance (like ‘antique coins’ stamped with the date ‘14 bc’). However, I think Blizzard would disagree with you about the profitability of television advertising. It has certainly pushed WOW and Starcraft subscriptions way up.

I suspect that the crux of the problem with TV advertising is that it is prohibitively expensive — too expensive to risk an ad campaign that, if it failed, would most certainly spell financial doom.

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Topic: Kongregate / Level 1's should not be allowed to talk in chat or post in the forums.

Although I completely sympathize, I don’t believe imposing level limits would be fair or effective. Firstly, limiting the ability to post is user unfriendly and as such isn’t a very good business model. Secondly, spam is easily ignored. Lastly, level is not indicator of anything other than how many games someone has played.

If I had been blocked from posting on the first day I had this account:

  1. I’d be level 1
  2. I’d still be an adult.
  3. I’d still have had years of experience at being a chat mod, a room mod, a forum mod, and a guild/clan leader on other sites.
  4. I’d still be a nationally and internationally published freelance writer and…
  5. Not only would I never come back to this site — I would write extensively about discriminatory and exclusionary tactics I’d found here, concluding that the site felt they had enough subscribers to turn newcomers away, and as such should not be considered as a website of interest.

In a nutshell: frustration understood, bad idea.