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Topic: Game Programming / The good old days of this forum

Originally posted by EndlessSporadic:

Not to be rude or anything, but part of me believes this is due to people moving on to greener pastures. “Why post on a generic programming forum on a game portal when you can look at forums dedicated to your craft?”, and so on and so forth.

Change in work/hobby perhaps? For example, I don’t make games anymore; I don’t even work in Actionscript anymore. I don’t have any foreseeable plans to return either. I lurk because its interesting but I do not have much to contribute right now.

Now, I’d like to contribute. But my current job (web development, server administration) has relatively little to do with Game Programming or Kongregate in general.

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Topic: Game Programming / Question about the Starling

I worked on a project with Starling about 2.5 years ago. Somethings may have changed in the meantime. We tried using several Flash Movieclip → Starling movieclip generators so we wouldn’t have to change any of the assets.

We found that Fruitfly was a good fit for us. That allowed us to create an instance of the movieclip or sprite, convert it to bitmap during runtime, and then use that. We heavily modified the version, though, to fix some bugs with padding (that occur when you have filters or some overlay objects). Prerendered all the assets into the game into about 3 large BitmapAtlases. This helped incredibly on performance. One feature we did not encounter (If I recall correctly) was having code on frames. We might have had a stop() or two, but I don’t recall. There could be issues with this. I believe we did deal with tweens, however, when blitting we found that having tweens increased the amount of memory when rendering the animations to the BitmapAtlas, so we broke these animations up and tweened them with code. They still worked when regularly tweened, but they consumed a large amount of memory using this technique.

I’ve heard good things about DragonBones but this solution was not ideal for us in the moment. This might be more geared towards what you are looking out.

Please take a look at your needs and feature sets supported by various movieclip libraries.

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Topic: Game Programming / Keep the zombies spread out?

I wrote a post on the technique I used on my (now long gone) blog. You can view the web archive here. The relevant part of the blog is duplicated here:

Then I scanned through the rooms and generated an estimated number of zombies. Right now I set a total count and it generates somewhere around that many zombies (some randomness involved) all divided into their own rooms. The zombies are them spawned on the center tile of each room with a little variation so spreading out will be easier. Since I’ve added a repulsion algorithm to each zombie they naturally spread out into a better looking formation. A demo I ran with 25 zombies specified (up to 30 zombies can be generated since it the algorithm generates n to 1.2n zombies) and here is how they spread out after a second or two:

And then, to get a better look at how the repulsion algorithm works and to make sure it actually is working, I correctly scaled the map (previous pictures are at .6 scale) and spawned the player in the first room. After moving around a bit to collect the attention of zombies, I let them swarm for a bit around me. They generated a roughly circular shape as expected, each trying to push the others out of the way to get to me. Just like any real zombie would. The repulsion is a double check. If a different zombie is within the inner radius of another, the different zombie will get a strong repulsion. If the different zombie is within the outer radius, the same will happen though with a smaller repulsion force. This helps keep zombies from overlapping for sure (strong repulsion) and spread out a bit (weak repulsion) when they are following the player. Here is their clustering:

(Yep, there is some repulsion bugs currently when too many zombies are in one spot, which shove zombies outside of rooms unfortunately. You can see these bugs in the top left and top right)

And of course, I turned on the dynamic lighting. You can also see a bit of their following clustering in the image as well. They are quite spread out while they are attempting to reach me

I’ve published the source code for that demo on github

Another worthwhile discussion to check out was for group path finding

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Topic: Game Programming / as3 security sandbox

Use the api subdomain.

crossdomain.xml of
crossdomain.xml of

swfs are not uploaded to the www subdomain, nor the internal subdomain.

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Topic: Game Programming / Open Source Everything - AS3 games, prototypes, etc of UnknownGuardian


There is no support on these projects; they are uploaded as is. See individual ReadME in git.


The artist, David Arcila has kindly given permission for the graphical assets to be published as well. Please use attribution in source code or graphics you use. Text is fine, a link would be great too, but is not required. Link to:


All games/prototypes are available for download/modification/publication. Please do not just download, change links going out, and then publish again as your own. Feel free to experiment. You do not need to contact us to receive permission to go to FGL for a sponsorship on a game that you made modifying one of the above games. Go ahead. Good luck.


Included in source should be enough to build the project standalone. All external libraries have at least some code included; enough to allow the project to compile, without having to download anything more.

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Topic: Game Programming / Open Source Everything - AS3 games, prototypes, etc of UnknownGuardian

Here is a few I uploaded today. Hope I can get to the rest this week. 15 projects in total.


Source | Play Published, but limited distribution. Had the idea to port it to mobile on the Playbook, never finished submission process.

Ruby Star 2

Source | Play Prototype of sequel to Ruby Star (published game). Unpublished.

Ruby Star

Source | Play Prototype of sequel to Ruby Star (published game). Unpublished.

Ninja Sequence

Source | Play Published game, 2010(?). Very widely distributed. Should be rather easy to port to mobile, probably would do well. Flashpunk engine.

Star Baron Clone

Source | Play Prototype built to simulate and test feasibility of creating a similar game to StarBaron.

Sky Jumper

Source | Play Prototype for new jumper game. Never launched or continued.


Source | Play Prototype for a shooter, top down view. Vectorized, appears as if it was on an old television.

Mother 1

To be uploaded

Mother 2

Source | Play Prototype for sequel of a FGL competition game. More of a management game, where the children will help you defend themselves.

Modded Platformer

Source | Play Prototype for platform based game. Runs on custom platform engine. Handles cases like ladders, fire, ice, etc.


Source | Play Prototype for game where you have a shadow of the player, and both have to reach the exit. Almost complete. Never released.

miniQuest: Trials

Source | Play AS3 game. Widely released. Very successful. Platform game. Flashpunk engine.


Source | Play Prototype for a sequel for miniQuest: Trials. Different story, added implementation for various new enemies, items, etc. Flashpunk engine.

miniPassage 2 Mobile

Will not be uploaded. Contains proprietary software written by 3rd party. Also, can’t seen to find original web source. Only have AIR version.


Source | Play AS3 game. Widely distributed. Uses similar assets as miniQuest. Flashpunk engine.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD ideas for future prizes & #50

Before the contest:

  • A notice section on the front page carousel and an email sent out to developers as part of the developer.kongregate portal for advertisement of the contest for developers, 10 – 5 days before it starts
  • A notice thread in /1 about such contest 10-5 days before it starts
  • Promotion on other sites by Kongregate Administrative Accounts (maybe FGL, etc) on forums
  • In-chat notifications 10-5 days before it starts – once or twice to regular users, frequently (once or twice a day) for developers

During the contest:

  • Thread in /1 linking to feedback thread in /4 so players can give feedback on prototypes
  • Front-page spotlight for feedback thread in /4 so players can give feedback on prototypes

During voting:

  • front page content with links to voting thread/game icons displayed/whatever
  • forum thread in /1 (sticked?) with link to voting thread/games
  • Premium for users that vote on GiTD games (?, they receive 2 or 3 points for voting on games that participated in contest)
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Topic: Game Programming / Flash, Browser, Kongregate, Performance?

Yes. Submit only at level completion. No reason to submit faster.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge of the day

At night.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Load save data?

You cannot load stats from Kongregate. You can check if the user is a guest. And there is the Developer docs on submitting scores should run you through the process.

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Topic: Game Programming / [as3]This had me bugging for a long time.

b is the drop condition. i.e. (i % 13 == 0 || i % 11 == 0)

!b is the keep condition.

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 Tips and Tricks

Speed of that function is largely dependent on where elements are being removed at, since that loop preserves array order. Likely you’ll find the existing (and unordered) vec[i] = vec[length-1] to be faster in certain scenarios. (i.e. long arrays, with elements being removed near the front)

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Topic: Game Programming / [as3]This had me bugging for a long time.

Not sure if I wrote this right (I checked a case or two and it seems right), but could you bench this too? Just combined your 2 loops into 1.

var current:int = 0;
for (var i:int = 0; i < a.length; i++)
	if(i != current)// if not same slot
		a[current] = a[i];
	if (!b) //keep condition << this is not throw away condition! (should be !b)
a.length = current;
trace("end", a);

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Topic: Game Programming / [as3]This had me bugging for a long time.

You could always test it in your browser…

It shrinks the array length before accessing the element at the end.

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Topic: Game Programming / [as3]This had me bugging for a long time.

@fear what about Option 4 which is option 3 with backwards loop.

Write ALL the options! [missing graphic here]

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Topic: Game Programming / First Game: Help ;p

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Topic: Kongregate / really

Zshadow picks usernames in close clusters. *

* not really

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 Tips and Tricks

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / How to "Adds" add on the game

Kongregate’s ads are automatically placed on your game page and sometimes prior to the game itself. You do not need to do anything special.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Changes to trending pod, speeding up developer tools and collaborator replies

I don’t think the “reply to comments” update is working at all.

I cannot reply to comments on any games I’m the developer of or ones I’m listed as a collaborator.

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Topic: Kongregate / Scheduled downtime 10/14 (9pm PST)

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Good to know. It must be major if the site’ll be down, so that’s good news, I suppose.

Probably something like giving Candyman actual candy dispensing powers. That would be an awesome feature. And it’d be major too.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Submitting stat when player's a guest

Nothing gets saved on the highscore board. I believe the notification for “you got a highscore” box will pop up, if necessary though.

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Topic: Game Design / A new project

Back eases are usually better in the end. (and not all in the same direction/as a massive group)

Your menu is very plain as well, emphasized by the plain background and skinny text.
In game, things that might be good

  • health bars/visual for enemies
  • bullet reaction to enemy collisoin
  • non-plain background
  • less-static cursorhair
  • more interesting enemy paths
  • more interesting enemies that move (animation)
  • more interesting player mechanics and visuals
  • blood trails on ground from hurt zombies
  • enemies shouldn’t stack
  • visual variation between spells
  • maybe spell trails/effects
  • in-game upgrade menus (don’t shove back to menu to allow them to upgrade. That indicates that the game is over)
  • make visuals for the upgrades. If my spell is upgraded, it better look different AND cooler

Upgrade menu should be fixed

  • use a tree type one with different starting points for each spell
  • make the hover tooltip be a different color than the background
  • fix the capital A in Name in the tooltip
  • tooltip doesn’t work on the fire upgrade panel

Also, nice swf hosting site. Simple and clean.

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Topic: Game Programming / (True === False) ???

Amazing. Someone else has seen that. Definitely a great watch for people looking for some quick comedy and absurd “features” of Javascript.

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Topic: Game Programming / PHP or Javascript (+HTML)

so you can exploit their strengths

Haha. You mean weaknesses. Cough. Both super insecure if done wrong. Cough. Just be careful